Three Kisses of Lust (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,301
8 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Gia Carelli is a straightlaced A-list actress, who finds herself addicted to something she has never had. Dark and seductively delicious twins.

Liam and Aidan Wright, the sexy owners of Wright Studios, are lucky in fortune, not with love. They hatch the perfect soul mate plan using one of the studio’s movies and its star, Gia Carelli, as the chosen one. They agree that the onyx-haired goddess is exactly their type.

Will Gia be able to fight her body’s response to their heat and her soul's response to their hearts?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Three Kisses of Lust (MFM)
8 Ratings (3.8)

Three Kisses of Lust (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,301
8 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Story Excerpt


Aidan shook his head and smiled. “Would you like a drink?” He arched his head toward the decanter on the table.

Gia nodded slowly. She sure needed it. If anything, to quell the mixed emotions of humiliation, shock, and intense wanting that were whipping at her insides. How could her body betray her so easily? This was Liam’s brother, his twin on top of it. It was Liam she was attracted to, that she had made love to, that she wanted, not Aidan. The self-reminders flitted into empty space in her hazy mind then quickly disappeared.

Watching him as he walked, her eyes raked lazily across the tight muscles on his back and his arms. He poured the clear drink into two empty glasses, and his forearms rippled.

She rolled her lips. Shit, why did he have to be so hot?

Aidan turned and cocked his head with one corner of his lip curled, holding the glasses in his hands before offering her one.

Gia grabbed the glass and gulped the single shot. She winced as the bitter spirit slammed against her throat, and she half gagged.

“Perhaps I should have watered it down for you.” He smiled. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she said as she raised her finger and moved it along the rim of the now-empty glass, watching the motion. She was inexplicably aware of her hands and unsure what else to do with them. And just as aware of his gaze which was burning into her, beckoning for her to look up. Even though she knew that looking at him might just be her undoing, she did it anyway and immediately lost her breath.

He was standing in front of her, one hand on his glass and the other hanging at his side. His head was hunched down as he looked at her, his moist lips parted.

“So you’ve met Liam. How did it go?” he said, his voice so soft that she strained to hear it.

Gia blanched. How did it go? Amazing, she thought. “Okay,” she said.

God, what was wrong with her? One look at Liam’s GQ-model brother and she was suddenly monosyllabic?

An unexpected, stormy shadow crossed Aidan’s face before he spoke. “Did you sleep with him?”

With her jaw dropped, Gia glared at him. Seriously, she thought. “That is none of your business,” she stammered, sounding more breathless than annoyed. Why would he ask her that? And why was he looking at her as if she had somehow betrayed him?

He tilted his dark head back and the light from one of the lamps illuminated the tensed line of his jaw. “I can sense him on you, smell him on you. You did, didn’t you?” he whispered and licked his lips.

She frowned and looked down, unable to answer him and unable to repress the sudden rush of blood to her core, throbbing it back to life. And why did Aidan care? Of course she slept with his brother, and just the memory of it made her want for more. She took a deep breath, willing her body to control itself. This was insane, certifiable.

She stood up to walk toward the table, and her arm brushed against Aidan’s.

A lightning jolt from his warm skin bolted through her, and she gasped from the shock.

Reaching the table, she placed her glass down before putting her hands on the edge of it, her back to Aidan. Just breathe, Gia. She tried to focus. The air was sticky with heat, yet she couldn’t help feeling a chill stretch across her spine, and small bumps rose across her skin. Slow footsteps made their way toward her.

From the heat at her back, she knew that Aidan was behind her. She turned around slowly, and there he was, his body mere inches away from hers, and she gulped, frozen for what he was going to do. He was so close.

She watched the heavy muscles in his chest tense as he leaned over her and placed his glass on the table behind her.

Her breathing stopped, and she braced herself, unable to focus on anything but him. He smelled shower fresh with a tinge of vodka and mint.

Her lids drooped as the scent washed over her, intoxicating her senses. She followed his face as he straightened and stared into his eyes.

Aidan looked down at her through his lashes, the dark pools of his eyes glazed and half closed.

“You didn’t answer me,” he whispered.

His breath fluttered across her face, and she blinked, trying to focus on what he was asking, what he had asked. Her mouth watered, and she swallowed, unable to respond, unable to move an inch.

“Did you enjoy it, Gia?” He bent his head forward, and his lips were a hair away from hers, so that he was speaking almost into her parted lips.

She was unable to control her racing breath in tandem with her pounding heart. She could feel the top of her dress pulsing in rhythm to her heart, hear it from where she stood, knowing that he could hear it, too.

He licked his mouth, and the tip of his tongue brushed over her lips.

The sensation was maddening, sending shivers of venomous lust coursing straight to her core. She could barely breathe, barely think. She watched his mouth as it moved, forming words that sounded so far away.

“Did you ride him, Gia? Did you scream his name?” He leaned forward, and licked her bottom lip.

She gasped into his mouth. She moved her gaze to his eyes, staring at him, staring at her, both equally transfixed. Oh God, Aidan was just as breathtaking, just as dazzling, just as sexy. His eyes held the same pained hunger as Liam’s, as if she were the last drink that could quench his dying thirst.

Her heart was slamming against her rib cage, faster than the rush of blood racing to her head, locked in his stare. The air was charged with electricity, sizzling madly against her senses. What was she doing? He was Liam’s brother. She had to look away, positively had to tear herself away from him. But oh Lord, she just couldn’t.

She parted her mouth, then swept her tongue over her lips, and looked at him. His cupid’s bow was slightly moist, and just looking at it made her want to run her tongue across it.

What was wrong with her? How could she possibly entertain the thoughts that were on the brink of taking her to a danger zone she was not sure she was armed for?


Adult Excerpt


Gia screamed when the first lick of Liam’s tongue trailed over her sopping wet pussy lips.

He moved it to the center, parting them with his hot tongue, then flicked it on her clit. He sucked gently then moved his tongue down, into her cunt, driving her beyond insanity.

She ground herself against his willing mouth, against his tongue moving in and out, stroking her, teasing her.

He moved both hands to the sides of her hips and, in one swoop, pulled her panties down and lurched up, his mouth meeting hers.

She could taste herself on his lips. The throbbing was caustic, and she mashed herself against his hard cock, begging for it. She tried to move to get him inside of her, but he moved to the side, teasing her more. “Now,” she begged, her voice thick with sex-starved fever.

“Be still,” he whispered on her mouth then flicked her tongue and licked her lips, first the top then the bottom.

He moved his head down, kissing her neck then her chest. He moved his hand to her bra and gently exposed each breast by pushing the bra underneath them. His mouth moved to her left breast, and he circled his tongue around her nipple.

She shrieked, the sound rumbling through the quiet room. God, she wanted him so badly. She wanted him to fuck her now. She was going to explode. She could barely think. Bolts from heaven shot through from her nipples and down to her throbbing and slippery lips.

His tongue flicked her nipples then sucked while he moved his delicious, hard cock against her leg. His hand moved down, and he gently inserted three fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out in rhythm to his tongue on her nipple.

“Now,” she begged, and she raised her head up and ran her fingers through his hair.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he whispered, his voice hoarse with lust, then flicked her nipple again with his tongue, his fingers slapping at her pussy.

“I want you in me now.”

He moved his body up, until the tip of his cock was at her entrance, and he circled it slowly around her wet cunt.

Then he moved his mouth to hers, kissing her.

She moved her hands down to his shoulders, digging her nails into his skin. “Now, please.” Her voice was choked with desire.

“No, tell me what you want, Gia.”

She swallowed then willed herself to just breathe. The weight of her fervid longing forcing her brain to focus only on getting satisfaction to her body, relinquishing control of the simpler functions. She forced herself to inhale and exhaled with “I want you.”

“You want me?” he rasped into her mouth.

“Yes!” she screamed. Oh God, she was going to kill him.

“Tell me. Tell me or I’m going to stop.” His voice cracked, and he continued kissing her, his tongue moving faster. He removed his fingers and moved them up and into to her mouth.

She sucked his fingers and tongue together, grinding against him. God, she was going to die if he didn’t fuck her right now.

She opened her eyes mid-kiss, meeting his while he looked at her. Their tongues were still gliding, slipping in and out.

“Tell me, Gia.” He circled his tongue around her inner lips again.

“I want you to—”

“Tell me,” he breathed.

“I want you to fuck—”

Before she could finish, he rammed his dick inside her and she screamed.

His hard cock pummeled into her. Thrusting in and out. Faster and faster, harder and harder.

Her nails dug deeper into his skin, her breath coming in sharp quick bursts.

His hands cupped underneath her ass and squeezed then pulled her into him.

She lifted her legs higher and placed her arms around his waist, pulling him closer. She arched her hips up then matched his rhythm with each pound.

His strokes went faster, and she screamed into his kiss.

He stopped, turned, his hands guiding her so she was now on top of him.

She sat up and curved her back with her hands on his chest.

His hands inched up, cupping her breasts. His eyes were rabid with lust.

She rocked back and forth, first slowly then building momentum. Faster, until she was riding his hard dick and she could feel him deep inside of her, throbbing in tune to her movements. Oh fuck, this was mind-blowing. She could feel her body ripple its thanks, over and over again.

He moved his hands to her hips, and her movement was faster while he guided her. ”Oh yes, Gia, just like that, ride my cock,” he whispered. “Fuck me.”

She rocked faster, and grabbed her swollen breasts. She was so close. Oh God, she was going to come.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” His hard cock drove into her, hitting against her pussy walls, and she could feel the rise.

The waves. Everything was going blank. All that mattered was this feeling. Her heart was speeding in her chest. Her pussy walls contracted around his pumping cock, and she could hear him groan.

Then she came. Surging spasms hit her hard, snaking up from her core, up her spine, and settling into her head before crashing back down again. Her heart beating frantically in her chest. The euphoria was immediate, and while he ground against her, she smiled and laughed in ecstasy.

After two more thrusts, she heard him groan, and he slowed before collapsing back and pulling her with him.

He took her arm and pulled her to his chest, holding her while he kissed her again. This time his kiss was gentle, his soft lips brushing across hers.

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