Heart of Glass (MF)

Heart 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,450
16 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, HEA]

Lia Swain didn’t intend to be the Glass House’s newest exotic dancer with her very own glass booth. Left with millions in debt by her late father and her mother’s mounting chemotherapy bills, Lia is forced to strip seductively for the vampire elite, even though she’s still a virgin. Buried in problems, she has no room for a man, sex, or love. Alex Crawford is a sexy Original vampire from one of the wealthiest Strigoi families. He joins the prestigious Glass House and finds himself entranced by the beautiful and mysterious mortal, Lia. His brother was burned by a human mate, and he vowed to never let the same fate befall him. Yet he can’t deny the bloodlust he feels for Lia that rouses his inner beast. Her virgin blood compels him, and her sexy essence enslaves him. He vows to make her his.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Heart of Glass (MF)
16 Ratings (4.3)

Heart of Glass (MF)

Heart 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,450
16 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was like a big bar of Galaxy chocolate - smooth, indulgent and really naughty.
Marie Jermy
So unbelievably sexy and some great characters. I cant wait for more in this coming series.
Barefoot Okie

Story excerpt


Lia bristled. Was he serious? He was the fool for paying two hundred grand to talk to a stripper. It was none of his freaking business. She frowned and quickly raked his body from head to toe. Standing there and judging her as if—her gaze froze at his crotch. She blanched, smirked to herself, then quickly looked away. The hot bastard’s cock is actually hard! 

All of this cool derision, yet Alex Crawford was standing there with a hard-on. She could barely believe it. If his intent was to make her uncomfortable with his hypocritical contempt, well, then she’d just have to show him exactly how she tempted fate.

Taking a breath, she took a step closer to him. Then closer, until she was right in front of him, with only a sheet of air separating them. She raised her chin, making sure that the side of her neck was on full display. She moved her hand to her left breast and rubbed it through the fabric. “Why I do this is not important. Making you happy is.” She made sure she sounded breathless. 

From the top of his manly head to every steely contour of muscle on his body, Alex stiffened. 

And she smiled. Not so talkative now, was he. Technically, she was still talking to him, so he was getting what he paid for. 

Alex’s hooded eyes drooped, and almost on cue, his jaw tightened.

“You really have to stop doing that.” Lia froze, realizing that she’d just blurted the thought out loud. God, what was wrong with her? She waited, watching him. When he opened his eyes, she noted a glint of amusement in them.

“Do what?” He smiled, then did it again.

Lia flinched and tried to bite back her words, but they simply spewed out faster. “Your jaw tensing. The way you bite down on your back teeth. It’s a dead giveaway to what you’re feeling. And, it creates migraines.” And makes you look hotter. Shit, why am I even thinking that? She spluttered. “Though I’m not sure whether vampires get them, I know I do when I—” Oh sweet Lord, she was rambling, and thoughts on how hot he was and body language lessons were most definitely not professional. Shit, shit, shit. “I’m sorry, Mr. Crawford, I—”

“Alex.” His smile dropped and his nostrils flared.

“Alex.” She couldn’t continue. The sound of his name from her lips caused her stomach to knot for no particular reason. Okay, this wasn’t what she’d expected. Though, she wasn’t sure what she’d expected. She was a bona fide bipolar mess. She ran her hand through her hair. Now, he was doing the other thing he did.

He was staring at her. Or rather, piercing into her soul with his eyes. If she could hear his thoughts, she would have thought he was focused on skinning her for the intensity his gaze held. 

She took a deep breath, allowing the cool air to reach her clenched abdomen. 

Alex fluttered his eyes and took a deep breath, which she’d never seen a vampire take. The air thickened between them until her ears were prickling under the pressure. Then he sighed and shook his head as his gaze went above her head before settling back on hers. “Lia, I apologize. It wasn’t my intention to demean your occupation in any way. Have dinner with me.” 

Occupation? She wanted to laugh, but his last comment registered and she gasped instead. She took a step back. “Thank you, Alex. But, this is my job, I don’t date customers. That would be courting an occupational hazard.” 

Alex frowned, and he tilted his head slightly, looking down at her through his lowered lashes. “I’m, of course, willing to pay for the privilege.”

I’m sure you are. Annoyed, she arched her brows, then drew them together. “No, thank you.”

“I’ll pay a hundred thousand dollars.” 

Her eyes widened. Was he insane? “No. Look, really I—”

“A million dollars.”

Lia flinched as if he’d slapped her. Okay, he was crazy, absolutely certifiable. She couldn’t. That would make her an escort, little more than a prostitute. Whether there was sex or not. If she took this step, there was no telling how far she would go. She had to draw the line somewhere. She shook her head. “Again, thank you, but my answer is still no.”

Alex stepped even closer and lowered his face to hers. So close that she could smell the heady mixture of whiskey, mint, and him. 

“Lia, I always get what I want. I’ll be back every day at the same time, until you say yes.”

Lia stumbled backward. Her heart was racing in her chest, and she battled to find her lost breath she was sure he’d stolen from her. Shaking her head, the reality of what he was saying coursed through her. “Well then, Alex, you’re bound to be disappointed, because that’s never going to happen.”

Alex gave her a scorching look, and a small smile twitched on his lips. “Are you sure about that?”

Sexy or not, who the hell did he think he was? As angry as she was, the nagging, ever-present doubt still played on her mind that she could lose her job if she pissed him off. Not to mention that she was being watched. But right now, appeasing him was the last thing she wanted to do. She raised her chin and met his gaze with her own icy one. “Sure that it’s never going to happen? Positively.”

Alex walked to her side and moved his head down, bringing his mouth to her ear without touching it.

Lia froze at the heat of his breath on her lobe. A slow ripple of current worked its way down her body, making her feel as if she was standing amidst an electrical storm. She stopped breathing when he whispered.

“Never is relative, too. The beauty of immortality, Lia, is that I have all the time in the world.”




He moved his hands down the length of her body, down her sides, and pushed her panties off. His hands came back up the length of her thighs, pushing her legs slowly apart.

She bucked against him and opened her legs wider, welcoming him into her fold.

In just her high heels, she snaked her legs around his waist and bit his bottom lip softly.

The animalistic growl that sounded through his chest was nothing compared to the hammering of her heart. She had never wanted a man more than she yearned for Alex. Oh fuck, she couldn’t wait anymore. “Take me now, please.”

Alex pulled his head back, his lust-filled eyes staring into hers. “Shit, Lia. Are you sure you want to do this? We can wait. We—”

She raised her finger to his lips. She was never more sure in her life. Despite all her problems, she knew that right now, this was the one thing she wanted for herself. She nodded slowly, biting her lip, and her eyes teared, but not from sadness, but pure, unadulterated wanting. “Do it, Alex. I want you to fuck me.”

He growled. And the smooth, moist tip of his cock against her cunt was something she’d never experienced. But, oh God, it was like a sensual drop of precious juice on a parched throat. Her virgin pussy sizzled and ached for him.

Alex kept his watered gaze on hers as he brought his cock gently to her slit.

She held her breath, counting the beats of her heart until her virtue would be ripped apart.

The moment his big cock pushed gently into her, she felt the floodgates open. A stretching pain shot through her inner walls, and she winced, but she didn’t care. Even through the agony, she knew she was lost to the moment. Lost to him.

Cringing and moaning, she tensed her inner walls. The rippling sensation was nothing she’d expected, but everything she’d ever wanted. She gasped when his thick cock stretched her pussy wider, and she swallowed air.

Staring at her, his brow creased, and he raised his hand into her hair. “Are you okay?” he whispered.

She nodded quickly. “Yes, go on, please.” She clenched her teeth, and with his gentle thrust, she relaxed into the throbbing, delicious pain. The pain slowly gave way to the most intense feeling she had never imagined, and she screamed into it. “Oh God!” She groaned at the ribbed pleasure and arched her hips forward.

He slowly pushed farther in, his cock filling her up.  “Holy shit.” His voice was hoarse as he lowered his head and whispered into her ear. “You’re so fucking tight. Your pussy feels…”

He was breathless, and she was boneless.

“Oh fuck, Alex.” Her head came up to his, and she clutched his neck. “Faster. Oh yes, just like that. Faster.”

Alex drove his ripe cock deeper into her pussy, then out again. Each bang into her cunt came faster. Then faster. And oh, sweet Lord—

She could barely breathe with the fevered gluttony that had her pussy wanting more. Raw, salacious wanting rippled through her with each lunge of his cock. God, if she’d known sex could feel like this, if she’d known—

He stabbed his cock harder and farther into her.

She screamed. She wanted to savor the moment, bask in its ambience, but—oh sweet Lord—she couldn’t remember what she was thinking. Thoughts were lost. Words were lost. All that mattered was his thirsty cock in her flooded pussy, which was taking her to the threshold of heaven.

Writhing against him, Lia raised her legs farther, gripping his body with her thighs. She wanted all of him inside her. She moved her hands to his hips and arched her back.

He drove his dick harder into her, his hands on her hips, his mouth a breath away from hers, still looking at her.

She raised her hands to the sides of his face, staring into the depths of his hooded eyes. Panting, she growled with each thrust of his dick. “Oh, Alex. This is—oh fuck.” She swallowed a choked breath. “Amazing.”

He groaned, closing his eyes, his nails pressed into her skin, and he fucked her harder still. “You are amazing,” he whispered onto her lips, then kissed her.

She lapped at his tongue, savoring the taste of him in her mouth and the feel of his desire in her pussy. She bucked with each thrust, each one sending her closer and closer to the brink of hell and heaven. How on earth could she feel all this? All this piercing, crazy wanting for this hot god, as if he wasn’t lodged inside of her, fucking her senseless. She dug her nails into his neck and arched her own back.

He fucked her faster than she thought possible.

The headboard banged against the room’s wall, his cock banged into her, and still she wanted more.

She wasn’t sure what she was doing, or if she was doing it right. A small part of her hoped she was satisfying him, but shit, when he did that, she couldn’t—

His cock circled in her cunt, its veined width filling every inch of her wet slit. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he breathed. He gripped her face with his hands, his gaze locked into hers, his brow creased in wanton lust. “So fucking beautiful.”

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