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I grew up in a small, rustic mountain community in the beautiful California Sierras. I have eight sisters and one brother. My love of romance novels started early on. I always thought it was a wonderful gift, to lose myself in someone else’s version of life and love. It was then that I knew that I would one day help transport someone else into a world of love and romance. Nearly thirty-two years, one husband, two kids and four grandbabies later, I finally sat down to my laptop and started writing. After attending college in California in the early 80’s I began a long career working in medical insurance. And now, after what seems a lifetime, I’m able to work on my goal as a romance novelist. My road to romance started in the 70’s, but my dream became a reality in the new millennium. 

Oh, and just in case you asked, yes, Diane Story is my real name.

Q: What do you think the next big thing in the industry is?

A: Super heroes and super villains. But personally, I’d like to see some stuff about Hollywood, or pop divas. I think I’ll get that started.


Q: What genres do you think are up and coming or waning?

A: I think urban fantasy is still strong. Definitely historical since everyone loves to imagine that life. I do think we might see contemporary slow down a bit. But like everything, it always comes back. I also think Westerns are coming back. I hope so, because I love them.


Q: If you use a pen name, how did you choose it?

A: At this point, I don’t use a pen name. However, with my new line of erotica, I might. If I do, it will be simple. But then, I am proud of what I write, so we’ll see.


Q: Do you write one book/story at a time or multiples and what genres do you write?

A: I always have lots of stories rolling around in my head. My mind thinks up one, and I have to start the process. Even if I can’t get to it until later. Historical romance, western historical romance, urban fantasy romance, paranormal romance, erotic romance. They all have a special spot in my imagination.


Q: Are there any genres you'd like to try but haven't? Are there any genres you'd never consider writing in?

A: No. I write everything and anything I like. The way I see it, why shut a door?


Q: What's your writing process?

A: I’m a total panster. I write on a computer and am very anal about how I set my manuscript up. The formatting has to be right in the beginning.


Q: What authors inspire you? Who are your favorite authors?

A: Stephen King, Lisa Kleypas, JK Rowling, Maya Banks. I could go on and on, but basically I love the authors that show imagination, caring and decision making. Those that let their hearts flow onto paper.


Q: What authors would you most like to meet, past or present? What would you ask them?

A: Stephen King. I would ask him, “Whatever possessed you?”


Q: What is your ideal location to write a book, if you had the money to live there or sequester yourself there?

A: The top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. As long as I could be dropped off from a helicopter. I love the hike, but hate the cables leading up the rock.


Q: If you could choose your dream job, besides writing, what would it be?

A: Driving a Zamboni and laughing at the crowd when they get mad at me for taking too long to clear the ice rink for the hockey players. Of course, I hate the cold, so it would have to be heated.


Q: The best bumper stickers you've ever seen? The best you've ever personally had on your vehicle?

A: The best: Blondes might have more fun. But brunettes get the job done. The best I’ve ever had on my own vehicle? Love romance novels? Visit www.dianesstorys.com


Q: What does your family think about your writing? How, if they do, do they support you in your writing endeavors?

A: My family is the best. They support me in every way a family can. My husband is my best critic.


Q: Do you have animal companions while you write? How do they help or hinder the process?

A: I have a psychotic cat. He is a Savannah and he thinks he owns the world. Most of the time, he leaves me alone. But sometimes, I have to put the laptop down and give him his time.


Q: Do you prefer to think of yourself as a hero/heroine or villain/villainess and why?

A: Villainess! Because sometimes I have to be the bad girl.


Q: If you were the overlord of the world, what would your first decree be?

A: Delete the memory of all politicians, and give them a heart.

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