Pop Baby Maddy Fortin (MF)

Pop Babies 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,690
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with M/F/M elements, light consensual BDSM, HFN]

Maddy is riding on top of the world. It isn't easy being a pop singer in the eighties, especially with the competition the way it is. Despite that, her fans still love her. Only one problem, she is lonely. So when Hollywood's bad boy pops into her life and introduces her to the most amazing sex she has ever known, she can't resist.

Shawn knows his reputation is not his best quality. He based his acting career on his love of the job, not his fans. That is, until he lays eyes on Maddy Fortin. Like him, she is full of energy. She is his equal, and he has to have her.

For Maddy and Shawn, entertaining others is what makes them who they are. With equal dreams of success, and the money to get them where they want, they soon understand they really are meant for each other.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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Pop Baby Maddy Fortin (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Pop Baby Maddy Fortin (MF)

Pop Babies 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,690
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Shawn paid for the best seat in the house but quickly became frustrated when he realized it didn’t do him any good. Maddy’s fans were insane. Standing up and dancing in the aisles and between the seats like heathens. It angered him that he couldn’t even see her on the stage. So much so that he was ready to throw a few punches, especially when the jerk in front of him stood up again and began yelling at the top of his voice. The words he was using were completely inappropriate and demeaning to Maddy. Something he would not stand for.

“Hey, buddy, would you mind sitting down and shutting up? I mean Jeezus Christ, dude, you’re fucking it up for the rest of us who actually came here to see the show.” Straight to the point, that’s how he was. Idiots like the one standing in front of him needed blunt, not tact. Or so that was the plan until the guy turned around and jumped over the seat. It was then that he realized how big he was. Big, muscular and mean. What the fuck was he supposed to do now? “All’s I’m saying is can you please just sit down and keep your opinions to your…” He doubled over when the other man’s fist met his middle.

“I have a right to speak my mind like anyone else. The bitch sucks big time, and I don’t mind saying so.”

Shawn straightened up and dropped his clenched fists to his sides. Now was not the time to lose his temper. Especially when it was as volatile as his. Clearing his voice, he looked up at the bastard. “Like I said, nobody cares to listen to your opinion. Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to sit down and finish the show. I suggest you do the same.”

“Ain’t you that actor who punched a reporter last week? Yeah, I saw yer picture in a magazine. You’re a real asshole, just like me. I love your movies, dude, and the way you push everyone around. But I still gotta kill ya. That’s a given.”

Shawn felt the backs of his knees hit the seat of his chair when the guy advanced on him. His eyes scanned the crowd, but none of them heard what was going on. Their eyes were glued on Maddy and her troupe of male dancers. Like he wanted his to be. Where the hell was security when it was needed?

“I don’t want to fight you, man. Let’s just drop it. Yell all you want. I’ll find a new seat…” This time, his jaw was the victim of the fist from hell. His head flew back from the blow, and he lost his footing. Landing in the lap of the woman sitting behind him, he struggled to get up when she screamed and her escort freaked out and reached for him. “Someone call security.” He yelled, but his words went unheard. By the time he was able to crawl out from underneath the fists of both men, a full-blown brawl had broken out. Not only were men fighting men, but women were fighting each other as well. Why was it that trouble seemed to follow him everywhere he went? No wonder Hollywood called him bad.

On stage, Maddy stopped singing. She tried to see what was going on as she peered into the audience, but the bright lights bearing down on her prevented it. Her dancers looked at her, and she could tell they were wondering if they should dance or run. She tried to step closer to the edge of the stage, but was grabbed by security and ushered away before she could. “What the fuck is going on, Johnny?” she asked when he appeared next to her.

“Some guy started a fight in the audience. I guess everyone got involved. The whole place is beating each other up. It’s a freaking brawl down there.”

“I guess that’s the end of the show then. We weren’t even halfway through. Will we be giving refunds?” she asked.

“I’m sure someone will be giving refunds. It should be the ones that started the fight if you ask me, baby.”

When they were finally in her dressing room, she sat down and pulled her shoes off. “I’m gonna head to the hotel before the reporters get here. Make my apologies will you, and call for the car. I want to go now, before the fucking paparazzi get involved.”

Johnny picked up the phone and dialed. After doing what she asked, he opened the door and called for security. “Take her to the car, and then escort her to the hotel. Don’t leave her for even a second until she’s safely in her room. Got it?”

Maddy smiled. “See, there is a he-man inside of you after all.”


“See you at the airport in the morning.”

After racing down a few long corridors with security, she breathed a sigh of relief to see the car waiting for her. “Thanks, guys, but Johnny really is overly protective. I’ll be okay from here.”

“But ma’am…”

“Really, I’ll be fine. Goodnight.” She got in and shut the door.

“Hi, Mo.”

Startled, she swung around. On the opposite side of her seat, Shawn sat watching her. Only the glow of his cigarette gave away his identity. “How the hell did you manage to get past security? I mean, they don’t know about us, or that we know each other.”

“It wasn’t so hard considering the brawl going on. You really ought to be more careful, Maddy. I could have been anyone. Maybe even that idiot who started the fight.”

“You were at the show?”

“Yep, and I must admit, it was more than entertaining. I just wish I could have seen it to the end. Fucking asshole fans, why do they do such things? I’m more than disappointed about it.”

Suspecting his words held more meaning than what he intended, Maddy turned on the overhead light. She gasped when she saw his face. “What the hell, Shawn? Who did this to you?” she reached out and gently ran her fingers over his swollen jaw.





Shawn unhooked his seat belt and dropped down to the floorboard in front of her. Taking his time, he slid his hands up her legs and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of her pants and panties. Slowly, he pulled them down to her thighs. Even in the darkness of the car, he could see her pussy was pink and hot. He could feel the heat emanating from it, practically begging him to do what he was already planning to do. He already loved her pussy, and the way her lips were so plump. Perfect, just perfect.

Out of all the men in the world, he was more than glad that he was the one she was with tonight. That he was the one who could say that she had just given him permission to touch her, to taste her, to spread her legs wide open and plunge into her until he had quenched the sexual need that had ridden him hard from the moment he’d met her.

Wanting to see more, he reached up and turned on the light above them. Then he pushed her clothes down around her knees, spread her thighs apart, and watched as her lips slightly separated. Eagerly, he slipped the index finger on his right hand into her tight, dripping pussy a couple of inches. She moaned and wiggled against his finger, so he pushed it even further inside her until his palm cupped her vulva and his thumb covered her swollen clit. He strummed it once then twice, and her vagina clenched around his finger, God, he wanted to make her come. But he knew if she did, he might follow suit. And that just wouldn’t do. Not yet anyway.

He leaned forward and blew on her clit as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy. Just as he had suspected, she was ready to explode. Intensely aroused, he found himself imagining his cock sliding in and out of her. Each spasm of her slick yet powerful pussy muscles would be around his cock instead of his finger. He bent his head and touched the tip of his tongue to her clit. She squirmed against him, her soft moans begging him for a tongue fuck.

Shawn knew what she wanted, even as she thrashed against him. Slipping his middle finger into her pussy to join his index finger, he continued to slide his fingers in and out of her in a slow, steady rhythm. He slid his left hand under her ass, lifted her and pointed his tongue so that all she felt against her clit was the hard tip. He strummed it fast and hard, his tongue steadily moving up and down on her clit as she cried out with pleasure. Cum washed over his fingers as she came, and he slowed down then, giving her time to recoup. Eventually, the pulsing of her muscles around his fingers slowed and her body went limp.

Her butt cheeks tightened up as she tried to sit herself up, but he wouldn’t allow it. Whether she liked it or not, he would decide when they were finished. Quickly, he put his hands around her waist and threw her backward, onto the leather seat. Before she could move again, he yanked his pants down and managed to get one leg out of them before he moved to straddle her. The seat was tight, but he managed. Bending forward, he kissed a trail down her chest, to the tops of her camisole-covered breasts.

Maddy whimpered her pleasure and started squirming again so he leaning over her and cupped her perfect breasts in his hands. He massaged them through the material. “I’m going to take off your camisole now so that you can feel my tongue against your nipples.” She stopped squirming, and in a voice he could barely hear, he heard her whisper, “Okay.”

Shawn sat back up then and looked at her. With a leg on each side of her thighs, the huge bulge in his boxers pushed against the crease of her pussy. He grinned as he slid his fingers underneath the top of her camisole and her nipples screwed themselves into tight little buds. “Beautiful, just beautiful.” He liked running the show and having complete control over her when she came. After years of stuck-up women making him feel like he wasn’t worth their time due to his choice of profession, after years of women using him for his bank account when he became successful as an actor, he finally felt like he might have found his match.

He savored the sensation of being in complete control of a woman’s body and soul, especially Maddy’s. Knowing he had already given her the pleasure she deserved, he decided to up the ante. Her breath quickened as he slowly rubbed his fingers underneath the camisole. With precision, he unhooked its clasps then let each side fall open. He loved her breasts and their perfect little nipples. They were perfectly sized, not too big, not too small. He hooked his thumbs under the straps on each shoulder and pulled her up so that he could pull it the rest of the way off her body. “Bend your elbows,” he whispered into her ear, and as she obeyed him as he slid the camisole off and threw it to the floorboard.


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