Dagger's Lust (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,460
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, shape-shifters]

“Will you protect me and stand at my side when my husband discovers we’ve been having an affair?”

Dagger would never forget those words spoken to him two hundred years ago. It was the day Belinda died and he became a werewolf. Unable to accept her death, he seeks the help of a shaman. Soon, she is reborn as a ShapeShifter with the ability to shift into both a werewolf and a Dragon. Braccus is the pack's alpha male, and his time on earth is running out. He needs the magic of Belinda’s Dragon to continue his reign. Dead or alive, she would be his. Dagger can’t forget the shaman’s warning. If Belinda doesn’t remember their past, they will die. Casual sex is not on his agenda as he realizes that only his love and their lovemaking can bring her back. Will their struggle for love eventually overcome the odds?

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A Siren Erotic Romance

Dagger's Lust (MF)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Dagger's Lust (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,460
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I read this book in one night. I loved the twist on the shape shifters. The werewolves were trippy, as were the other shifters in the story. The love story kept me captivated. It was over to fast for me. I gave this a 5 because I would have liked the story to continue on.
This is my first book for this author. I'm a fan! I'll definitely be looking for more of her releases.

Story Excerpt


“God is great. God is good. Thank you, Jesus, for my life. Amen.”  In the middle of the meadow, Belinda paced back and forth as she thought about the childhood prayer. It wasn’t the exact, human version, but it was the one she used when she needed to concentrate or come to terms with the bad things in her life. This time, she hoped it would help her to understand what she had done so wrong to deserve her current predicament.

The werewolves circling her didn’t make her nervous, but their leader did. Every one of them dripped slobber from their mouths as they looked at her, their red eyes glowing. Their canines sharp and white. This, coupled with the fact that he now thought he owned her according to the rules of his pack, didn’t help. No matter what she did, where she went, or where she hid, he always found her. Running was useless.

She hated the full moon because it was when Braccus always came for her.

Before they managed to catch her, she’d run from one tree to the next in an effort to outrun them. She closed her eyes and quickly went over the last few hours before being caught…

She recalled a misty puff of fog floating in front of her eyes as she tried to catch her breath, cool herself down, and settle her heartbeat. She was a Lycanthrope shape-shifter with the ability to shift into two forms other than her human. The Werewolf was the one she hated most because it was the most uncomfortable. Her other shift was a monster and never allowed out unless she was alone. Her Werewolf was her only choice for her current situation.

The meadow she stood in was her way out, yet it caused her stomach to clench in dread because it was so wide. There were no other trees for her to hide behind, so she had to take her chances, knowing what they would do if they caught her.

Their howls nipped at her nerves, and she could feel the ground vibrate as their paws beat against the forest floor. Her tail swooshed quickly back and forth playfully as it reacted to the adrenalin soaring through her veins. Good god, she wished she could fly. Ancient instinct coursed through her veins, begging for release. The sky was where she belonged.

Braccus had a hard-on for her, or whatever werewolves called it. She called it a boner because that’s what it looked like. A sense of humor was mandatory when it came to the werewolves. It helped her to survive all these years. However, tonight Braccus was also pissed. When Braccus was pissed, he normally bit. Pissed she could handle, and she had been bitten many times. She was more concerned about his boner and what he planned on doing with it. Of course, she already knew because she had been through this with him before.

“Belinda! I hear you breathing.  I know you’re afraid. You can’t get away from me. You’re mine, you hear me? Mine.” Like always, his voice chilled her spine. She knew he had to shift back into his human form to speak, and she contemplated attacking him. But she knew he would have the protection of his pack.

Her ears folded flat against her head, and her claws dug into the soft dirt. Her animal instincts were alive and on fire, but the instincts of the monster inside of her were stronger. If allowed, it could kill every one of them with just one breath. She ached for its release, its power. It had been far too long since she had allowed it freedom.

They were getting too close. It was now or never, and since never was not an option when it came to Weres, she had to run. Her paws hit the ground with a thud, and with all the strength she could muster, she sprinted across the meadow.

Her body stretched out with each one of her strides. The grass was tall, so she tried to keep low. Maybe that was a mistake because it slowed her down. However, she had to use every trick she knew to keep them from catching her. She was halfway across the meadow and hope began to form in her heart. Just a few more yards, and she would finally be rid of them. For the time being anyway.

As a wolf, her fur was black and thick, just like her human hair. It made seeing her at night difficult. She also had every animalistic instinct of her wolf and her other shape-shifter form. She was actually quite frightening as a Were, but like most everything she had ever tried on Braccus, it had no effect. He would tuck his tail and run if she showed him her other form.

He was ruthless with a heart of stone, and his speed was beyond measure when it came to the hunt. If truth were known, she knew he’d been toying with her the entire night. He could have taken her anytime. He wanted her, and he felt he was entitled to her. One day, one of them would die because of his obsession.

Braccus loved games, and he loved the chase. Before she could leap over another fallen tree, he caught her and bit into the scruff of her neck. As he forced her to the ground, surrender was her only option. He would have her tonight regardless of her efforts to stop him. Nevertheless, she would make sure he didn’t enjoy it. Before he could pin her underneath him, she shifted into her human and quickly rolled away.


Adult Excerpt


“Don’t you dare touch me.” She pushed her back against the headboard and anxiously looked around the room. She was definitely trapped. A pillow sat at her side, so she grabbed it and used it as a shield. Nasty thoughts ran through her brain, and she hated him for it. What would it feel like to make love as a woman? Curiosity was killing her, but she still had to ask herself, what the hell was she thinking? “Back off!” she ordered and poked her finger into his hard chest.

“Not a chance.” He continued toward her.

“You don’t want me. You just think you do.”

“Actually, baby, you want me more than I want you. If that was possible!” He picked up a long strand of her black hair and twisted it around his middle finger. “And I’m not one to refuse what’s being offered.” He dropped her hair, wrapped his long fingers around her waist, and pulled her away from the headboard.

“You’re kidding yourself if you think I want you, Dagger. I despise your kind, can’t you see that?” She tried to roll away. It was a weak effort that left her breathless. Everything about him made her breathless. “Can’t you tell by looking at me that I don’t want this? Or you.” She frowned when he smiled. “Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not laughing. But you have to admit that your body is telling me a different story.” He ran his hand up her thigh until it met tight black curls. He slipped his middle finger past the swollen folds of her pussy and strummed the tight bud above the opening. “You’re wet, you’re trembling, and your pupils are dilated. That means only one thing to a Werewolf like me.”

She gasped when his finger disappeared and her pussy convulsed around it. She tried to clench her knees together, but he was a master at this game. To prove it, he dipped another finger inside. Slowly, he slid them in and out, coaxing her knees to open for him. When one finger pulled out and strummed her clit, a squeal escaped her lips.

“You can’t do this to me, Dagger. We can’t do this…” Wide-eyed, Belinda slapped her hand over her mouth. The dragon screamed at her to run, and at the same time, it begged her to let him fuck her any way he wanted. She was filled with doubt, but he was so adept. “Why not?” He teased her thighs with his tongue. He was only inches from tasting her pussy. His mouth watered at the thought of it. Wolves of Hades, he wanted to plunge his tongue deep inside, but he hesitated. Was she ready?

Silently, he called for his human instincts to take over. “Two hundred years is a long time to go without making love in human form. Aren’t you the least bit curious?” he asked.

“Humans don’t make love, Dagger. They fuck like rabbits. That’s why there’s so many of them. Why would I want to do something like that? It’s nasty and, and, perverse…”

 She bit back a moan when he teased her clit again.  “But if you must know, yes, I’m curious.”

 “For the record, baby, humans do make love. Remember? You used to beg me for it.” He smiled against her thigh and watched her face carefully as he quickened the pace of his thumb. He slid it quickly over her erect clit, and then teased it again between his thumb and forefinger. When her hips finally betrayed her and little spasms rocked them upward, he slipped his middle finger into her opening. Her lower back arched instantly, and he fucked her harder. The telltale sign of orgasm shone in her eyes, but he would not allow her to go there, not yet.

“Not yet, baby, this is something we both get to enjoy.” He held his hand still then but kept his fingers locked inside of her. She spasmed, but she did not come. Thank God, because he might have spilled his seed on the bed if she did. “It’ll be fantastic, I promise.”

“I don’t know, Dagger. What if something—”

“Nothing is going to happen,” he interrupted her as he ran the palm of his other hand up her belly. Her breast was perfect size. It fit his fist exactly the way a woman’s breast should. “Nothing feels this good. Let’s enjoy what we are doing. You have given and have never taken. Do it now, with me. Let’s learn together. You’ll see that I am right. Making love as humans is better. Especially when it’s us.”

The sounds of her moans excited him. He had one hand buried between her legs and the other one around her breast, pinching her nipple. He knew that in her world, women were supposed to seduce their men, allow them anything they desired, and bear a multitude of offspring. It was a barbaric way of life that he would make sure she did not continue. While trying to ensure their survival, the ancient shifters had condemned the entire female population to a lifetime of sex and slavery.

“Female shifters are not allowed to feel pleasure, Dagger. We’re supposed to give it.”

“What a shame! But I think that’s an old rule, Belinda. I’ve met a lot of shifters and have mated with many of the females in their Were form. I’d swear that every one of them enjoyed it as much as I did. ”

“I’m not the normal shifter. The dragon has rules that even I cannot refuse. It’s stronger than I am, and it has things it wants and needs.”

“You and your dragon have a lot to learn.” He removed his hand from her breast and pulled her clenched fist from the sheet. He guided it underneath his sweats to his waiting cock, kissing the side of her neck as he did it. “Are you willing to give up on pleasure because of outdated rules? Feel me, and feel the power you have over me.” He put the tips of her fingers over the swollen head, and it pumped upward, forcing its length into her hand. “You see, baby, all the power you need is right here.”

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