Ellen Quinn grew up in the north of England. During her student years studying geography and teaching, she travelled all over, loving the different cultures and ways of life she encountered as she went.

Ellen settled down as a teacher working with underprivileged children and those with special needs. She paused to have her children, which became a complete halt as her eyesight deteriorated. As a teacher she would always tell stories; some say the Irish are good storytellers. This may be where this ability came from, as Ellen has a good deal of Irish ancestry.

As teaching was no longer a viable option, Ellen turned her story telling to story writing. Picking her favourite subjects, hot, handsome heroes, loveable, reckless rogues and erotic sizzling romance, she began her new career.

Ellen also combined it with her love of all things geographical as she redesigned the coast of Scotland to house all her characters. The Queen may have something to say about this, but as Ellen isn’t telling please keep her secret.

Ellen now lives with her four children, her dog Angus (named after the lead guitarist in one of her favourite rock bands), her four cats and the rabbit—oh, and not forgetting her husband, spending most of the day running round after them.

But once the sun goes down you’ll find her running away on her keyboard with those gorgeous heroes and lovable rogues, spinning stories of love, romance and hot, hot, hot sex!

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: My writing day is probably best described as a writing night. During the day I’m usually found running round after my children and husband doing the family thing. If I do get a moment, I curl up with a cup of tea (I’m British, I don’t like coffee), my notebooks, of which I have plenty, and jot down ideas that I may want to use, or character profiles who will appear in the future. Once dinner and bath time with ‘the horde’ (an affectionate term for my four offspring) is complete, then I sit down and create—weaving my stories into the night.


Q: Why did you start writing?

A: I started writing when it became obvious my sight had deteriorated to the point where teaching at primary level was going to be difficult. I’d taken time out to have my children and decided to take a different path. Always being a storyteller in school, I turned it to writing and the genre—well, who can do better than hot exciting men!


Q: Where’s home?

A: I was born in the north of England, a place called Bolton, but my family is from Ireland and Gibraltar, and I am a Gibraltar National as well as British.


Q: Any hobbies?

A: Reading is high on my list, and I have read extensively from the authors at Siren. I also love Terry Pratchett, and it was an interview of this writer that started me on my designs of where my books take place. Geography is important.

I also enjoy sketching, people watching, or rather listening these days and swimming.


Q: Where did you go to college and what did you study?

A: I went to Worcester University and did my Bachelor Degree in Education which means I’m entitled to put BEd (Hons) with my name. Though I’ve always thought ‘Ellen Quinn, BEd’ might give the wrong impression, or maybe the right one. Who knows?

My second degree is in Applied Social Sciences. I still have to complete, but I’ll get there eventually.


Q: Where have you travelled?

A: I’ve been around Europe: (Western) France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and, of course, Gibraltar. I’ve also travelled extensively round parts of Africa: Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.


Q: Your favourite places in the world?

A: To date I have two favourite places. My third would be a favourite if not for its history.

Naivasha, Kenya - a beautiful lakeside town where Joy Adamson lived.

Lamu  - An island where there are no cars. If you want to go anywhere you either walk or grab one of the many donkeys that wander the streets.

Prison Island, near Zanzibar - The history is sickening for such an idyllic and now peaceful place. Slaves were dropped inside a huge underground cavern that still exists today on the island. The only way out was to crawl through the cave, coming out one by one on the beach. It made it easier to collect them and ship them out. My heart always twists when I think of the beauty of the place and the horrific treatment that was dealt the people there.


Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes. Angus, a lovable cocker spaniel, Stan and Ollie, two black tomcats, and Ermintrude and Brian, two black and white confused kittens. Confused because we got them the wrong way round; Brian is the girl—whoops.


Q: Anywhere you’d like to go?

A: America is top of the list; Alaska as it looks an amazing place. I really would like to ogle a few cowboys, well, a lot of cowboys actually, the more the merrier. Go shopping in New York, visit the San Diego Zoo, see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore...


Q: Who am I?

A: I’m a red-headed witch with green/blue eyes and a temper. I only ever drink tea. I love the F1 Grand Prix and have never worked out the rules for American football; rugby is much better. I only wear comfortable clothes and have never followed fashion, much to my children’s horror. I use a white stick to get about and my children refer to it as my wand, apparently I’m lethal with it.

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