Shy Spirits (MM)

Spirit Walkers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,706
9 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Sunan Lee Pung had escaped one evil only to be trapped with another. His curse had taken the one man who, without even knowing it, held his heart. Unfortunately fighting against black magic was a curse in itself.

Hamish Ian Potterton is a shy mountain of a man, with a warm heart and a gentle soul. None of which helps him with his love life. After two years of daydreaming about the beautiful snow leopard shifter, he knows he must either move on or do something about it.

What he didn’t expect was his shifter to walk through the doors of the pub dressed to kill, especially when the room is full of men who would be very happy to take Sunan home.

With the aid of some leaky wizards, an English galleon, a nonsupportive tree, and a very grumpy Fate, maybe these two shy spirits can find their happily ever after.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Shy Spirits (MM)
9 Ratings (4.7)

Shy Spirits (MM)

Spirit Walkers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,706
9 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I can't get enough of this series. Every time I think I know how the story will go i am so gladly surprised. I love the increasing use of magic and new additions to the pack that Lady Quinn is quickly becoming my new favorite author. I cannot wait to read book 4. Keep your stories coming Lady Quinn and I will continue to read them. XD

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As Hamish looked around the pub, his nerves had him wound tighter than a loaded spring. The men from the castle had all arrived and were raising a storm in the front of the pub. There was everything from 1970s disco to a pair of florescent-jumpsuited twins. Even Daniel was there dressed as his now-famous “killer duck” impression. Where that had come from, he wasn’t sure, but it suited his friend well.

He glanced back down. The one man he was hoping to see was not here. It served him right. Hamish had finally decided to stop being a coward and try to explain what had happened and ask Sunan for his forgiveness, and Sunan was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, there was a round of wolf whistles in the front of the pub. “What the hell is going on in there?” Duncan asked as he came back with their beers.

“I don’t have a clue. Someone special must have arrived,” Hamish answered, not bothering to look any more.

Duncan let out a huge whistle and grinned down at him. “I’d take a look, Hamish, and then make some very quick moves before someone else grabs him.”

“Huh,” Hamish mumbled as he stood up and stared at the hottest thing he’d ever laid eyes on. Sunan. And his outfit should not have been for general consumption. His lean body gleamed in the shiny, soft leather that clung to him like a second skin. His ass should not be on show like that for all those horny men to see. Sunan was his fantasy come to life in that outfit, and no one should be allowed to appreciate it but him. “Mine!” he growled as he headed straight to the centre of the pub.

“Uh...oh, hello, Hamish,” Sunan said as Hamish grabbed the man’s elbow. He pulled him back, glaring at any man who approached his—what? Hell, what was Sunan to him? He wasn’t his lover or even a close friend, just the man he spent night after night dreaming about. But the pull Hamish had felt toward the man was getting stronger, especially since he’d spent that time with him in his arms.

Getting back to his booth, Hamish realised he had to say something. He’d just pulled the poor man away from all his friends. Turning back to Sunan, he looked into those ice-blue eyes, and his heart stuttered in his chest. The look of hope and longing in Sunan’s eyes was nearly his undoing.

“C–Can I get you a drink?” he stammered, and he would have been embarrassed if Sunan hadn’t looked at him as though he’d just offered him the moon.

“Yes, thank you. Lemonade would be great,” Sunan replied shyly.

“Don’t worry, bro. I’m on it. You sit down with Sunan,” Duncan butted in, grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you,” Sunan said, smiling at Duncan. Hamish watched his brother walk away. It was now or never, and never was so not an option with the man before him.

“I need to apologise...” Hamish began.

“I’m so sorry about...” Sunan started to say at exactly the same time.

Hamish gave a soft snort and shook his head.

“We’re quite a pair, aren’t we?” Sunan continued. “I wish you had stayed that day at William and Percy’s. You looked so upset, and I was horrified at what I’d put you through.”

Hamish couldn’t believe his ears. Sunan was horrified, not because of what Hamish had done, but the other way around. “No, you did nothing wrong, I should never have taken advantage of you. You were in a coma, for Christ’s sake.”

“And your tender touch brought me back,” Sunan whispered, looking down at his hands.

Hamish didn’t know what to say. He had always been the quiet one out of him and his brother. And it reflected through most things they did. Duncan was the one who built new and exciting furniture, where Hamish preferred to restore old, classic pieces to their former glory. Now he was in a situation where he needed some of Duncan’s confidence and style to create something new and fantastic with this beautiful man in front of him. He was saved from answering with the arrival of his brother with Sunan’s lemonade.

“Here you go. You still safe with my brother here?” Duncan asked, confidence oozing out of him. “If it gets so exciting you feel yourself falling asleep, give me a yell, and I’ll come and save you.” Duncan winked at the pair of them and disappeared back into the crowd.

“I’m sorry about my brother. He is a lot more fun and lively than me.” Hamish tried to explain his brother’s exuberance.

“I don’t think he’s more fun,” Sunan said, looking at Hamish with the hint of a smile coming to his lips.

“You don’t? I mean, that’s good, well for me, but then perhaps in general.” Hamish stopped. If he tied his tongue into any more knots, he would no longer be able to speak.




“Oh fuck, that feels so good.” Hamish moaned as his large hands travelled over the leather waistcoat Sunan wore. “How the hell am I going to get to your wild side when you’re tied up in knots?”

Sunan giggled as Hamish swung him round and carefully pulled each tie open. The waistcoat fell to the floor, and Hamish kicked it to the side as he pressed his chest to Sunan’s back. Sunan was in heaven. The warmth from Hamish’s body filled his very soul. Hamish placed his hands on Sunan’s hips and rubbed his jean-covered erection against Sunan’s crease.

Sunan pushed back and then twisted round. “Get your fucking clothes off now,” he demanded, his voice ringing with need.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to love your wild side,” Hamish said as they both got rid of the rest of their clothes.

Sunan stood up and stared at the man before him. Hamish was not classically handsome, but he had the kindest green eyes that just sparkled with life. His cheekbones were high and smooth, his jaw strong, surrounding those kissable lips, his lower lip being slightly fuller, so much so Sunan couldn’t wait to tease them with his own. Putting that with his five-foot-eleven broad frame that just rippled with muscle, and Sunan didn’t think you could get anything better.

Hamish’s cock was just a little shorter than his but so thick he doubted he’d get his small hands round it. The purple head glistened as drops of pre-cum seeped from the slit. Sunan dropped to his knees and swallowed the glistening head, sliding his tongue in the slit to taste the salty yet sweet flavour that was just Hamish.

“Oh shit, yes, your mouth is so perfect,” Hamish gasped as Sunan ran his tongue round the swollen glands. “Oh, baby, this is fucking amazing, but you’ve got to stop. I want to be inside that tight, sweet ass of yours when I come.”

Sunan pulled off Hamish’s cock with a pop and scrambled back onto the bed. Hamish watched him, his eyes completely dilated and pure lust swirling in their depths. “You are gorgeous,” Hamish said as he crawled up between Sunan’s legs. He pushed his face into Sunan’s groin and licked the base of Sunan’s cock before laving Sunan’s sac. He slid his tongue around one ball before giving the other the same attention.

“Lube, we need lube,” Sunan mumbled. Cohesive thought was not something he was really capable of at that moment.

Hamish leaned across him, and Sunan couldn’t resist tracing his tongue along the firm, taut chest that was placed in front of him. The slight hint of a copper tone coming through, along with the fact he had no chest hair, gave Sunan a hint of Hamish’s Native American ancestry. The musky aroma that was Hamish, mixed with the salty essence of his sweat, was such a heady mixture Sunan thought he was going to blow just from that.

“Fuck, Hamish, I’m not going to be able to let you go,” Sunan murmured, lost in the feel of Hamish’s skin sliding across his body as he moved back down with the lube.

“As if I’ll be going anywhere when I have you right before me.” Hamish didn’t let him answer as he plundered Sunan’s mouth with heat and passion, his lips leaving no part of Sunan’s mouth untouched. Sunan felt Hamish’s slick fingers gently tease his hole. He pushed back against Hamish’s hand and felt the finger slip in.

“Yes, fuck, more,” he yelled as the burn receded, and Hamish obliged him with a second finger. Hamish scissored his fingers then circled them, sliding over his prostate. It was too much. The electricity that shot through Sunan’s body pushed him right over the edge, and his hot seed sprang from his cock, spreading between their bodies.

“Oh fuck, you are so hot!” Hamish groaned as he moved down to lick Sunan’s spilt seed.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” Sunan gasped as his heart rate still pounded.

“Fuck, what the hell do you have to be sorry for?”

“I came.”

“Yeah, I know. Now I can make you spill all over again.” Hamish looked down into Sunan’s face which he knew must carry an expression of awe. “You didn’t think I’d be satisfied with just one, did you?”

“Er, no, fuck no!” Sunan stammered as Hamish began moving his digits again. Sunan was so relaxed he didn’t even notice when Hamish added more fingers. When he pulled his fingers free, Sunan moaned with the feeling of emptiness inside him.

“Hang in there, baby,” Hamish gasped. The sweat shimmered on his brow as he moved closer, slicking up his cock with the lube.

Sunan loved the endearment, but he wanted Hamish deep inside him, filling him with that thick shaft. “Now, Hamish, I’m fucking ready. You won’t hurt me, please, Hamish,” he begged.

Hamish smiled down at him then he felt the tip of Hamish’s cock rub over his entrance. Once, twice, shit, he was going to scream. Then Hamish thrust and that thick eight inches sank in.

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