Elsa was born in Portugal in 1990. As a child, she read books, wrote poems and short stories instead of playing with dolls. Years later, in 2009, she met a wonderful author from a distant country who showed her the path of writing. Her love of writing led her to learn advanced English in order to publish her stories. Her goal was to take the readers away from reality and tour the worlds in her imagination.

Her drive comes from the readers who motivate her to do her best while having fun. Elsa Aarden has a passion for writing M/M romance while listening to classic or Japanese pop-rock music. And reading yaoi manga, watching anime, and sports are her hobbies.

Q: How did you start writing?

I began by reading almost every day as a child. Later on, while in fifth grade, I wrote my first poem and an applause by the teacher and my classmates gave me a push into the writing world. I realized that what I had written had reached them and made an impact in each one differently. After private short stories, I moved to fan-fiction, which I still write whenever I have time. Now as an author, I believe that my stories can have that impact on a larger number of people, completely different from a small classroom.

Q: Where does your creativity come from?

It comes from authors whose work I've read, from the countless movies I've watched as a teenager and stories that had/have an impact in me. It also comes from personal experience and good and bad experiences I've seen happen to others, and mostly from the closed doors to my imagination that have been opening with each book that I write.

Q: What kind of stories do you enjoy writing the most?

Although I hold back and stop the weirdness from showing too much whenever I write, I enjoy writing horror in a form of fantasy mixed with romance. I can write romance or just focus on a more contemporary or paranormal plot in one single book, but horror/science fiction is in first place.

Q: How do you take note of your ideas?

To be honest, I have quite a few notebooks of all sizes and colors. I have a couple for my ideas and other ones for more technical information when I decide to not print them, like grammar, the tenses, how to replace certain words, etc. All in all, whenever a notebook is written halfway, I get another one. I also leave notes on my laptop or a notepad. Even if it's a mess, I always find a way to make it more like an organized mess.

Q: How do you create characters in your books?

First, I think of what they look like, the height, hair color and length, physique, and clothing styles. As the character comes alive, a name comes to mind or I search one and I adapt it to the character, just like many people have some sort of physical similarity to their own names. As for who, I never use people I know, celebrities, or acquaintances. Instead, I take all of the personality traits I know and pick two or a few for each character. The same goes for their appearance.

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