When I sold my first book (as Allie K. Adams), At Any Cost, in March of 2008, I didn't think life could get any better. Then I sold my second book (also as Allie K. Adams), Seek and Destroy, which is the 2nd in the NASSD Counter-terrorist Agency series. I knew I'd achieved something I'd always wanted--to be a real published romance author. And then I picked up my first ménage story and I was hooked.

I wrote my first ménage story, Under the Covers, and contemplated releasing it as Allie K. Adams or under another name. After all, my readers had come to expect strictly M/F romance from me up to this point. If they picked up Under the Covers, would it shock them into therapy? I decided a pen name would be my best bet. Thus, Eve Adams was born.

I love series books, can't get enough of them. They don't necessarily have to have the same characters book after book, but I love it when they are set in the same agency, or around the same group of people. Under the Covers is the first in the Covert Lovers series, and is based on the fictional Seattle field office of the Washington State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). I can't help but have an element of suspense in my stories, and having one or more of the main characters agents with the SBI played into the plot perfectly. The next book in the series, Between the Covers, is currently underway.

I then decided to try something different and started a series that focused on a group of ranches in Montana, which is where I live. The Riding series are shorter stories, but not any less scorching in their intensity. Riding Double is the first in the series and is the tale of one woman's discovery of love in the third degree. Riding Lessons is the next in the series, and it part of the Tasty Treats Anthology. Riding the Fence will be the continuation of the characters from Riding Lessons. As long as my readers love my mnage stories, I'll continue writing them!

Q: Would you say there is an element of you in the characters you write?

A: It's more an element of what I want to be. In all of my stories, my heroines are witty, instant with their comebacks to get a rise out of the hero, and are sexy as hell. Who wouldn't want to be like that?

Q: What about the hero?

A: [Smiling] The heroes have every element I fantasize about!

Q: Of all your books, which sex scene do you wish you could have actually participated in?

A: What makes you think I haven't? [Laughs] If I had to make a choice, it would be between the kitchen scene in Seek and Destroy and the shower scene in At Any Cost. The first one is hot, hot, hot! The characters used the kitchen counter in ways that even surprised me. The second is so intense in their passion. I'd settle for either one.

Q: Which one of your characters would you most likely have a drink with?

A: I'm absolutely in love with Dan from At Any Cost. There's something about a man who can kill you seventeen different ways with nothing more than his pinkie. He can melt my heart with a shot of those piercing blue eyes! And I love the way David from Seek and Destroy seems like such a playboy on the surface, only to turn into one hell of a fierce and devoted lover behind closed (elevator) doors.

Q: You are a wife, a mother, work a full time job, and are in the process of remodeling a house. Where do you find the time to write?

A: Ask any writer and they'll tell you the same thingyou can't not write. It's in our blood. In our brain. We could be busy twenty-three hours out of the day and choose to take that remaining hour to write instead of sleep. When your characters demand it, you have no choice but to oblige. Does that make me sound insane?

Q: Yes, actually. It does. Would you say other authors think the same way?

A: Absolutely. We are all insane. [Laughs] But it takes a writer to understand a writer. We are a unique breed.

Q: What are you working on right now?

A: I'm finishing up the third book in my NASSD series, as well as working on three different series writing as Eve Adams. I'm really into writing mnage stories right now. I mean the really, really scorching, beyond sizzling stories.

Q: Mnage, huh? Are they all series? Any stand-alones?

A: I have the Covert Lovers series, which is set in the SBI. The Riding series is set on various ranches in Montana. The Gideon's Ring series is also set in Montana. I do have the starting of a stand-alone. It is a set at a bed and breakfast. Two men. One woman. Seven nights. Seven different fantasy rooms. It won't be until the very last fantasy roomthe honeymoon suitebefore we find out whom she chooses. Did I already give away too much?

Q: Not at all! I want to know more. When will it be ready?

A: I'm a fast writer, so I plan to have something out soon. Check my website for updates on this and my other works in progress.






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