Intro: This is Brent’s senior year in high school, and he has been looking forward to this very week for two years. Brent is spending the entire week with his brother in his college dorm room. When Brent arrives at the university, his brother is thrilled to see him. Brent meets his brother’s best friend, Aean, while he is there, and experiences his very first college party. Brent thinks that he knows his brother as well as he knows himself. They have been as close as two brothers could be for as long as Brent has been alive. During his week with his brother, however, Brent learns more about his brother, who he has adored and admired for as long as he can remember, than he had ever thought existed.

About the unicorn: The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears. In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison. The young gay male, like the unicorn, is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, always mysteriously beautiful, and can be captured only by unfair means.

First Born
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Logan checked his brother in at the visitor’s desk, and then the two of them took the elevator to the top floor. Logan opened the door to his dorm room, and Brent immediately went to the window. “You can see the whole university from here. It’s big.” “It’s a lot of walking if you don’t take the university bus, and nobody wants to do that,” Logan replied. “Is your roommate here?” “Oh, yeah, but he stays with his girlfriend a lot. There’s a guy down the hall who said you could stay with him. Hope you don’t mind.” “No way. I’m free. I’m in college.” “Okay, come on, I’ll take you there. His name is Aean and he’s really cool.”

Brent walked with his older brother to Aean’s room, and Logan knocked on the door. “Hi, Logan. You must be Brent. Come on in.” Brent liked Aean right away. He was nice. “You could learn a lot from this guy, Logan,” Brent teased his older brother. “Look around,” he added. Aean’s room was very clean, and decorated just enough that it didn’t look like the box of a room that Logan shared with his roommate. “I know, I know. Aean keeps his room the way you keep your room at home, clean and tidy.” Aean turned to Brent. “My roommate got homesick after his first month here, so I think I’m without a roommate for the rest of the semester. I’m beginning to like it, too.” Brent looked at Logan, wondering if he was supposed to go back to his room with him now, or stay here with Aean. “Well, kid, I have one more class and just enough time to make it there.” “Oh, you go on, Logan. Brent can stay with me. I will give you the grand tour of Hashinger Hall.” Brent felt comfortable with Aean, and he very readily said, “okay.”


A friend stopped Aean on their way back to his room. “Tell Logan the party was changed to Jayhawk Towers.” “Will do. Thanks.” Aean turned to Brent. “That’s Andy.” “What’s Jayhawk Towers?” Aean opened the door to his room, and Brent walked in followed by Aean. “Jayhawk Towers looks like a dorm, or residence hall as they are now called, but it has apartments instead of dorm rooms. It’s okay, but you really don’t have the day to day interaction that you do here. I think I’d miss that. Andy likes it there, though.” Brent was listening intently to Aean as Aean was going through his closet looking for something to wear to the night’s party. “Does Andy have a roommate there, at Jayhawk Towers?” Aean took out a possible shirt and looked it over. Not answering Brent directly, Aean said, “Everyone has a roommate over there. They are apartments, but still owned by the university. I think having a roommate is a requirement, or it’s very strongly encouraged.” Then Aean held up another shirt and showed them both to Brent. “Which one makes me look hot?” he asked. Brent was more than a little surprised at the question. I don’t know what makes guys look hot, he thought. “They’re both good,” he said. Aean studied the shirts. “I like the blue one,” he said. “You and I are about the same size. You can wear one of my shirts if you like.” “Thanks,” Brent said. He had to admit that Aean looked good.


Brent and Logan got ready for the party, and Brent was surprised at how good his brother looked. “You clean up real nice,” he teased. “Could say the same about you, little brother. You look good in Aean’s shirt, but Aean always looks like a million bucks.” Brent looked at himself. He just hoped that Tonya didn’t think he looked like a kid. But it had only been three months since he had seen her. She couldn’t have changed that much either. Brent turned around when the room filled with the smell of men’s cologne. “Damn, Logan, did you break the bottle? When did you start wearing cologne, anyway?” Giving himself a final spritz, Logan remarked, “Since I became a man.” Brent wasn’t sure if his brother was teasing him or if he was serious. “You want some, Brent? I’ve got more than one scent.” “No, I’m good.” “So, what’s her name, big brother?” Before Logan could answer, Aean knocked the secret knock, and Logan opened the door. “I’ll never tell,” he said, answering Brent’s question. “Lookin’ good, Brent,” Aean said, running his hand along Brent’s arm that was wearing well the shirt he had chosen for him. Logan turned to Brent, and said, “We’ll go on ahead. Here’s Tonya’s room number. She knows where the party is. Okay?” Brent just nodded, and got into the elevator and pushed the down arrow. He definitely didn’t need his brother chaperoning him.

Tonya was thrilled to see Brent. “We didn’t really break up, did we?” she asked. “Not officially,” he said shyly. “Well, I’ve never been inside the Towers, but then, I’m just a freshman.” Tonya giggled, and took Brent’s hand. Brent was now glad that his brother had talked to Tonya, and that he had told her about him and about the party. “There it is,” Tonya exclaimed, and pointed toward the Towers.

Brent knocked on the door of Andy’s apartment, and Andy’s roommate opened the door. “I’m Brent, Logan’s brother.” “Oh, yeah, I saw you today with Aean. “Well, come on in. If you’re not twenty-one, don’t drink. Don’t get me into trouble.” Andy said this only half jokingly. He knew that he could get into big trouble if they drank, but he knew that he couldn’t stop them, either. “We’ve got plenty of soda, though, and food. Help yourselves.” Brent and Tonya looked around. The furniture had been moved against the walls, and the living room was filled with music and couples dancing. Brent didn’t see Logan or Aean anywhere in the crowded apartment. “I know we’re in the right place, Tonya, but I don’t see Logan or Aean.” Tonya looked around. “I don’t see them either. Maybe they went to pick up something. Come on. Let’s dance.”

Brent was glad to be with Tonya again. They slow danced for awhile, and talked to some of the other couples. “Mind if I cut in?” a young man asked. “Sure,” Brent said, laughing at his fake formality. “Be right back,” Brent added, and headed down the hallway to find the bathroom.
On his way out of the bathroom, Brent heard voices coming from the bedroom at the end of the hall. The door wasn’t shut all the way, and Brent was sure that he had heard Aean’s voice. He’s in there with a girl, Brent thought. He stood quietly beside the door. He knew it was Aean now because he knew what shirt he was wearing and could see part of it from where he was standing. It was hard to hear what was being said because of the loud music coming from the living room. Brent stood perfectly still, watching and listening. “I’ve missed you so much,” Aean said. “I want you tonight. I need to taste you.” Brent watched as Aean’s hand disappeared and was obviously undoing his lover’s pants. Brent continued to watch as pants and underwear hit the floor. This is hot, he thought. He heard a gasp from Aean’s lover. “You smell good tonight. I love your scent,” Aean said to his lover. Then Brent saw Aean’s pants on the floor, too, along with his lover’s, and Aean’s naked butt was in perfect view. Brent couldn’t help but notice how firm Aean’s butt looked, and wondered how important that was to women.

Aean was kissing his lover passionately, the unmistakable sound of lips on lips and heavy mouth breathing meeting Brent’s ears. Damn, this is so hot, Brent thought. “Touch me,” Aean said, in a commanding voice. He is one hot lover, Brent was thinking. I could learn some things from Aean. Tonya and I aren’t nearly ready for this, but when we are, I sure hope I can turn her on like Aean is turning his lover on. “I need you now,” Aean said to his lover. He moved his lover to the bed, just out of Brent’s sight. Aean laid his lover on the bed and opened his lover’s legs to stroke that most intimate space. Aean’s lover moaned. “Feed me,” his lover commanded. Aean turned around immediately and lowered himself for his lover. “Mmm,” his lover moaned, as Aean fed his lover that part of him which his lover had demanded. Brent tried to hear the voice of Aean’s lover, but the music was too loud, and the lover’s voice was too soft. “You ready for me?” Aean asked his lover.

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