Emma's Heart (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,534
7 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

With approval from her cardiologist, Dr. Joseph Reese, Emma Shane is finally well enough for sex after her heart transplant. On a walk in the park, she meets Logan Walker. There’s something about him that is so familiar, but she just can’t place where she’s met him before. Logan has lived alone since his lover fell down the fire escape and died from head injuries. There’s something about Emma that strikes a chord in him, and he’s drawn to her. The doc tells Emma about cellular memory, memories from the transplanted organ. Whose heart has Emma received? Could that be the connection? Logan, the doc, and an old friend, Clay Archer, help her through some startling realizations. They also test her to see how much her heart can take—and how much she can love. Surprisingly, Emma has room in her strong, steady heart to love all three of them.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Emma's Heart (MFMM)
7 Ratings (3.7)

Emma's Heart (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,534
7 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Interesting story premise but too short to fully develop the story line. I would have rather seen a longer story with a little bit more story line. The end felt like it was really rushed and I think it could have been so much better with a little bit more put into the end of the story.
I so enjoyed this story of Emma and how she found love after her heart transplant. I so hope there is a sequel to this amazing hot story.
Barefoot Okie

Story Excerpt


“I would say you are now healthy enough for sex as long as you don’t get too wild,” Dr. Reese said, raising an eyebrow.

Emma Shane laughed long and hard, feeling it all the way to her belly. “And just who am I going to have sex with, huh? You know George left me right before the transplant. I haven’t even thought about meeting someone else. All I’ve had time to think about is my health and getting my life back.”

Dr. Reese closed the file and crossed his arms over his chest. He leaned his hip against the exam table. “You’ll find someone, Emma.”

Concern was evident in his eyes, along with a friendship that had grown over time. But a friendship was all it was, nothing more. Besides, even though the doc was a looker, he’d never shown an interest in taking the doctor-patient relationship any further. Meeting another man held no interest for her right now either. All she cared about was her health and living just a little longer.

Dr. Reese sighed and patted her shoulder. “Well, Emma, if you weren’t my patient, I’d do you. You know that, right?”

Emma laughed even harder this time. “You do make me feel good,” she said, once she caught her breath. “And you don’t even have to do me.”

It was Dr. Reese’s turn to laugh. “Okay, get out of here. I don’t want to see you for three months. Unless you have problems”—he pointed at her—“don’t call me.”

“I won’t, Doc.” She jumped off the exam table and slipped off the gown the nurse had given her.

“Put some clothes on, Emma. You’ll give my nurses a fit if you run around in just your undies.” Doc gave her a stern look then laughed. “Make your appointment before you leave. Don’t make me call you.”

“All right, all right,” she said, stepping into her jeans. “Stop your nagging. You might as well be the husband I’ll never have, I guess.”

Doc hesitated at the door. “If you ever need someone just to talk to, call me.”

Buttoning the waistband of her jeans, Emma sobered. “I will. And thanks.”

Doc smiled. Then he turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Shrugging on the white button-down blouse, which always made her feel like she should be working in an office somewhere, a thought struck her. She’d forgotten to ask the doc about the other things. Shirt still hanging partially open and half unbuttoned, she quickly opened the door to the exam room and stepped out into the hall. He was already gone, probably in another room with another patient. Ah well, she thought, moving back inside the room and closing the door. It wasn’t really that important.

Finally getting her shirt buttoned and tucked into her jeans, Emma grabbed her jean jacket and headed for the nurse’s desk.

The nurse was waiting for her. “Here you are, Ms. Shane. We’ll see you again at the end of August.” She handed her a small appointment reminder card. “If you have any problems before then, be sure to give us a call. Of course, you know the procedure about getting your labs done the week before the appointment, right?”

“That I do,” Emma said, shoving the little white card with her next appointment written on it into her wallet. “I swear you people aren’t happy unless you’re sticking me with needles or running some weird tests.” She shoved her wallet back into her purse and grinned at the nurse.

“And if you don’t be good, we’ll be poking you with even more needles.” She smiled at her and waved her off. “Go enjoy what’s left of the day, Ms. Shane. It’s gorgeous outside.”

“That it is. I may even take a walk by the lake.” She gave her a wave and headed in the direction of the elevators. A walk by the water might be nice. Then maybe stop and grab a glass of wine somewhere. Well, wine was a thought anyway. She wasn’t allowed alcohol yet. Wait, the doc had said she could have one glass once in a while. No overdoing it. With a punch of the down button, Emma was looking forward to really starting to live her life again. The doc had said she was ready for sex, but what the doc didn’t know was how wild sex needed to be for her. She wondered if she should have told him about what her sex life was like before the transplant. Smiling, she could picture the look on his face if she told him just how much she liked the cold steel of handcuffs against the sensitive skin of her wrists.


Adult Excerpt


Her body was trembling with anticipation, wondering just what Logan was going to tell her to do first.

He closed the door behind him and nodded at Clay. “Mine. We clear?”

“Absolutely,” Clay said, putting his bag of toys on the dresser. He unzipped it, removing a set of handcuffs and a long, silk rope from it. He raised them toward Logan. “She does like us to be totally in control.”

Logan looked at Emma. “Undress, Emma. I want to see you.”

She slowly stripped, tossing her clothes into a corner of the bedroom, both men watching her with heated gazes. Her nipples were already hard and tight, her pussy warming up for what lay in store for her. Once naked, she stood beside the bed and waited for more instructions.

Logan and Clay removed their clothes, both men’s cocks standing at attention once they were freed from the confining material of their underwear. “Come here, Emma,” Logan said.

She moved toward him and stopped in front of him. Looking up into his eyes, she saw pure lust there.

“Spread your legs.” He tossed the handcuffs to Clay. “Behind her back, Clay.”

Clay moved behind her, taking her wrists and moving her arms behind her back. The sharp coolness of metal tingled against her wrist as Clay handcuffed her. Then he ran his hands over the curve of her ass, spreading heat all the way to her core.

Logan cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples sharply. “Are you ready, Emma?”

She nodded, more ready than she’d ever been. Her heart was thumping, pumping strong and steady.

Clay took ahold of her hands by the handcuffs and raised them so that her elbows were bent. He leaned forward next to her ear. “You always had the sweetest ass.”

She shivered, wanting to be touched.

Logan ran his fingers down her tummy and on, separating the cleft of her pussy. “Oh yes, you’re already wet.” He slipped one finger inside her, stroking. “Spread those legs, baby.”

She scooted her feet wider, Logan finger-fucking her as she creamed. Clay’s fingers spread the cheeks of her ass, rubbing across her anus. She quivered, her pussy clenching at Logan’s fingers.

“Oh yeah, she wants it,” Logan said. “Don’t come until I tell you, Emma.”

“Okay,” she whispered, just wanting them to fuck her, to do something, to be inside her.

Taking her by the hips, Logan dipped down a bit. When he straightened, his cock drove deep inside her pussy, almost bringing her off her feet. “Hold her, Clay. Better yet, fuck her with me.”

She felt Clay move away for a moment while Logan held her in place by the waist. When Clay returned, he again spread the cheeks of her ass, only this time his fingers were slick with lubricant.

She moaned when Clay inserted first one finger, then two into her ass.

“Don’t you dare come, Emma,” Logan warned.

She swallowed, her body on fire. Before she knew what was happening, Clay moved in behind her and grabbed the handcuffs, moving her arms up her back. With Logan holding her by the waist with her impaled on his cock and Clay holding her by the handcuffs, Clay entered her ass from behind, slowly but deeply.

“I’m so full,” she said on a sigh, her thigh muscles trembling. “Fuck me. Please.”

“We will,” Logan said. Then he began to move.

Both men began to stroke in and out, the friction of two cocks inside her almost driving her insane. Her breasts felt swollen, the skin growing tender from rubbing against Logan’s chest.

“Damn, she’s just as tight as she always was,” Clay said, then nipped her shoulder.

The scrape of his teeth against her skin sent shards of lightning to her pussy. She tightened her stomach muscles, trying not to come. “Please,” she breathed.

“Not yet,” Logan said.

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