Forbidden Love

Wolf Hunt 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 19,890
0 Ratings (0.0)

Keta is a vampire hunter with revenge deep in her soul. She is hunting and killing all vampires until she finds the one responsible for her torture and the one who changed her into something more than what she was before.

Elijah was born a vampire but bitten by a werewolf. He is the only known half-breed in existence. The connection between his werewolf master, alpha male and pack leader, Rio, and himself can’t be broken, even by vampire law. So when Rio’s daughter, Katrina, goes missing, Elijah is ordered to search for her.

Keta and Elijah’s paths cross and an explosion of deep lust neither of them understand is awoken, threatening to destroy everything Keta believed in and unmask the identity she tried so hard to keep intact.

Can Keta trust Elijah before their forbidden love kills them both?

Forbidden Love
0 Ratings (0.0)

Forbidden Love

Wolf Hunt 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 19,890
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

A wolf jumped from one of the windows, souring through the air before dropping as the mansion exploded again.

Elijah kept his eyes on her. “I’m going after the Silent Killer!” He jumped forward, his clothes ripping and his body changing in mid-jump before Blake could reply.

His change into a wolf was painful as his bones cracked, shifted and lengthened within his body. All scents changed, becoming stronger. When he landed, he charged through the smoke, following the golden werewolf as she weaved left and right. He followed her exact moves, determined not to lose her.

Come on! Faster!

The wolf pounded through the trees, obviously trying to lose him.

She’d have no luck where he was concerned. His eyes were locked onto her and the scent of wild flowers filled his nostrils as she left her scent behind.

He was at her tail when she jumped high. Elijah followed her, catching her back paw with his teeth.

The wolf yelped as she landed and fell to the muddy ground. She rolled across the mud and leaves.

When Elijah landed, the wolf had shifted into her human form and was clutching her foot with both hands, hunched forward. Elijah pounced on her, shifting mid-flight so he could pin her hands to the floor.

What? Elijah’s mouth hung open as he stared at the woman underneath him.

Big blue eyes which shone brightly compared to her pale, almost white skin. With her high cheekbones, small nose and full lips, she was gorgeous to his eyes. Her long brown hair fanned out across the ground.

Elijah was suddenly aware that they were both naked as he let his gaze travel down her body. Tall with full round breasts pressed against his chest, her long legs wrapped around his ankles.

Lying naked with him leaning over her, the woman looked like more of a warrior naked than when she was clothed. She looked like a warrior princess.

The woman blinked, breathing heavily underneath him.

Elijah lowered himself onto his elbows, saw her part her lips as he came into contact with her heated flesh. He watched her pale skin flush and wondered what she would look like when she was aroused, when she let pleasure take control of her as he drove himself into her.

A growl rumbled in his chest at the thought. He lowered his head to her neck and inhaled. Her scent washed through his senses, making his fangs extend, wanting to taste her. He tilted her head back, giving him easy access to her throat when he stopped.

Her skin was marred with puncture scars and a long jagged scar that ran from the left side to the right.

Elijah leant up and saw the fear in her wide eyes, smelled it around him as she breathed heavily.

Gently smoothing her hair back, Elijah turned her face to his. “They don’t call you the Silent Killer for nothing. You can’t speak, can you?”

She shook her head quickly.

Elijah bowed his head, clenching his hands into fists in anger. “If I let you shift, will you run?”

No answer.

“If you run, I will catch you.” Elijah made sure his message was heard clearly before he moved off her.

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