[Siren Ménage Everlasting:: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Maddie Connor moves to Fate to renew her relationship with her sister, Stella. She is ready to do whatever it takes to heal their strained relationship. Come hell or high water, she is determined to make amends.
Werewolf brothers Shane, Brandon, and Braxton Lark know Maddie’s their mate as soon as she walks into the Wolf’s Den. They come on strong, and although she should run for the hills, she can’t help be drawn to the aggressive men.
Maddie never expects Stella to tell her that werewolves exist. Not only is Stella living with three werewolves, but she’s become a werewolf, too. As if that’s not enough, Stella tells Maddie that the Lark brothers are shifters and that they want Maddie as their mate. She’s stunned, yet, strangely intrigued.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Heart of a Wolf (MFMM)
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Jane writes some of the best shifter stories and I just can't resist them. Love this book and will wait for the next one!!




“Okay, then, how about we get you four together?”

Before Maddie knew what was happening, Shawna held up her hand and waved them over.

“Wait. Shawna, no. I didn’t mean…”

And then they were there. All over six feet tall, all better looking up close, all dripping with a testosterone she could feel flowing over her skin.

Oh, shit.

“Is this Stella’s sister?” asked one of the brothers. His eyes were bluer than blue, locking onto hers and stealing her breath.

“She has to be. She looks like Stella.” One of the other men’s crooked grin enticed her, bringing an answering smile. “But prettier.”

“I wouldn’t want the Lennox boys to hear you said so,” added Shawna. “Them’s fightin’ words.”

“Brandon’s just telling it like it is.” The one with blue eyes slid into the chair next to Maddie. “Hi. I’m Shane Lark, and these two are my younger brothers, Brandon and Braxton.”

“Hi. I’m Maddie Connor.” As if the entire town didn’t already know. At least, it seemed that way.

Braxton took the chair next to his brother, leaving a scowling Brandon to sit across from her next to Shawna. “Stella said you were pretty, but you’re more than just pretty. You’re fuckin’ hot.” His hot gaze slipped down her body and back up. “And I do mean fuckin’ hot.”

Shane whacked his brother on the arm. “Shut the hell up. You sound like some pervert.” He ran a hand through his thick, brown hair. “Don’t pay any attention to him. We’ve done our best to raise him up right, but there’s only so much we could do.”

She didn’t mind. Hell, she was flattered. “It’s okay. It’s not the worst thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

The three of them chuckled. Brandon had dark eyes that lightened as bits of amber flared. She glanced at the overhead lighting and wondered if they’d changed it in some way to make the amber show up.

Shane regarded her as though sizing her up. “She has the heart of a wolf.”

“I’d say more like a tiger, but I won’t argue the point,” added Shawna.

“I’m not sure what you two are talking about.” Was either one a good thing? She’d never been compared to either a wolf or a tiger.

Although each of them had dark brown hair, Shane had a tousled just-got-out-of-bed look while Brandon’s hair was cut short, and Braxton wore his almost shoulder-length but neatly combed. Shane was the only one with blue eyes while both his brothers’ eyes were a soulful brown.

“Where are you staying, Maddie?” asked Brandon. “At the Lennox place?”

“No. I didn’t feel right about it. After all, Stella and her men have only been together a few months.”

“She’s staying at my place.” Shawna wiggled her eyebrows as though to say, “I told you they were great.”

“That’ll make it convenient.”

“Convenient, Braxton?” Maddie asked.

“Yeah. For when we come and get you.”

“Come and get me for what?” Her curiosity was singing through her now, more than intrigued. Turned on was a better description.

All three men leaned forward, but it was Shane who answered. “For when we come and make you ours.”

For a moment, everyone else seemed to disappear. Breathing became harder, yet the air smelled sweeter. “To make me yours?” she whispered.

“Okay, let’s take a step back, boys.” Shawna threw out her arms. “Give her a break, will you? She just got to town. Don’t go scaring her off.”

They leaned back, the intensity suddenly lessening. Braxton’s dark eyes lightened with amber, and then suddenly the amber was gone. “Shawna’s right. Let’s let her get settled.”

“Thanks.” But what was she thanking them for? For backing off? But did she really want them to back off?

Shane stood, raking the chair legs over the floor. Brandon and Braxton took that as their cue to stand, too.

“We’re glad we met you, Maddie.”

She assumed Shane had put out his hand to shake hers. Yet when she offered her hand, his edged past hers to skim along her shoulder. The light touch was enough to send a tremble through her.

“Yeah, sweet thang, we’ll talk again real soon.” Brandon gave her a wink and followed after his brother.

“See you soon, darlin’,” added Braxton before leaving.

Maddie couldn’t take her eyes off them. Their backs were as impressive as their fronts. Round, tight asses hugged just enough by worn jeans. Boots clacking against the hardwood floors. And muscles in shoulders that their shirts couldn’t disguise.

“Uh-huh. I called it right. You four are going to be great together.”

“Really? I mean I don’t know. I’m here to see Stella.”

“So have you called her? Does she know you’re here? Here as in Fate and at the bar.”

“No. I wanted to surprise her, but when I realized I’d be arriving later than I’d planned, I didn’t want to barge in so late.” At least she’d told part of the truth. The other part was that she was nervous about seeing her sister after such a long time apart. Before she’d revealed Bruce as a cheating asshole, they’d seen each other several times a week and talked on the phone at least once a day. Although Stella had assured her that she’d been forgiven and that all was well, Maddie couldn’t shake the feeling that her sister was stretching the truth, both for her sake as well as Maddie’s.

“Makes sense, I guess. Still, I bet she would’ve loved it if you’d just shown up on her doorstep. If you want, you can follow me, and I’ll lead you out to their ranch.”

She almost said yes. Almost. Yet her nerves wouldn’t let her. “No, that’s okay. I’m kind of worn out, anyway. Would you mind showing me the way to the B&B?”


The tremor in Stella’s voice was enough to bring tears to Maddie. She shifted around to find her sister standing only a few feet away.




“Fuck this pussy-footin’ around.” Shane cupped her roughly behind the neck and tugged her toward him. His breath washed over her lips as he put his mouth mere inches from hers. “We want you, Maddie Connor. Now.”

She swallowed again, harder. “What?”

He smiled. “You want us to say it again, don’t you? Fine. I will. We want you to be our mate.” Shane spoke softly, yet the urgency speared her, sending the heat between her legs into overdrive.

“I don’t understand.” Spell it out for me.

“We want you as our woman. Our mate. Call it being our wife or whatever other term you want to use. We don’t give a fuck. As long as you’re ours, that’s all that matters.”

“But why? We just met.”

They moved in even closer, their huge bodies vying to be the closest one to hers. To get any closer, they’d have to crawl on top of her.

Go on. Crawl on top of me.

“Yeah, maybe, but that’s the way it sometimes happens,” added Braxton.

“We know what we want, and you’re it,” said Brandon.

“This is crazy,” she whispered. But it was crazy sexy.

“We want you to be our woman for the rest of our lives.”

She studied Shane’s eyes and saw the amber flecks. She was certain they hadn’t been there earlier. Her sister’s words came back to tighten her chest. “Look at the eyes, Maddie.”

Could her sister have been telling her the truth? Were these men really werewolves? She almost laughed out loud. The idea was ridiculous. And yet, their eyes were filled with bits of amber.

“You’re attracted to us.” Shane’s eyes grew brighter, more amber-filled.

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“Just answer the question, honey-bear.”

She bit her lip. Should she answer truthfully? A smart woman would get the hell out of there. After all, getting trapped in the back room with three men could be dangerous. Although she wasn’t sure what kind of dangerous it could be. Maybe even the good kind.

She blew out a breath. “I am.”

“And we think you’re hotter than the sun,” added Braxton. “In fact, we want to take you right now.”

The rest of her breath blew out of her. She had to drag in more to be able to talk. “Um, here? In the bar? Everyone knows we’re back here.”

“And they know why,” added Brandon.

“They do?” Yet the idea didn’t bother her. In fact, it turned her on even more.

“Easy, darlin, they only know that we want you.” A mischievous sparkle in Braxton’s eyes had her trembling more. “Not that we’d like to lay you on top of this table and fuck you until you scream.”

“Sure they do,” argued Brandon.

She should get out while she could, but her legs wouldn’t obey her. Besides, shoving past them would be impossible. “You guys are coming on hard.”

“Like I said, we want you.”

Suddenly, Shane’s mouth was on hers, demanding her lips part to give way to his tongue. She moaned and kissed him back, allowing his tongue entry. The other two men shifted as Shane picked her up and planted her butt on the green of the table. His hands found their way to her ass and squeezed. What else could she do but wrap her legs around his hard, trunk-like thighs?

She tasted his flavors, noting the difference there. Leaning backward, she let him support her, even as she gripped her hand around the back of his neck, keeping the kiss going.

The faint sound of a growl came to her, but she wouldn’t push him away. When Shane pulled away—or, rather, was yanked away—he, too, let out a grumbling growl.

Just like wolves.

The thought, however, didn’t last. It couldn’t with her emotions running wild.

“We all get a taste of her.” Brandon cupped her face and brought her mouth to his.

His kiss was as urgent and needy as Shane’s, similar in some respects yet with his own unique flavor. Musky, yet sweet. Tangy, yet with a definite edge. She gripped his shoulders and held on as much to keep him with her as to bring him closer.

The shaking of the pool table had her gasping and pulling away from Brandon. Arms came around her just as Braxton knelt behind her.

“You jumped on top of the table?”

“Let’s hope it holds me.” He took her by the chin and turned her face toward him. “Kiss me, darlin’.”

She did, as passionately as she’d kissed his brothers. Their tongues played together as he slipped his hand beneath her shirt and then the thin material of her bra. She arched her back, moaning, telling him to go further.

Logic was no longer hers to possess. Instead, her craving for him, for them, overwhelmed it. She longed to feel their hands on her skin, longed to hear their muttered words of lust, longed to feel the slide of their tongues into private places.

“Close the door,” ordered Shane.

She heard the door close and knew what it meant. If she was going to stop them, it was now or never.


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