Girl Crush

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,600
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and exciting themes including threesomes, FF action and sex with a stranger.

Girl Crush by Sommer Marsden

A married couple and a pretty young waitress discover just how much fun three people can have in a hotel room.

After Dark by Elizabeth Cage

Mira is less than pleased at being sent on a dull computer course involving two nights in a budget motel in Basingstoke, with only her favourite vibrator for company. But a mix up at the hotel leads to a surprising turn of events and Mira, far from being bored, ends up living out her favourite sexual fantasy...

Housemate Potential by Penelope Friday

A feisty biker girl goes to check out a ‘room for rent’. The door is answered by a surprised but rather pleased young man who shows her around the flat. Not surprisingly, the two potential housemates find more to talk about than the hideous 1970s wallpaper in the spare room.

The Secret Whore by Sadie Wolf

To the outside world- and her husband- Caroline is a normal, respectable wife-with-a-part-time-job. Except that her part time job is working as a prostitute. Exciting, sexy, scary and full of surprises this story lifts the lid on the details of the world’s oldest profession.

A Brief Encounter by Teddy Masters

Steamy stranger-sex-on-a-train. Hot, dirty and sexy.

These stories have also been published in Sex and Satisfaction Two ISBN 9781906373726

Girl Crush
0 Ratings (0.0)

Girl Crush

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,600
0 Ratings (0.0)
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‘She’s here,’ Scott said, and I could hear the excitement in his voice. This had been his fantasy for years. A tried-and-true fantasy of many men. His wife with another woman.
I found that suddenly it was my fantasy, too. Him watching me. Me and the lovely Callie.
She looked almost startled when I opened the door. As if she hadn’t expected us to actually be here. ‘Come on in,’ I said, taking pains to keep my voice low. I didn’t want to scare her.
She stood in the centre of our luxurious hotel room looking terrified but aroused. Her brown eyes were wide, the pupils dilated, her breathing rapid. For all intents and purposes, she looked as if she might run or have an orgasm at any moment.
‘Can I get you a drink?’ I offered. ‘You seem really scared. Are you scared?’
She shook her head no and then let her eyes take me in. Her gaze levelled me from the tip of my head to the toe cleavage peaking out of my pumps. She surprised me by speaking. Loudly. ‘Can we do this? I know why you asked me here. I knew the moment you touched my arm. And I am nervous but I really want this and I’d like to start.’
I heard Scott’s soft laughter from the corner.
‘Of course we can,’ I said and began unbuttoning her blouse. She reached through my arms and untied the knot at the base of my neck. The halter of my red dress fell away, leaving my breasts bare, nipples eager.
‘Oh my,’ she said and then she dipped her head just as I freed the last button and she sucked my nipple into her mouth. Her tiny pink mouth.
A rush of heat shot through me. From breast to cunt. Belly to scalp. How different the feel of her delicate feminine mouth was from Scott’s. More gentle. Wetter if possible. Reverent.
Her small hands roamed over the skirt of my dress, caressed my waist, and I tackled the button of her black slacks. Now I wanted her bare. I wanted to see her small breasts, the hollow of her belly button, what was nestled between her thighs. Trimmed? Bare? Shaved? Wild? I couldn’t wait to find out.
My voice was more authoritative than normal. ‘Step out,’ I commanded as I shoved her jeans down along with her panties. I had only caught a flash of red, and beyond the colour, I had no idea what they looked like. I didn’t care.
She stepped out but her hands never left me for more than a second. It was as if she were memorising me with her hands. She was smooth and bare and creamy. I glanced quickly at Scott. The fly of his trousers was tented, the small smile still on his lips. He stroked the bulge under his fly with those big hands. I felt another hot rush of fluid slide down my inner thighs.
I ditched her clothes and her bra and then shimmied out of the rest of my dress. Before I could take off my silk panties, Callie had dropped to her knees and buried her face in the sodden material that shielded my cunt. The intensity of seeing another woman face first in my crotch was overwhelming. I plunged my hands into her soft hair and felt her hot breath heat the silk.
I heard Scott’s zipper in the near silence.
She licked her way around the border of my panties and my knees felt unstable. I waited patiently as she explored. Her tiny nose nuzzled my belly as she traced the covered seam of my sex with her kitten pink tongue. I felt like I would come already.
I shoved the thong down and widened my stance. ‘Would you like to do it for real?’ I asked softly.
She didn’t even answer but rubbed the tip of her tongue over my already swollen clit as if she were taking a tiny sample taste. Very delicate and tentative but eager. My pulse slammed in my throat and chest and clit. My body thumping with each beat of my heart. I brushed her hair back so I could watch her. Her slender throat working, her eyes closed, her tongue probing and pushing and licking at me. I was fiercely wet and very hungry to see what she tasted like. Curiosity had turned to full-fledged desire.
‘Back up,’ I sighed, and she did but her large brown eyes looked confused. ‘It’s OK,’ I smiled. ‘Let’s go over there.’
The blush returned, turning her normally creamy complexion ruddy. She dropped her eyes but nodded. I took her hand, wanting her to be comfortable, and led her to the bed.

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