Cowboy Double-Decker (MFFM)

Cowboy Sandwich 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,871
106 Ratings (4.4)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/F/M]

Hot cowboy Bryan Raman loves Adam Richardson’s wife, Candy, but it’s time he found his own. He’s searched the last two months for an adoring woman who’ll devote herself to both him and the Double R, and relish sharing their bed as part of a polyamory family.

When an erotically-challenged single mother ends up in his hotel room, he’s delighted to teach her what a Montana cowboy can do to make her scream with ecstasy. Michalea Jones is too uppity to marry but, wanting to teach her more, he invites her to the ranch for a few weeks. No strings, but if she wants to share, Adam is eager to help Bryan meet needs she never knew she had.

Kaela craves their touch and is desperate for roots and a sense of permanence. But though she loves him, Bryan won’t give her what she needs: his trust and his heart.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cowboy Double-Decker (MFFM)
106 Ratings (4.4)

Cowboy Double-Decker (MFFM)

Cowboy Sandwich 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,871
106 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
fun, good sex, emotionally inept
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really good book.
Professional Reviews

recommendedread.png5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Cowboy Double-Decker is the sequel to Cowboy Sandwich and the emotional rollercoaster that Bryan and Kaela take you on will literally take your breath away and make you weep. I enjoyed how Ms. Butler allows you more insight to all of the characters once again through the secondary characters...the dynamics between the two couples and the children were fantastic. Ms. Butler does a wonderful job of showing how a polyamorous relationship can work between two loving couples who also love each other. I was mesmerized by the love they manage to find when they allowed themselves to listen to their hearts and not their heads. When the couples are finally able to embrace their polyamorous relationship, it’s as explosive as the eruption of a volcano. Cowboy Double-Decker will definitely have you panting and begging for more...every sexual fantasy is fulfilled in this polyamorous relationship. If you’re looking for an intense, emotional, sensual, tantalizing story that will make you laugh and cry while keeping you on the edge of your seat...then Cowboy Double-Decker is definitely the book to read. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Two thumbs up to Ms. Butler, who's struck gold with Cowboy Double-Decker." -- AJ, Dark Diva Reviews

4 STARS: "Two cowboys and two city girls make for one explosive adventure back on the ranch. This sweet tale of love and healing is spiced up by the cowboys' desire for a polyamorous family, proving sometimes more is better. This is the sequel to COWBOY SANDWICH, a very endearing read for me. At the end of COWBOY SANDWICH, Candy married Adam and committed her love to Bryan in a polyamorous marriage. She had given birth to twin girls, one belonging to Adam and one biologically Bryan's. Now, all they need in order for their family to be complete is a wife for Bryan to bring into their home and bed. Bryan knows that finding a woman in Montana isn't going to happen, so he sets off for two months on a hunt for just what he wants. Unfortunately, the sweet demure women like his mother are pretty much disgusted by his offer of polyamory marriage. (OK, seriously, even if a hunky cowboy were ready to provide for you in all ways, wouldn't you toss your iced tea at him too when he suggested such a thing?) Bryan knows it is time to give up and turn to the Internet. You would think a man who's basically looking for a mail order bride lacked a romance gene. Not so. It's just well hidden. That's where COWBOY DOUBLE DECKER picks up. Bryan ends up helping to teach a workshop with a friend and is mistakenly booked to share a room with Mike….Who happens to be Michaela, and her one-year-old son. Michaela is bossy and independent and nothing Bryan is looking for in a wife. But it has been two months since he was with Candy and Michaela is hot. Marriage may not be in the cards, but sex can be. In the first half of COWBOY DOUBLE-DECKER, Michaela, Bryan and her son Scotty were alone at the conference getting to know each other. I was glad it was just the two of them and I could invest in their relationship and see how the two of them fit together before they went to the ranch where Adam, Candy and the girls were waiting. Bryan was especially charming as he helped to care for Scotty and staked his claim on Michaela. While still at the Milwaukee conference, he did ask Michaela a couple of times if she would be interested in marrying him and being part of his polyamorous family. He said he wouldn't make such an offer without being serious, but then he would think to himself a few pages later that she was too independent and not the kind of wife he wanted at all. Well, why offer and say you are serious if you feel that way? And why offer again a few pages down the line? That was my other grumble with this book. But two grumbles aren't so bad when there was so much more to find interesting, funny and sexy. I did enjoy the story and would buy the next in the series if Ms Butler wrote it. Michaela didn't agree to marriage but she did agree to spend Thanksgiving with his family at the ranch. Candy and Michaela hit it off from the beginning and I found their gal-pal relationship as endearing as the one the girls had with the guys. What's not to love when there's chocolate, wine and gossip involved? I appreciated that the four of them did not fall in bed together instantly. It took a LONG while for that relationship to be built and the four of them to explore a shared bed. There were bunches of other high points. These boys are creative and love costumes and role-playing. Their dominant nature added to the hot, while the gentle daddy side added to the cute. The girls kept me laughing and the struggle to love kept me crying. Talk about emotional roller coasters! This is a treat for fans of Butlers. If you've read MAIL ORDER BRIDE FOR THREE, you will discover what happened to the gems sewn in her dress and the tie that bride has to Adam. It was a cute gift for Butler's readers. This is a story for those who like happily ever after endings, non-conforming loving and character growth. It's not for everyone, but if you like your books with a side of Tabasco sauce, it might be just right for you. Enjoy!" -- Michelle R, The Romance Reviews

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The room smelled of sex and chocolate.

The mid-day light left nothing to their imagination. Hot, wet, swollen female flesh demanded their immediate attention. Their salutes rose even further. They gave each other thumbs-up and initiated a command and control mission. Sliding carefully onto the same side of the bed as their woman, each approached his target.

Adam laid his head behind Candy’s bottom and sighed into her mound, lightly blowing warm air through her nether lips. Candy smiled and reached down to pat his head, eyes still closed.

Bryan slid forward on his back and tilted his head so his nose and tongue reached between Kaela’s swollen petals. He started slowly, as he had when she thought he was an erotic dream. He built up his strokes until her hips pressed down, giving him greater access. He reached up and caressed her bottom, pulling back her cheeks for his wet fingers to explore. She moaned, pressing into him, panting faster as he drove her closer and closer to the edge.

Finally, she rolled onto her back, away from where Candy and Adam silently watched and opened her arms, eyes still closed. He took the condom Adam held out, covered himself, and surged into her. Weeks’ worth of unmet need drove him forward with a vengeance.

“Yes, oh God! Harder!”

He changed angles, lifting up on his hands to scrape his cock against Kaela’s G-spot. She moaned, grinding up against him. He was too close to explosion to wait long for her, so he rose to his knees, pulled her bottom to him and ground against her clit. When she moaned and clenched him internally, he set her back on the bed and pounded into her.

His violent need spurred her on and she came, crying out his name and shoving her heels down to slam up into him just as wildly. He roared his possession as their flesh slapped together, wet and wanting until, finally, he fell onto his elbows and rested his panting chest on hers.

“Hmmm, that you Bryan?” murmured Kaela. “Or did the milkman finally deliver?”

“If you aren’t sure, sweetling, I can do this again.”

“Adam, honey, I want one of those.” Candy whined like a trophy wife in front of a tray of diamond bracelets.

Kaela gasped and rolled her head to the side, eyes blasting open. Candy lay on her side, head resting on her fist. Behind her, Adam snuggled close, eyes with the same “I’m gonna get lucky” look she’d seen on Bryan before their first time. Candy’s top leg lifted up and over Adam’s thigh. Kaela gulped when she noticed Adam slowly thrusting between Candy’s legs, his huge cock rigid and wet.

Kaela held her breath, staring as the naked man shafted his wife a few feet away. Grimacing with effort, he still managed to wink at her.

“Oh, my God,” Kaela moaned. She turned her red face away, eyes jammed shut.

“Glad you like my bed,” said Adam, his words broken up by grunts as the thrust deep.

Kaela slammed her fist into Bryan’s bicep. “You did it again!”

“Did what, sweetling?” he murmured, wriggling his hips to prove he was still hard inside her.

“You took advantage of me when I was asleep!”

“Face it, hon,” said Candy, her voice low and throaty. “You took advantage of each other.” Candy gave Adam a purring cat look. “She’s hot, husband of mine. And she tastes sooo good.”

“You’re not helping,” muttered Kaela. “Did you know they were coming back early?”

“Nope,” said Candy. “What happened, man of my heart?”

“Doc and Madge threw us out ten minutes after we got there,” said Bryan. “Said they’d drop the kids off tomorrow. So we came home.”

“And what did we find but two sweet pussies, wet and wanting, winking at us,” continued Adam.

“Adam Richardson! Is that poetry?” Candy beamed at her husband.

“Sounds more like bull,” muttered Kaela. She shrieked when Bryan rolled over, taking her with him. He pulled her close to his chest as she straddled him. Though she lay on top, he held her too tight to escape, her bare bottom high.

“Her butt’s bare, bro, all ready for your hand. Can’t have a woman sassing her man like that.”

“He’s not my man!” yelled Kaela, breathless from fear or anticipation. “He’s Candy’s!”

“If you play in my bed, you’d better not sass me.”

Kaela whipped her head around to silently beg Candy for help, but the other woman smiled, shrugging. Kaela shrieked when Adam’s hand swatted her bottom, though it was just hard enough to sting. She struggled, but Bryan, laughing, held his arms around her back and hooked her legs with his feet, holding her tight. She shrieked again when Adam spanked her other cheek.

When rough lips kissed the heated flesh between her legs, the slight sting morphed into desire and she stilled. Bryan spread his legs, widening hers as well. Unfamiliar lips and tongue traced down the crack of her bottom, splaying her wide with callused hands to lick her nectar. Adam’s tongue was much thicker and longer than Candy’s. Stronger, too.

“Mmm, chocolate. You girls had a bit of fun without us.”

While Adam spoke, he ran his index finger between her lower lips. He rubbed her clit and placed his thumb inside her, pressing her flesh between his large hands.

Kaela tilted her back, thrusting her bottom higher for more penetration. Bryan released her enough to capture a breast, squeezing it while smiling up at her. She twitched when she felt a fingerful of something cold on her bottom, but it soon warmed.

“I bought this one for Kaela,” said Candy quietly, handing him something.

Adam grunted his reply. A moment later, something smooth and round stretched her anal ring. Slowly pulsing like the tide coming in, the plug intruded a bit farther each time. She welcomed the invasion as something wicked she felt guilty about wanting. She had no choice but to enjoy it as Bryan held her from escaping.

Adam slowly pulsed the butt plug, stretching her a bit more each time. She hadn’t realized how many nerve endings existed back there. She clenched Bryan’s hardening organ, still inside her. Sensation from both channels multiplied her desire.

Bryan lifted his lips, and she met him halfway. He slid his tongue behind her top lip in the way that made her wild. When he pinched her nipple, she clenched him in a spasm. He throbbed into her in reaction.

Adam pressed the plug deeper, stretching her tissues to the point of pain. She tried to press it out, but instead shivered as her sphincter slowly closed around the narrow end. She moaned her need.

“Mmm, feels great from this side,” murmured Bryan. He rocked into her, slow and steady. “Sit up and ride me, cowgirl.”

At first she felt self-conscious with Adam and Candy watching, but she ached from the new double sensations. She pressed on Bryan’s chest to sit up. Large hands grasped her breasts from behind and helped by flicking her nipples, driving her to grind herself down.

Bryan grinned encouragement, pressing his thumb on her clit to encourage her to lean back. When she did, the butt plug pressed into her, a pleasant fullness that intensified Bryan’s size. She leaned forward, rose up on her knees, and gasped, eyes wide.

“Oh, God, it makes you hit my G-spot!”

“Surprise!” called Candy. “Told ya you’d like it!”

Groaning, Kaela rode Bryan up and down like a piston. With each stroke, his cock pressed against the quarter-size bundle of nerves that did so much for her.

“God, that feels great,” moaned Bryan. “Almost as good as it will when you ride Adam and I slide into your sweet asshole.”

She quivered as four male hands seduced her body. Bryan grasped her waist, his face tightening, nostrils flaring at the serious business. She closed her eyes and moved as she needed, guided and encouraged by Bryan’s demanding thrusts from below. Adam’s hands were on her breast and belly. She startled and then realized the hands gently pulling and releasing the plug must be Candy’s.

“That’s it, Kaela, let it come,” panted Bryan. “Share with us. See how good loving with four can be.”

Sensations attacked her clit, her breasts, her vagina, and ass. Faster and faster, harder and stronger. She ground her need into his pelvis, red curls meshing with his blond. She tried to let go but knowing others were watching, feeling Bryan’s need, she just couldn’t.


“You go, I’m fine.”

She wasn’t fine. She was ready to scream from the absolute need to explode but couldn’t quite. He filled her so deep she couldn’t feel where she ended and he began.

“Now!” yelled Adam. With one hand, he pinched her left nipple, and with the other he pressed her clit. Candy pulled on the plug. Bryan roared along with his deep thrusts and ignited their dual explosion.

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