The Maid

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,800
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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

The Maid by Eva Hore

What should Sheila do when she sees her husband fucking the maid on the satin sheets of the marital bed? The fact that she’s watching from the wardrobe, naked, while her boyfriend Marcus trying to grope her complicates the issue. When her faithless husband is called away to a hospital emergency, Sheila decides she should take advantage of her maid’s newly discovered skills. Between Marcus and Mary, she’ll hardly have time to be jealous of her husband’s affair.

Small Expectations by Phoebe Grafton

Pick is the last of six sons and when it came to pricks he got the leftovers. His endowment is so pitiful that his beloved Stella Faversham rejects him out of hand. Pick seems destined for a lonely life, until the day that his old friend Mugwatch contacts him from his deathbed. He has a special legacy to leave to Pick; one that promises to turn his sex life around.

It takes one to spot one by Jim Baker

On board a luxury cruise, Peter catches Suzanne’s eye, but he seems to be perpetually surrounded by wealthy widows. She manages to lure him away over a game of roulette, and over dinner she checks out his story – Peter is apparently a jeweller travelling in search of gemstones. Suzanne seduces him on the deck and drags him back to his cabin, where she’s got some business of her own to take care of.

Take a breath by Sommer Marsden

From the minute he laid eyes on Elise, Jon has had a raging hard-on. They may be at a business meeting, but all he wants to do is dominate this gorgeous woman with the whisky eyes. When she gives him the go-ahead, it’s all he can do to control his own lust before they get to the cloakroom. Once in there, he makes it very clear how this relationship will work: he makes the rules. All Elise has to do is play along.

Collision by Alex de Kok

Jack runs right into Jenny – literally. He knocks her off her feet right beside the taxi rank. It’s the least he can do to offer his ex student a lift to her cottage - Jack’s far too much of a gentleman to let her model good looks enter the equation. She asks him in for coffee, and while he admires her decor the nude photo of her on the wall makes it hard for him to hide his admiration. When they bump into each other again it may not be totally accidental - their bodies’ desires take over.

Stories first published in Five Minute Fantasies Three ISBN 9781905170715

The Maid
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Maid

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,800
0 Ratings (0.0)
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We, that is my boyfriend Marcus and I, were in the middle of making love when I heard my husband John’s car pull up in the driveway. He was home way too early and I assumed he must have forgotten something. Annoyed, we quickly scooped up our clothes and hid in my walk-in-wardrobe.
‘Fuck,’ Marcus said. ‘What’s he doing home?’
‘Shh,’ I whispered.
‘He can’t hear us from up here,’ he whispered back, his hands groping at my breasts.
‘Don’t,’ I giggled, peering back into the bedroom.
The bed was still a mess but I didn’t think John would be coming up there anyway so it didn’t really matter. Marcus, friskier than normal, wanted to continue what we’d started, on the floor of the wardrobe; me I wanted to wait until I heard John’s car pulling out of the drive before starting up again.
‘Come on,’ he said, pulling me over him so I straddled his waist. ‘I need to fuck you, baby.’
Never able to resist him, I positioned myself over him and slid down his thick, hard shaft, filling me up like no other man has ever done. He pulled at my breasts, squeezing the nipples so hard I nearly yelped in pain.
‘Not so hard,’ I said, leaning over to kiss his sexy mouth as he pouted back at me.
‘Hmm, you love it,’ he chuckled.
Leaning over like that was hitting the right spot. He pumped upwards, thrusting his cock up further as I slammed back down on him.
‘Oh yeah,’ I whispered, enjoying it even more now that I knew John was in the house. ‘Harder baby, harder.’
I was peaking, perspiration dripping from me, as I ground myself down on his cock. You can imagine my surprise when I heard laughter on the stairs and John’s voice bellowing up them.
‘Are you sure no one saw you hiding out near the back door?’
I froze for a second before jumping up to find my robe.
‘No,’ the voice giggled. It was Mary, our maid. ‘I didn’t see Sheila leave, I must have missed her.’
They fell through the open bedroom door, ripping off each other’s clothing. I was outraged. How dare she! I trusted her. I peeked through the crack again, amazed that this had been going on under my very nose and I never knew.
Marcus opened the door a crack further.
‘Check out her tits. They’re massive,’ he whispered.
I bristled. How dare he perv on her. They had fallen onto the bed, both naked. John’s hairy arse winked at me while he nuzzled between her luscious thighs. He went down on her as though starved, smothering himself, his hands groping her heaving breasts.
‘Oh John,’ she moaned, holding his head. ‘Oh yeah, that’s great. Oh yeah baby.’
Marcus was glued to the crack; probably wishing he was closer to her crack than hiding in here with me. He grabbed at me, obviously very aroused by the spectacle we were watching.
‘I need to fuck you baby,’ John moaned, climbing up Mary’s body.
At this angle we could see her pussy, all wet and glistening from John’s workout. He was kneeling over her, his ugly balls sagging as he positioned himself. No wonder I found him so unattractive. His skinny arse pumped like crazy and in a few seconds he’d already come.
Mary sighed as though happy. ‘Oh that was so good,’ she breathed.
Bullshit! I knew what it was like to have John fuck you and believe me there was nothing spectacular about it. Marcus was probing his cock into the crack of my arse. I wiggled away from him, annoyed that our session had been interrupted and I had to witness my husband’s infidelity. How was I supposed to go back to my bed when they’d just made love in it?
I tried to push Marcus away from me, but he held on tight. I knew he was hornier than normal, I mean looking at Mary’s pussy had even turned me on and I was straight. He grabbed at my breasts while his cock probed down further. Finding my still wet pussy he slid in easily.
‘I think you enjoyed watching them,’ he whispered in my ear.

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