Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,000
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Tanisha is a naughty virgin with way too many unfulfilled romantic fantasies.

Levi is an unconventional Dom with a penchant for BDSM and kinky sex.

On their first date, after both reveal shocking personal details, they enter a scorching hot D/s relationship based purely on fulfilling Tanisha’s most intimate romantic fantasies.

But nothing perfect ever lasts without first overcoming adversity. As the naughty virgin and her attentive Dom fall more desperately in love, her veiled secret and his unspoken desire threaten to snatch away their happily ever after.

0 Ratings (0.0)


Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Tanisha’s gaze followed the handsome man walking across the parking lot toward the bookstore. Out of nervousness, she nibbled on her plump bottom lip, knowing that she’d get only one chance to make an unforgettable first impression.

She quickly fluffed her hair before sliding palms over ample breasts, slender waistline, and shapely hips to smooth non-existent wrinkles from the white blouse and gray skirt. Stockings and closed-toed pumps complemented the outfit, elevating her to five feet, five inches. She only hoped that he harbored a secret secretarial fantasy and found long, curly, ebony hair, brown eyes, obsidian skin, and voluptuous curves irresistible in women. As it was, she had avoided introducing herself or even letting him catch a glimpse of her the last time he’d dropped in.

With a fluttering heart, she whispered a good luck phrase she’d come up with some years before while suffering through the agony of early adolescence. “I’m adorable at my worst, magnificent at my best, but an amazing young woman all the same.”

As if by magic, confidence bubbled up to see the upcoming exchange between them—however it turned out—to its inevitable conclusion.

The door of the shop chimed upon opening, and the heartthrob of all her latest romantic fantasies stepped inside. In his mid-twenties, he stood over six feet tall with dark, wavy hair. His pale blue eyes and straight nose matched his handsome, angular features and light skin tone perfectly. The width and breadth of his chest and shoulders in relation to a trim stomach and long legs lent the impression of immense strength. To top it all off, the button-down, black shirt tucked into black slacks worn with a belt and alligator skin cowboy boots only made his masculine magnetism all that more enticing.

Sucking in an uncertain breath, she smiled and voiced the friendly greeting summoned by rote after working in the shop for almost a year now. “Hello. Welcome to Brenman’s Rare Books. How may I help you?”

The man looked over, stopping dead in his tracks. Following a drawn-out pause, the corners of his lips curled into a charming smile. He stated in a deep, masculine voice, “Hi. A woman named Tanisha Robbins called me late yesterday afternoon saying the books for Levi Armstrong would be ready for pickup first thing this morning. Might you be her by chance?”

“Yes, I am. Are you Mr. Levi?” She presented a sweet smile.

“Yep. That’s me. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Tanisha. I wasn’t expecting someone as professional looking as you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Levi,” she stated, wondering if he was giving her a compliment. It kind of sounded like a compliment…maybe?

A flush of heat spread up her neck while butterflies wafted around inside her stomach. Her heart beat strong and fast. Never had she been so wondrously affected by any man. She could have stood there staring up at him all day.

“The books are ready for pick up then?” He looked hopeful.

“Yes, of course.” Tanisha took a deep breath, stepping behind the counter to feign difficulty in finding the books even though they were on the shelf right where she’d returned them this morning after sneaking both home last night. Giving up a mystified expression followed by a plaintive sigh, she said, “Oh, here they are. I apologize for not getting them logged into inventory as soon as they came in yesterday so you could enjoy them last night.”

“Not a problem,” he answered. “I’m just glad they’re ready now. Been wanting to get my hands on them for quite a while. I probably should have waited until after work to pick them up because it’s going to drive me to distraction knowing I can’t give them a proper look-see right away. Yet, obsessions must be kept in their proper place. Else they might take over one’s life.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Books such as these are few and far between.” She nodded for emphasis, liking the way he stared as if really seeing her. The real her, not the façade she cloaked herself in to hide from the world. She slid the volumes protected by clear plastic covers across the counter while maintaining a neutral expression.

His gaze became more intense, never wavering toward the exotic cover art. “Are you a collector also?”

“I dabble.” She shrugged. “Whenever I have a few extra bucks to splurge.”

Sympathy etched his face. “I feel your pain. Back in the day, when getting my finance business up and running, I could only afford the occasional splurge. Now it’s a lot easier. Probably because I’m unmarried and unattached, so I don’t have to account for every single dollar in my paycheck. Even so, the finding of such treasures, I still haven’t quite figured out. Seems I just don’t know where to look.”

Tanisha hid the burst of glee threatening to make her jump up and down behind a demure smile to follow his lead. “If I wasn’t single also, I’m sure I’d never get to indulge in my obsessions either. Because what are the chances that anyone else would understand our great need to surround ourselves with such things.”

A curious twinkle brightened his eyes. “Tell me about it.”

“Anyway,” she carried on, “I had the devil of the time finding Unmentionable Acts. And acquiring Indecencies almost ended up being a bust. The seller touted it as a much sought-after collectible and seemed very reluctant to let it go. But following your precise orders, as relayed to me by Mr. Brenman, after four days of raising the price, the seller finally decided it needed a new home.”

“So, I have you personally to thank for making my day.” Mr. Levi slid a credit card across the counter. “I’d mistakenly thought Mr. Brenman the wizard behind the curtains.”

Tanisha, unable to resist a giggle at how well this was going, replied, “He’s a wizard for certain, at disappearing for hours on end after delegating the really difficult finds. But I’m sure he’ll hire a suitable replacement pretty quickly once I go part time and he has to stick around to mind the shop in the mornings.”

“Part time?” Mr. Levi raised eyebrows.

“Yep. Starting the fall quarter of college in two weeks. I got a scholarship.” Tanisha slid the card through the machine.


“Here in Valdosta.”

“Great school. I’m a graduate myself. Finance major.”

“That’s what I’m going to be studying, Mr. Levi.” It pleased Tanisha that they had this in common. They had other shared interests as well if the content inside the books were any indication. After studying the works late into the night, there were things she wanted to know about him. Things of paramount importance since the books had been arousing in perverse, wicked ways.

“No, no. Please call me Levi, future fellow alumna. No Mr. expected or required.” He signed the receipt and handed it back over. By happenstance, their fingers brushed in the transfer, and a hum of sensual electricity passed through Tanisha.

Becoming flustered and emboldened, she found herself saying, “Well then, can I ask you a personal question, Levi? Please feel free to refuse answering if it crosses a line. Some people say I’m much too forward in my speech and actions.”

“Sure.” Curiosity seeped into his face. “Ask me anything.”

“It’s actually a couple of questions. If you can stand two?”

“Two’s fine.” The tip of his tongue played over his bottom lip.

“Do you have any personal experience with the subject matter detailed inside these books? If so, is that why you specifically wanted these two volumes? Just wondering. It’s not too often that I get an opportunity to pick a kindred spirit’s brain.”

Rocking his head from side to side as if juggling answers, indulgence filled his face. “Maybe I could better explain it to you over dinner tonight? I was thinking of going out for Italian. Buying you dinner is the least I can do to thank you for acquiring these treasures for me. I really have been dying to find them.”

Tanisha suppressed a smile by sucking her lips back over her teeth while giving up a subtle nod, liking his confident, take-charge attitude. “I’d be more than happy to go to dinner with you if you’re comfortable with me probably asking you about a thousand more questions?”

“That’s perfectly fine with me. So long as you know that I’ll have a few questions of my own,” he said, eyes evincing mischievousness. “It’s not too often that I get a chance to pick a kindred spirit’s brain either. Like these books, we are few and far between.”

“I agree. And I won’t mind you asking me anything.” Tanisha sighed on the inside. Out of all the guys she’d gone out with before taking a break from the dating scene, none had ever had any inkling of what she was all about or shown any inclination of wanting to learn.

“Would you like me to pick you up here when you get off work? Or would you rather I pick you at your home?” His stare got intense again. “I’m a consummate gentleman when it comes to this type of thing. You’ll have to endure it to keep company with me as I just don’t know any other way to be.”

“Picking me up at home is perfectly fine since this is starting to sound like a real date.” Tanisha matched the intensity of his stare, almost not believing how well they were syncing. Also, if he picked her up from home, it would allow an opportunity to get properly dolled up. Because she had no intention of leaving the ending of the night to a matter of chance. She’d seen him for the first time last week and had instinctively wanted him. Now he was within reach if not already in her grasp.

He pulled out a cell, tapping the screen several times. Handing it over, he said, “Type in your address, and I’ll pick you up at whatever time suits you best.”

“I get off at five. Six would be perfect.” She quickly added the address and her contact info. When giving the phone back, she purposely let her fingertips graze the warmness of his palm. As before, exquisite electricity coursed through her.

“It’s been a great pleasure talking with you, Tanisha. I look forward to seeing you again tonight.” Bestowing a parting smile, he picked up the books and headed out.

She watched him walking across the parking lot in the early morning sunshine to climb into a pristine, maroon King Ranch 4WD with dark tinted windows, oversized mud tires, and shiny chrome rims.

A great sense of awe sprung up at what all she’d just accomplished. A rush of excitement quickly followed to send her into a celebratory shimmy. Transitioning to pumping her hands high in the air, she followed the truck with her gaze until it disappeared out of sight down the street while envisioning exactly what she hoped would happen tonight.

For though she may not have been aware of his existence before first laying eyes on him last week, she trusted her instincts wholeheartedly. Men like him didn’t come along every day. The stalking of his social networking profile, combined with the casual inquiries she’d made around town, had proved this beyond any shadow of a doubt. There was only one like him.

Same as there was only one like her. But would he prove to be the perfect guy to take her where she wanted to go romantically? The prospect of him being everything she’d pined for so long in a lover summoned an unholy heat that made her hot all over.

Tonight, she’d find out for certain. If not, the search would continue. For she was no sellout to the first man to come along who seemed a perfect match. No, there were certain qualifications to be met. But something about him—maybe it was his confidence and the way he seemed to really see her—that proclaimed the search to be over.

That was, if he proved himself accepting of all her many eccentricities—physical and emotional. No one ever had before. Not even come close.

Yep, she’d just taken the first step into the unknown in hopes of fulfilling her heart’s greatest desire. The date would probably be fun. More than fun even. For who could say with any certainty that Mr. Levi Armstrong wouldn’t be the one to live up to her most outrageous romantic fantasies…the one who would earn her complete trust…the one who would threaten to steal her heart away in the process.

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