Good Cop, Bad Cop (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,721
7 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, heavy Consensual BDSM, orgies, sex toys]

When Zerk Kostopoulos, an experienced Greek-American cop with a penchant for playing BDSM games, takes his new partner, sexy blond rookie Trent Carothers, under his wing, the two police officers soon put the “vice” back in the vice squad. As they explore their sexual fantasies both together and separately, the two men resist the urge to fall in love—until their relationship is tested by encounters first with a former football star and then with a handsome bodybuilder, each of whom has a secret he wants to protect.

Note: This book contains drug use.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Good Cop, Bad Cop (MMM)
7 Ratings (3.7)

Good Cop, Bad Cop (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,721
7 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was the hottest man love story I have ever read. It was hotter than the temperature of the sun. I'm getting me all her present books and future ones.



Zerk introduced Trent to some of his coworkers, three men and a woman. One of the men, a husky Puerto Rican named Alejandro De Soto, looked Trent up and down in a way that made the rookie feel distinctively nervous. Then De Soto emphatically shook his head.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he told Trent. “Nothing personal, but you just won’t do.”

“What do you mean?” Trent asked, more than a little defensively.

“You’ll never make it working vice. You’re so white bread you ought to be wearing peanut butter and jelly smeared all over you. You’ll be made as a cop right away.”

“Aw, come on, De Soto, give the kid a chance,” Zerk urged.

“He’s just too damn straight-looking,” De Soto insisted. “You do realize, Carothers, that you’re going to have to do things on this job like go to gay bars and pass for gay, don’t you?”

“Sure. I can do that,” Trent declared.

De Soto snickered. “No one is ever going to believe that you’re gay.”

“I can act gay,” Trent said, with a sense of growing desperation. “If I have to.”

De Soto laughed. “Prove it.”

“Aw, let him alone,” Zerk said.

Trent was grateful to Zerk, for standing up for him, but he was determined to show that he could fit in. “Prove it? How?” he asked.

“Go ahead. Act gay. I know,” De Soto said, as though struck by a sudden inspiration. “Go up to Kostopoulos, over there, as if he was some dude you’re cruising in a gay bar. Go over to him, sit in his lap, and give him a kiss. If you’ve got the balls to do it, which I doubt.”

Zerk, at the moment, was sitting in a chair, drinking coffee. “Don’t let De Soto talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do, Carothers. He’s an asshole.”

“No, I’ll do it, if you’ll let me.”

“I’ll let you do it, sure, just to make De Soto eat his words,” Zerk said. “Come on, kid. Sit on my lap and tell Santa what you want for Christmas. We’ll show him.”

“It’s got to be a real kiss, guys, on the mouth—and not just a peck,” De Soto warned. “No faking it.”

“What are you, all of a sudden an expert on how to kiss another guy?” Zerk retorted. That, Trent noticed, shut De Soto up, if only for a moment.

The others were watching this byplay with great interest and amusement.

Trent tried to look and act casual as he walked over to Zerk and swung himself down into his lap. “I’m a little heavy,” he warned.

“That’s okay. I think I can handle it,” Zerk responded. He smiled up at Trent as Trent gingerly lowered his weight onto him, putting his hands on Zerk’s shoulders to steady himself. “Yeah, you are a big boy, aren’t you? Go on, kid, plant a big wet one right on me,” Zerk urged. “Don’t be embarrassed. Pretend you’re a whore, and you want to talk me into going home with you. Show ’em what you got!”

Trent leaned forward and let his bearded lips touch Zerk’s. He was a bit surprised when Zerk reached up, placed a hand on the back of his neck, and exerted a slight pressure, forcing their mouths more tightly together. Trent was even more startled when Zerk’s tongue parted his lips and pushed its way into his mouth. Well, it was supposed to be a gay kiss, after all, and a real one, with no faking, so he allowed Zerk’s tongue to probe the interior of his mouth, and used his own tongue to duel with it. Zerk’s other hand suddenly slid down Trent’s broad back, cupped one of his buttocks, and gave it an impassioned squeeze through his pants.

Trent heard the other cops laughing and applauding as he broke the kiss. Zerk was still smiling at him, a bit smugly.

“All right,” Zerk announced triumphantly. “Each of you owes me five bucks! Pay up, suckers!”

De Soto groaned. “I didn’t really think he’d fall for it, Zerk. He looked a little smarter than the last rookie you pulled that routine on!”

It belatedly dawned on Trent that he had been had. He turned his head and saw that De Soto and the other cops were all holding out their cell phones toward him and Zerk, taking their picture. “You sons of bitches!” he exclaimed, as he jumped off Zerk’s lap. “You set me up!”

“He’s not a bad little kisser,” Zerk reported gleefully. “And he’s got a really nice ass!”

“Wait’ll you see the shot I got, of you with your tongue in the kid’s mouth,” one of the cops chortled. “Don’t worry, Carothers, I can get some nice prints made for you, as many as you want.”

“We’ll want a big one, of course, to put up on the bulletin board,” De Soto said.

“Don’t forget the police union newsletter,” Zerk said. “This ought to be front page stuff.”

“Yeah,” De Soto retorted, “front page, because Kostopoulos finally got some action!”

“Sons of bitches,” a red-faced Trent repeated, fuming.

Zerk was collecting his five dollars, from each of his colleagues. “Yeah, I’m a son of a bitch, all right, but I’m a son of a bitch who’s twenty dollars richer than I was a minute ago. Thanks, Carothers. Any time you want to make out again, just let me know! Maybe we can get to second base next time.”

Trent was furious at being so easily duped, although he tried his best to hide it, because he knew that if he wanted to be accepted by the other cops, he was going to have to prove that he could take it. And later, at least, De Soto had the grace to come up to him and say a few words to him in private.

“Don’t sweat it, Carothers. We give all the rookies and the new transfers a hard time the first day. At least you’re a good sport. And Kostopoulos likes you, I can tell. If he didn’t, he’d have made it a lot worse for you.”

“What you do mean?” In his current mood, Trent didn’t see how it could possibly have been worse.

“Well, the last rookie we had was a stuck-up little hotshot who walked in here with a real attitude. He rubbed Zerk the wrong way, right off the bat. So Zerk got even. We pulled the same ‘I bet you can’t act gay’ thing on him, only Zerk pulled such a head trip on him that the kid ended up bending over the edge of a desk with his pants and his boxers pulled down and his bare ass sticking out for everybody to see, yelling ‘Fuck me, fuck me!’ That’s how desperate he was to prove he could act gay. We got some really good pictures that time. Okay, so that horny bastard Kostopoulos sucked your face and copped a feel—shit, that’s nothing!”




“How’s that feel, slave?” Zerk asked.

“Good, sir. Oh, so good!”

At this point, though, Zerk didn’t really care if Trent felt good or not. Zerk was thoroughly in his top-man mode. Incredible heat and friction had engulfed Zerk’s dick, and the tingling, vibrant sensation was spreading rapidly, excitingly, through the rest of his body. There could be no turning back now. Zerk was in that ass, and he was going to have to fuck it until he ejaculated. Trent was just going to have to take it!

“Don’t just sit there, boy,” Zerk ordered. “Start fucking yourself on me. Get that ass of yours moving.”

“Yes, sir,” Trent gasped. He was squatting over Zerk’s body. He pushed himself down to make sure that Zerk was inserted in him all the way and that the other cop’s cock would not slip accidentally out of his butt. Trent began to work his hips and buttocks, grinding them to increase the pressure of Zerk’s prick in his ass. “Fuck me, sir,” he pleaded, his face beaded with sweat. “I’m your prisoner—I’m your whore. Please, really fuck my ass now! Give it to me! I want to feel you come in my ass, sir—but not yet, not for a long while yet—I want you to fuck me for a long time before you shoot off in me, sir! I want you to fuck my asshole raw with your big, thick cock!”

Trent was doing all of the work, and Zerk had to admit that it felt great. Zerk hardly had to move, himself, but he clenched his buttocks and shoved upward in a quick, stabbing motion that drove his dick even deeper into Trent’s fuckhole. The handcuffed blond cop let out a loud cry somewhere between a scream and an excited laugh and threw his ass into high gear, moving even faster and working his anal muscles in a way that made some of the other guys Zerk had fucked seem frigid by comparison.

Zerk had both of Trent’s tits between his thumbs and forefingers now, and he was pinching them, hard, timing each pinch to coincide with one of his thrusts. Every time he pinched Trent’s nipples, he was rewarded by a firm, milking squeeze of that tight, experienced ass around his dick.

Zerk was as excited as though his orgasm was only seconds away, but it was Trent, paradoxically, who was now in control of the fuck. Trent knew just how to keep his partner continually aroused, but without bringing him off before Trent wanted him to come. Which man was the top, and which was the bottom, now? Trent was using Zerk’s body for his own pleasure every bit as much as Zerk was using his.

They were both panting for breath and were covered with rivulets of sweat that drenched the sheets they were fucking on.

Trent was riding up and down on Zerk’s prick like a kid on a merry-go-round’s pony. He’d raise himself up until most of Zerk’s fat dick had slid out of him and only the thick head was still trapped between his ass cheeks. Then, grunting, Trent would recklessly slam his body back down and thrill to the painful yet pleasurable sensation of driving that hard cock right up his ass again in one mighty lunge that had them both gasping.

Up and down, up and down, Trent rode his buddy’s cock. It slammed in and out of his tight, flexing asshole, driving them both repeatedly to the verge of ejaculation but never quite pushing them over the edge. It was every bit as exciting a fuck as Zerk had anticipated it would be!

“Permission to speak, sir!” Trent whispered.


“Please—please do me a favor, sir.”

“What makes you think you’ve done anything to deserve any special consideration, slave?”

“I’ve been a good boy, sir.”

“I don’t know about that. You’re a good fuck, I’ll grant you that. But you can still be an arrogant little prick, rookie.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You need some good, hard training, and some attitude adjustment.”

“Yes, sir, that’s exactly what I need.”

“Well—since you’re in such a compliant frame of mind.” Zerk gasped. “Though I wonder if the handcuffs have anything to do with that? Anyway—what can I do for you, boy? What do you want?”

“Please, sir—jerk me off, with both hands, while you screw me,” Trent begged.

“You like that, huh? That really turned you on, the last time I did that to you?”

“Yes! Yes, sir!”

“Horny little bitch.” Zerk gave Trent’s nipples a final, wrenching manipulation. Then he relinquished his grip on them, moving his hands to Trent’s cock instead.

He wrapped one fist around the base of Trent’s erection, the other around the shaft, higher up. Trent was so well hung that this left the head of his dick and an inch of the shaft still exposed. Zerk hard-on and letting the heel of his upper hand rub continually against that super-responsive area just beneath where the cock knob swelled out.

He yanked Trent’s foreskin back and forth to bare that sensitive spot and get the other cop hotter and hotter. Trent began to groan and squirm as he rocked back and forth over Zerk’s groin. His long hair flew as he threw his head back and then tossed restlessly from side to side on his dog-collared neck, until the tendons stood out in high relief against his sweaty skin. Trent clenched his anal muscles rapidly and seemed determined to squeeze Zerk’s cock right off as it leaped and twitched and stabbed inside his rectum, fucking him with brutal abandon now. Zerk was certain that he and his partner had reached the point where they could no longer control themselves, or try to delay their climaxes.

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