Hanna Hart considers herself a prairie girl, having lived most of her life in central Canada. An avid reader, Hanna fell in love with romance novels at the age of sixteen, when she bought her first one. She’s read many genres of romance, but one has stolen her attention and heart—male/male erotic romance. Upon her first book, she became hopelessly hooked on reading and writing it.

Hanna started following her passion of writing male/male erotic romances and is not looking back. Her favorite type of genre to write is paranormal, but she is not limited to it. She also writes ménage, fantasy, contemporary, and western. From taking a new twist on the fairy tale classics to reinventing paranormal lore for her stories, her ideas are boundless.

Q: What do you do to recharge your batteries?

A: I love spending time with my friends and loved ones. They recharge my batteries and supply me with lots of ideas for stories with their quirky behavior and crazy love lives!!


Q: What’s the one thing you can't write without?

A: I’d be lost without a thesaurus. There are moments when your brain freezes and you can’t seem to think of another word for something simple. My thesaurus is definitely my best friend in those moments.


Q: If you could choose anywhere in the world to set up your desk and write, where would you like it to be? What’s so special to you about this place?

A: I live on the prairies in Canada, but I’ve been to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and B.C. many times. They are so breathtaking and inspiring that I’m planning to move out there one day and have a deck that has a beautiful view of the Rockies. The prairies are nice to live in, but once you see the mountains and forests, it spoils you for anything else.


Q: Do you have any naughty habits?

A: Where do I start? There isn’t enough room in here to list everything, so I’ll list my biggest one—chocolate! You probably thought I was going to say something salacious, but alas, no. Chocolate is my best friend and my most evil nemesis. I will forever be hooked on the stuff!


Q: What inspires your ideas?

A: A huge part of my inspiration comes from people watching. I could sit in a mall with a drink and just subtly stare at people, noticing how they interact with each other, and their habits or quirks. A walk in the park is also a huge inspiration for settings and scenery.


Q: What is your style of writing, emotional or hot?

A: I love to write both in every book. Being an erotic romance author, you need to make the passion hot and sexy, but I’m a sucker for romance too, so I always love to put emotional angst in ever book I write. I fall in love with the men I write about and find myself crying as I’m writing some of the scenes. And, let’s face it, we all love a happy ending, so a few tears of joy for the journey the men have been on is always fun.

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