Red Rider and the Big Bad Werewolf (MM)

Mantime Stories 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,090
7 Ratings (3.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Fairy Tale Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

At the tender age of fourteen, Drake Jackson had been accidentally cursed to roam the night as a werewolf. Rejected by his gypsy clan, and left for dead, Drake managed to hide in the forest, deciding to dwell apart from humans. Fifteen years later, forces beyond his control pull at him to return to his home. As he makes his way back, he spies Rider Hood. The attraction's instant, but for the first time in his life, he feels more than a passing lust for someone. He vows to walk away before it's too late.

While taking care of his grandmother, Rider meets Drake, the most perfect man he could ever imagine. However, Drake carries the constant burden of a dark and dangerous secret. Rider must decide if he can handle Drake's life, or if he should let him go before he gets his heart broken by the brooding drifter.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Red Rider and the Big Bad Werewolf (MM)
7 Ratings (3.7)

Red Rider and the Big Bad Werewolf (MM)

Mantime Stories 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,090
7 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Two hours had passed since Drake began his search for Rider. He covered a lot of ground and backtracked in a few places, but still no sign of him. He decided to return to one of the places he’d already checked, the river where he first met Rider. As he walked through the brush into the small clearing by the water, a bright-red wall blocked his path. When he touched the strange stone, he noticed a pattern on the surface, and the rock suddenly came to life. A giant dragon’s head appeared over the top of the wall, and Drake soon realized this was no wall at all, but the back of a dragon.

He turned to run, but the red beast reacted faster. It bunched the back of his shirt in its mouth and lifted him high in the air. Drake tried not to panic, but the thought of being dragon fodder terrified him. He tapped into his inner beast and growled ferociously. The dragon set him down on the ground, and Drake felt a slight sense of relief. However, he still remained on guard. He turned around to face the front of her body, ready to dash away from her next bite, when he saw Rider sitting against her chest with a sad look on his face.

Still leery of the dragon, Drake whispered, “Rider, are you all right?”

Rider’s gaze turned toward Drake and his face lit up with joy. He stood up and ran to Drake, wrapping his strong arms around him. “Yes, I’m fine.”

Drake stiffened in his embrace and asked, “Rider, do you realize there’s a dragon behind you?”

Lowering her head, she nuzzled Rider’s back and began purring. “This is my dragon, Red. Red, I’d like you to meet Drake.”

She brought her massive head down to Drake and nudged him. With a tentative hand, he reached out and stroked the length of her head. “She’s beautiful,” Drake said with wonder.

Red purred louder, flicked out her tongue, and rasped the wet but soft appendage along Drake’s face.

“I think she likes you.”

“I have never met a dragon this close up, let alone one who purrs and licks faces.” Laughing, he petted his new friend affectionately.

Rider turned to Red and tapped her on the neck. “Thank you for helping me find Drake. You’ve done an amazing job. Would you mind leaving us alone now?”

Red turned to Rider with a look of annoyance and snorted at him. She stood up, flapped her wings, and left the two men alone.

“Dragons can be so temperamental,” Rider said, shaking his head.

“I didn’t realize dragons could be so sweet.” They laughed together for a brief moment before Drake continued, “Rider, I’m sorry I left you the way I did today. I’ve been to your grandmother’s cottage before in my distant past. The memories came flooding back of a horrible night I experienced fifteen years ago.”

“I know what happened that night. My grandma told me everything after you left me today. I’m so sorry my grandfather brought this curse upon you. He was a kind and loving man—”

“You don’t have to say another word. I see your grandmother told you my sad tale. Yes, I’m a werewolf every night when the sun goes down. I have never killed anyone. However, I keep my distance from people and live in the forest. I don’t ever want to be lured to hurt someone with bloodlust. So far, I’ve never been tempted by anyone to come out of hiding until I met you.” Drake knew his nervousness would be obvious to Rider as his voice shook as well as his hands. Never had anyone affected Drake emotionally like Rider had. His heart longed for Rider, but he fought for control of his heart, allowing logic to be his guide.

“Does this mean you’ll stay?”

“I wish it did, but with this curse hanging over my head, I have to think about the safety of the people surrounding me. Do you think I could live with myself if I harmed you in any way, or your grandmother?”

“Are you planning on leaving this place?”

Drake swore he noticed Rider choking up a bit. The last people to cry for him were his brothers and sisters as he was being thrown from the cliff by his gypsy clan. Do I dare let Rider get closer to me? Do I let myself fall even more under his spell? “I don’t know. I want to stay, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Do you?”




I want to kiss him. Drake normally didn’t kiss men, but he wanted to get lost in Rider’s intimate embrace. There’s something about him drawing me closer. I’ve never experienced this feeling with a man before. He stood back at his full height and touched Rider’s face, gently forcing him to look into Drake’s lustful gaze. He leaned forward, his lips brushing Rider’s with tenderness. He placed one hand on the back of Rider’s head and the other on his lower back. The kiss grew deeper, more ardent as he pierced the crease in Rider’s mouth and swept his tongue inside. Rider responded by opening wider to his intruding tongue while Drake held Rider’s head in place.

He tasted citrus on his lips and yearned to taste more. An overwhelming passion built between the men as Drake allowed himself to get lost in the moment. He moved his hands down Rider’s body, stopping to pinch his nipple, and then lower to grope his firm ass.

Rider suddenly pulled away and turned his back to Drake. What did I do? Drake’s first reaction had been to blame himself for being too greedy and pushing Rider. He placed his hand on Rider’s arm and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push—”

“No, it’s me,” Rider interrupted. “I’ve never done this before. I’ve always had desires for men, but I didn’t think this would ever happen.” Rider sighed and slumped his shoulders forward. “I’m kind of embarrassed.”

“Why? You have nothing to be ashamed of,” Drake tried to reassure Rider.

“Well, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never made love to a man, but I’ve thought about it so many times while bathing in this river alone. I almost can’t believe you’re real.”

“I’m most assuredly real. You don’t need to know how to make love to a man. Just do what feels right. I’ll guide you along the way, and if anything I do displeases you, you only have to tell me to cease.” Drake hoped he’d helped to alleviate Rider’s misgivings about the situation.

Rider turned around and faced Drake head-on. “Do you think I can kiss you again?”

“I would love that.” He let him initiate the kiss, but this time, Rider plunged his tongue aggressively into his mouth. Mercy! He learns fast.

The sparks ignited again between them, growing into an intense inferno. Drake led Rider to shallower water and dropped to his knees before him. He started to place gentle kisses along the front of his thighs, working his way up to his firm balls. He started to brush his scrotum in soft, wet licks, making them impossibly tight. He heard Rider moan and continued his sensual assault.

Drake licked his own thumb and then gripped Rider’s cock. He rubbed his slick digit on the underside of Rider’s swollen head while stroking him up and down. Rider’s hands found Drake’s hair, fisted in his locks, and urged him forward. Rider may not know what he’s doing, but I think his body does. He looked up at Rider while he guided his swollen head into his mouth. His pre-cum had a sweet taste Drake swore he’d never tire of.

Rider started to pump his hips against Drake’s oral assault, groaning with apparent pleasure. With only a few short thrusts, Rider came deep into Drake’s hungry mouth, his body tense and shaking. Drake stood up, swallowed Rider’s essence with delight, and kissed him hungrily again.

“Is there more?” Rider asked breathlessly.

“Do you want there to be more?”

“Yes, I do,” Rider whispered against Drake’s lips.

Drake noticed the two large rocks he had spied Rider spilling his seed on the day before and decided to use them again. He took Rider’s hand and guided him toward the rocks, positioning him in front of them and then pushing him to kneel down before them. He obeyed Drake’s urgings and pressed himself against the slippery rocks, placing his semierect cock on the crevice.

Drake knelt behind Rider, whose ass raised above the surface of the water. He slid his finger against Rider’s hole and played with the opening. Rider didn’t fight him, as he seemed to enjoy the attention. “This might hurt a little at first. I want you to relax. It will make the experience more pleasurable.”

Rider’s body shuddered with apparent excitement. “I’ve longed to experience the touch of a man for so long.”

Smiling at Rider’s admission, Drake placed his cock against his ass and used his pre-cum as lubrication for his aching shaft. He worked his head inside Rider’s ass and remained still for a moment.

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