Beau and the Beast (MM)

Mantime Stories 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,447
13 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Fairy Tale Romance, M/M, HEA]

Devon Devereux, a rich, handsome, and powerful man, had it all, including arrogance. One day, the fates cursed him to live as a beast with the stipulation he must find his true love in a year, or he will be cursed to stay this way forever. Devon hides in his home away from the world, until one day, he catches Charlie Murdoch trying to steal from him. As his punishment, he tells the man he must send one of his sons to his ranch to work off the debt.

Beau Murdoch arrives at the ranch furious about the accusations against his father and ready to confront Devon. Upon seeing him, he’s shocked to realize this is the man he’s been dreaming about for months, tormenting him with seductive kisses, then leaving him begging for more. Beau decides to stay, work off the debt, and see what might happen between them.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Beau and the Beast (MM)
13 Ratings (4.2)

Beau and the Beast (MM)

Mantime Stories 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,447
13 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great twist on a bedtime story. I enjoyed reading a lot.
This short story is a contemporary, male/male version of Beauty and the Beast. Filled with fairy tale dialog, you might overdose on the sugary-sweetness. Still a fun read.



Beau found himself becoming more agitated the closer he drove to the mansion. I can’t believe this guy having the nerve to threaten my father. He’s going to get a piece of my mind. His calm, rational self seemed to fade away as he gave in to the anger swelling inside of him.

He reached the ranch and pulled into the long driveway. The sprawling mansion on the vast acreage was the most beautiful home he had ever seen. Shutting off his engine, he jumped out of his truck and stormed over to the front entrance. He pounded on the knocker, not bothering to ring the bell.

Within a minute, the door opened and a handsome, slight man with blond hair stood before him. “Good evening, Mr. Murdoch. We’ve been expecting you. Please come in.” He stepped back and motioned for Beau to enter.

Beau was surprised that the man knew him, but realized they had been expecting one of Charlie’s sons within three days. He walked into the home and refused to be taken in by the grandeur of the house. Still allowing his anger to lead the way, he asked sharply, “Where is he?”

“He’s not home at the moment. I’m Aylwin, his personal assistant, and I can help you out with any questions you might have.”

Beau started to calm down a little, not wanting to take his frustration out on Aylwin. “No, I don’t have anything I want to ask you. I need to speak with your boss. Hell, I don’t even know his name.”

“You can call him Devon. Well, since you have nothing to ask me, why don’t I get you settled into your room for the night.”

“I want to talk to him about the situation. I’d hoped we could get this matter cleared up so I could be on my way again.”

“I’m afraid he won’t be home until late in the evening. Please, let me set you up in a room for the night, and you and Devon can talk about this situation in the morning. There’s no sense in dealing with things when you’re tired. You’ve had a long drive here, so why don’t I get you settled in your room and bring you up something to eat before bed.”

The more Aylwin spoke with Beau, the more the anger diffused. He had a soothing quality about him, and as much as Beau tried to show his displeasure, he couldn’t speak harshly to him anymore. “No, thank you. I’m not really hungry right now.”

“All right, then would you like a nightcap instead?”

“Thank you, but I guess I’d just like to turn in for the night.”

“Yes, please follow me.” Aylwin led Beau to the second floor and into a beautiful suite. “This is the same room your father stayed in. Rest tonight, and in the morning, I’ll let Devon know you’re here to speak with him. I know he’ll make time for you. Have a good sleep.”

“Thank you, Aylwin. You’ve been very kind.”

“It’s been a pleasure meeting you. Good night, Beau.”

“Good night.”

Beau wandered around his room, surprised he would be staying in such a luxurious room instead of a bunkhouse with other ranch hands. This whole situation is weird. Hey, wait a minute. How did Aylwin know my first name? Nothing made sense. He hoped after a good night’s sleep, and a long talk with Devon, he could rectify the misunderstanding and be home by tomorrow night.


* * * *


Devon watched Aylwin saunter into his study with a huge grin on his face. “What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing in particular. I enjoy smiling,” Aylwin had the look of a devil about him hidden in an angelic smile.

“If you have something to say, spit it out now,” Devon grumbled at him.

“Well, what did you think of the young man who came here to see you about repaying the silly debt?”

“I didn’t get a close look at him.”

“Then I would suggest you do. He is quite handsome and feisty. If you don’t find interest in him, dare I say, I will.”

“Honestly, Aylwin, do you just hang around with me to torture me with your incessant babbling?”

“Don’t be so grumpy. I would suggest sneaking into his room tonight and getting a closer look at him. I placed him in the room with the secret panel, so you could get in and out undetected. Anyway, I’m off for now. If you need me, give me a shout.” Aylwin snapped his fingers and disappeared in a billowy mist.

I hate it when he does that.

Devon had tried to get a look at the young man when he first came inside his home, but he had found it difficult to see him properly from the crack in his study door. Tonight, I shall heed Aylwin’s advice, for a change, and check on my visitor.

Two anxious hours later, Devon snuck through the secret passage doorway into the young man’s room. Thankful that the full moon beamed through the open window, lighting the room, he crept to the bed and peered at the man’s face. His heart practically leapt from his chest, and he felt a movement between his legs. Oh my God, he’s beautiful. His full lips begged to be kissed, the cleft in his chin gave him a handsome, chiseled look, and his dark hair added to his sex appeal. He wished he knew what color his eyes were, so he could think about him tonight with as many details as possible.

Before he could stop himself, he placed his fingers on the man’s cheek and stroked the warm flesh gently. I miss the touch of a lover. He leaned down to breathe in the man’s scent. His aroma reminds me of the outdoors, fresh and woodsy. Devon found pure bliss with this stolen moment and relished every second of it.

Suddenly, the young man’s hands reached up and touched both of his cheeks, bringing Devon closer to his face. The man’s mouth opened slightly and kissed him with a passion Devon had long ago forgotten.




Devon closed his eyes and leaned his head back, resting it against Beau’s cheek. Lost in the magic of his kisses, Devon let his guard down and told him the truth. “I’m hideous. You don’t want to be seen with a creature like me.”

Beau straightened up, and with a little force, yanked Devon’s hands free of the bedpost. He spun him around and stared deep into Devon’s eyes. “You have to stop this right now. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not, you know deep down there is a connection between us. With my recurring dreams and your telling kiss, something is trying to match us together. Why fight the pull? Let’s see where this passion takes us.”

Devon understood what Beau was trying to say, but self-doubt made him wonder if this might be a trick Beau was playing on him to get something out of him. However, Beau leaned forward and began to kiss his damaged face. Horror filled him at first, and his body tensed, but Beau held him in place and continued to bathe his mottled skin in kisses. When he finally pulled away, his gaze held pure seduction. Devon conceded defeat and leaned forward, trapping Beau’s lips against his.

He plunged his tongue into Beau’s mouth and allowed himself to feel as if he were the man he used to be. Except this time, he cared about giving his partner pleasure. Beau let go of Devon’s arms, skimmed his fingertips across his nipples, and then untied the sash of his robe. He opened the garment up and let it fall gracefully to the floor at their feet.

Beau pulled away from Devon, taking a couple steps back, while Devon stood before him, naked, exposed, and ready. Beau smiled and slid his fingers into the waistband of his boxers and guided them down his legs. He stepped out of them and faced Devon. Lust seemed to ooze out of every pore in Beau’s body. Devon took him in, from his tight, firm body and the glistening tip of his cock to his strong, well-proportioned legs. He was everything Devon found attractive in a man with a mixture of unexpected emotion. As unsettling as these new feelings were to him, he pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind and allowed himself to pretend for one night they were a couple.

“You’re beautiful,” Devon whispered, his inner thoughts seeping out.

“So are you. You have an amazing body.” Beau sidled up to his body and kissed him gently on the lips. He then worked his way down Devon’s body with his lips and tongue, stopping only to suckle and flick each of Devon’s taut nipples before moving lower.

He held Devon’s hips and guided him to the edge of the bed, and urged him to sit down by pushing his hips back. Beau spread his legs apart and placed his body between them. Devon watched Beau, transfixed on his hands, one encircling the base of his cock and the other cupping his balls. A wave of energy flowed through his body, making his skin more sensitive to Beau’s touch.

Beau bent forward and licked the shining drop of pre-cum off Devon’s head. “You taste delicious.” He lowered his mouth again, but this time took in his aching shaft deeply.

Devon gasped at the sensual attack and arched his hips forward, instinctively trying to bury himself deeper in the warm chasm of Beau’s mouth. Beau’s tongue seemed to come to life and laved the underside of his cock as he moved back. Oh my God, I’m in heaven.

After couple minutes of Devon being at the mercy of Beau’s slow, methodical seduction, Beau began a strong, steady up-and-down rhythm on Devon’s rod, bringing him to the brink of sexual madness. His hands snaked into Beau’s hair, and he held him in place as he flooded his seed into Beau’s mouth.

Amazing. Breathlessly, he watched Beau pull away and swallow his offering. “You were wonderful.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, but you know we’re not done yet.”

“Trust me, I know.” Devon patted the bed, indicating for Beau to sit down beside him. Instead, Beau surprised him by standing up, crawling to the middle of the bed, lying down. He opened his arms and motioned Devon to him with his hands.

Grinning, Devon went to his bedside table and fished out a tube of lubrication. He clambered across the great expanse of the bed and met up with Beau, climbing eagerly into his waiting arms.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen you smile. You’re very handsome,” Beau said, stroking Devon’s hair.

Not knowing how to respond to the compliment, Devon kissed Beau tenderly. He wiggled his way between Beau’s legs and spent some time licking his tanned nipples. Devon’s spent rod started to come back to life as he dragged his tight balls against Beau’s. The sensation caused his skin to form goose bumps, his cock plumping back up to its former stature.

He had an overwhelming need to taste Beau and slithered his way down his body. He positioned his mouth in-line with Beau’s erection and began to lick his shaft from the base all the way to the tip. Beau’s aroma was intoxicating, sweet and musky. He savored every taste and breathed Beau’s scent deep into his lungs before wrapping his fist around the base of Beau’s cock and sliding the aroused flesh into his hungry mouth. His thickness filled the moist cavern as Devon began to bob up and down on his cock.


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