Her Hero (MF)

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,240
0 Ratings (0.0)

Nate Morrissey has seen all kinds of action in his years with Marine Special Operations, yet nothing compares to the adventure he has at home with his new wife—what little time he’s been home in their brief one year marriage. When he gets called out on a new mission at the beginning of a long awaited leave, his bride lays down an ultimatum. Unfortunately for them both, duty wins.

Becca soon realizes she wasn’t meant to be a military wife. She thought she was strong, but the long months praying and waiting for his safe return have left her broken. When he leaves her yet again, she knows it’s time to call it quits, no matter how much her heart tells her to stay.

Nate isn’t ready to let go of his wife just yet. The fire they share is too hot to ignore. Nate comes home to an empty bed, but refuses to let it stay that way long. Till death do us part means something to Nate and he’s not dead yet…

Her Hero (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Her Hero (MF)

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,240
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Covers by K

An entire month. Oh, what he could do with a month.

In the distance, Camp Lejeune came into view. As the tarmac grew in size, he began to search the small crowd of crew and family. The second he saw flame red strands curling in the wind, his body tightened with need. Resting his head back, he clenched his fists, trying to get a little control over himself.

The heli began its descent, and he opened his eyes. He sought the woman out again and focused on her as they lowered. She caught his stare and her wide smile made his chest tighten.

Before they’d barely landed, he leapt off the transport. He had one thing on his mind and one thing only.


Being so close to her that they became one.

A shiver raced down his spine as he approached, trying like hell not to make a total fool of himself in front of family members there to welcome his team home. He paused inches from her and dropped his duffel nearby. The floral perfume she always wore tickled his nose and made his dick hard.

No, harder.

She was just as gorgeous as always, her riot of red locks blowing around her. Her green eyes lit like gems, the sparkle of wit and intelligence burning through. Her full, pink lips twisted in a wicked smile, one which had brought him to his knees before. Nate’s gaze took a stroll down her curves, and his hands itched to grab her waist and drag her against him.

He wasn’t sure what was stopping him.

One of her copper brows rose. She gave him a mock salute. “Hiya, Master Gunnery Sergeant Morrissey. Welcome home.”

Her voice was deep and as warm as whiskey. It made him ache.

Nate couldn’t hold back his leering grin another second. “That’s not much of a welcome, Becca.”

She leaned in a little. “Would you like me to drop to my knees and blow you right here?”

If the thought of seeing that hadn’t been so erotic, he’d have laughed at her suggestion—but it only made his hold on his control slip all the more. Seeing the same desire reflected back at him wasn’t helping. “Hey, I’m game if you are,” he whispered back before looking over his shoulder. “But I don’t need a court martial.”

Becca leaned in and pressed her lips to his. She wrapped her hand along the back of his neck to hold him still. For a split second, he let her control the kiss. But just for a second. He was too hungry not to claim her properly.

Nate slid a hand through that mane of curls and feasted on her lips, starving for a good long taste. His heart hammered in his chest, his body more than prepared for more.

But not here.

Nate felt like a schoolboy, unable to control himself. They weren’t going far before he was inside her.

As they broke apart, he glanced down into her lust-filled face and had to grin. Becca had that just fucked look simply from a kiss? Oh, tonight’s going to be fun.

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