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Variety is the spice of life. Berengaria Brown loves reading erotic romance, all different kinds of erotic romance. Two men, two women, two men and a woman, three men—But since her favorite authors could not write as fast as she could read, one day Berengaria decided to try writing a book herself. While she was waiting to hear back from the publisher she wrote another one, and another one. Now Berengaria is a multi-published author with books right across the spectrum of erotic romance. Whatever your taste, Berengaria has a book for you. And she is thrilled to be here at Siren-BookStrand!

Q: Where do you get your ideas from?

What woman could resist the thought of two men holding her, kissing her, touching her…I know what I like and I thought, Mmm oh yeah, now that would really be nice—and the book grew from there. Then the ghost appeared out of nowhere and of course he insisted on taking over the story.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island would you prefer a hot book or a hot man?

Oh, the man definitely. A hot hard hunky dude naked on the beach catching fish for our dinner, or with a gleam of sweat along his muscles as he builds us a shelter—yum. I’ll write the book using him as my inspiration!

Q: Do you have a writing space?

Well, I have a laptop. It goes everywhere with me and the files the boss thinks I am working on, are not necessarily the ones I actually have open at any given time!

Q: How real are your heroines?

I like to read about heroines who are not conventionally beautiful. I have never met a perfect woman and even runway models never seen completely happy with their bodies, so I write the heroines I like to read. Each one has a flaw—she may be a little pudgy, or too tall, or wear glasses, or may be a little insecure. My heroines are just ordinary, real people.

Q: Are your heroes the man every woman wants to meet?

They are always scrumptious and they always adore the heroine, but they are real people too. They may be a bit bossy or overprotective, or maybe a bit slow to realize what she really needs. But they love her and are determined to win her. And all my books always have a happy ending.

Q: Sex—is there a limit to what you will write?

The sex has to be based on love, or at the very least, lust. All the parties involved must be consenting adults. But inside that framework I am open to ideas. Any ideas. All ideas.

Q: Some say erotica is porn. What is the difference?

Erotica is women finding love and romance, which includes hot sex. Porn is just the sex without the romance and love. For me there has to be romantic love or else the sex is just scratching an itch.






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