A Seasonal Victorian Spanking

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 68
0 Ratings (0.0)

An Xcite Books collection of five festive stories with mixed themes including m/f, BDSM/spanking, costumes, party, risky business, first sex, interracial, ghost and humour.

A Seasonal Victorian Spanking by Victoria Blisse

The museum’s Christmas party is the perfect setting for Lucy to seduce Edward, its witty and intelligent curator. Wearing an authentic Victorian gown and tightly laced bespoke corset, she sets her plan in action and captures his attention with her lack of underwear, historically accurate or otherwise. In the Victorian schoolroom, he takes her to task for such blatant immodesty with a spanking she’ll never forget.

Designs on the Boss by Poppy Summers

Genevieve has lived with a crush on her sexy boss, Michael, for two years. He’s married to his job and reclusive, and the rumours about him aren’t encouraging – asexual, gay, plain uninterested. At the Christmas party, she’s nominated to persuade him out of his office to join his employees for a drink. Tapping hesitantly at the door, what she finds behind it isn’t quite what she expected

Twelve Days of Sexmas by Rosalía Zizzo

Margaret is 19 and a virgin – a situation she’s keen to change. Brought up by strict parents, she decides the time is finally right to indulge her more sensual urges. She prowls her local shopping mall and offers a gorgeous Hispanic “Father Christmas” a chance to do the deed, with no strings attached. Santa brings her not only a memorable first-time experience, but a dozen days – and counting – of sexy fun.

Willing Spirit, Hungry Flesh by Demelza Hart

When Emma takes herself off to a remote part of the moors, she thinks she’s in for a quiet Christmas alone in a house off the beaten track. And, what’s more, apparently the house is haunted. In the midst of a snowstorm, there is a sudden knock at the door. Outside stands a tall, gorgeous man. Who could he be? Emma soon discovers that both the spirit and the flesh are more than willing and her Christmas may not be the sex-free experience she’d planned …

A Christmas Confession by Tinker Crowley

Roxy’s writing a letter to Santa Claus. She so wanted to be good this year but she knows Santa sees all, so rather than attempt to cover up her bad-girl behaviour, she’s confessing all. As she relives her horny encounter with a stranger in the most explicit detail, a realisation hits her. That Santa may have an ulterior motive for keeping his eye on who’s naughty or nice, and that sometimes the best presents are those that can’t be gift-wrapped…

These stories also appear in Santa’s Hot Secrets

A Seasonal Victorian Spanking
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Seasonal Victorian Spanking

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 68
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Edward conducting a museum tour. His tall, sleek body encased in the smart grey of his work suit first took my eye. I couldn’t get close to him when I worked. I was in the café and only glimpsed him through the opened doors. I fantasised about him even then. I imagined him coming in for his dinner, chastising me for not cleaning his table just so and flipping up my skirt and spanking me right there in front of the customers. I was even more convinced of his dominance when I took his tour one day. I hung on every one of his words and by the end of the tour, I knew a lot more about Victorian Britain than I thought I ever would. Edward made it fascinating and not just because of his purring upper-class accent, his rounded vowels or his perfect bubble butt and square-cut jaw.

He made it all ever so interesting because he was so enthused by it.

Especially the corporal punishment.

I joined his tour once a week just to hear him speak lovingly of the cane and in explicit detail about the pain of a wooden ruler chastising naughty buttocks. Soon, we exchanged names and chatted generally about the museum, work and our mutual love for history. Well, his love for history which I was catching on top of my feverish lust for his hand on my arse and his severe lips pressed to mine.

So when the Christmas party invite was handed to me, and when Edward confirmed he’d be attending the Victorian-themed event, I decided I had to go. I blew more than a month’s salary on my costume, the corset and the dress. I couldn’t just hire something or pick up a cheap fancy dress – Edward liked authenticity. So I found a dressmaker who made my gown from a genuine 1890s pattern. She was the one who told me I needed a corset and I couldn’t refuse. I knew it would look spectacular. I spent a long time thinking about knickers too – technically, I should have worn long bloomers that covered me to my knees but I just couldn’t bring myself to don anything so terribly mundane. I thought about buying a sexy red pair of exotic undies to match the shade of my corset but I knew that would be wrong. It would spoil the whole outfit and I knew Edward would certainly not approve.

So when I walked into the museum that night, I had no undergarment over my bum. Not that anyone could tell as there were several layers of lace-edged underskirts covered with scarlet satin that stretched out from my waist like an opened umbrella. And the bodice clung to my chest like a second skin. I hid a little of my extensive cleavage behind an intricate network of red, garnet-like jewels that spread out from my neck like fine lace.

If my own mother had walked in she wouldn’t have recognised me. My hair was professionally piled up on my head, held in place with more pins than I care to imagine. I had even applied a little make-up, light and fresh, but the length of my lashes and the sparkle of my lips showed that I’d spent some time making myself look pretty.

I was incredibly self-conscious. I certainly felt sexy but I didn’t feel comfortable flaunting it around people I worked with every day. And as much as I looked for him, I couldn’t see Edward anywhere. So I did as any shy girl would do. I went and stood in the corner by the buffet.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time. There were people swaying and swishing on the dance floor, others in small groups chatting and laughing and all lit by a thousand or so candles, surrounded by springs of holly and mistletoe and overshadowed by the huge Christmas tree in the corner. The vast hall of the museum was alive with vibrancy and mirth.

I was mulling over in my mind whether the candles on the tree were real or fake when a familiar voice broke into my thoughts.

‘Well good evening, Miss Jones, I didn’t know you were going to be here.’

‘Ed– I mean, Mr Butterworth, I’m glad to see you.’ I had to act the Victorian lady, it was central to my plan. A very loose plan, admittedly – well, more of a hope than anything else, but I was going to stick to it all the same.

‘And I you, miss. I must say I think your evening gown is just splendid.’ He raked his gaze up and down my body. He lingered on my curves. I wanted him to linger on them in a more literal sense too. ‘It fits you to perfection.’

‘Thank you. I had my seamstress make it to my specifications. I think she did a very thorough job of it.’

‘I quite agree. It’s quite à la mode. I do hope you have the undergarments to match it.’

‘Sir!’ I gasped with fake affront. ‘That is a very personal question indeed but if you must know, I have a corset on that matches the dress in colour and style.’

‘And your bloomers?’ he leaned in as he whispered those words and I licked my lips nervously.

‘I am not wearing any.’

His groan vibrated in the base of my stomach and tickled past my ear. ‘That is wicked of you, Miss Jones, completely wicked.’

‘Yes, sir,’ I replied huskily. I was turned on but I had to say everything within little gaspy breaths because of the constriction of my stays.

‘I think it is my duty as caretaker of this establishment to take you in hand and punish you for your wanton ways. What do you say to that, miss?’

‘I’m sorry, sir,’ I stuttered, ‘it’s just I find them so uncomfortable and …’

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