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Southern writer Imari Jade hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, but presently resides in the city of Marrero, across the Mississippi River. She is the mother of three sons, and she has six grandchildren. Imari began writing back in the 1980's, publishing articles and short stories while she worked for the K-Mart Corporation. After leaving K-Mart, she returned to college and trained to be a secretary. Shortly afterwards, she got a job as a clerk-typist for the Federal Government. Over the next several years, she moved up to secretary, administrative assistant and then customer service representative for payroll. Through these times she continued to raise her family and write. Finally bored to death with her job, Imari went back to college and got dual degrees in Business Management and Management Information Systems, which she used to land her current job as a Financial Analyst.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I've been writing professionally since 1989.

Q: Tell us something about your upcoming novel Pharaoh.

A: Pharaoh is a historical novel set in Egypt in the time of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. The pharaoh of Egypt has died, and his son Khai has preceded him to the throne. Khai's Grand Vizier has advised him to take a bride. Khai does not want to, but the Grand Vizier concocts a scheme to get marriage age women from all over the world to dance at Khai's graduation. The women all know that they are dancing so that Khai may select a bride amongst them. Khai doesn't learn this until the night of his coronation when Zuri, the princess of Nubia, refuses to dance for him. The Grand Vizier tells Khai that Zuri has to be taught a lesson since she has disobeyed a direct order. Weeks later, Zuri returns to Egypt and dances for Khai. He is captivated by her beauty and ends up taking her to his bed.

Q: Is Pharaoh your first attempt with a historical romance?

A: Yes. I have always loved everything Egyptian. Last year I entered NaNoWriMo writing challenge in November. I was challenged to write a 50,000 book in thirty days. Pharaoh was the result.

Q: So, you can't be classified as being a niche writer?

A: No. Although I'm known for writing erotic romance, I do like to try other things.

Q: Are you a member of any writing organizations or critique groups?

A: Yes, I'm a member of RWA and EPIC.

Q: Where a can fans find you?

A: Fans can find me at my website: or email me at: [email protected]. I'm also on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

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