Smoky Red Taboo (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 30,315
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Romance]

The Empress of Japan has enlisted the aid of relationship expert Malia Isakawa to help find out why her thirty-year-old son, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, hasn’t stepped up to the plate to get to know his fiancée, Rika Takaki. In two weeks, Rika will be eighteen years old, and Chei and her husband plan to officially announce the engagement to the world.

Hiroshi has never done what is expected of him. He takes one look at Malia Isakawa and falls head over heels in love with the African-American beauty, and suddenly the fate of the Japanese Empire might be in jeopardy.

Malia, on the other hand, has always considered herself a professional and didn’t plan to become the love interest of not only one but two Japanese princes. Can she fix this mess, or will she not only cause an international scandal but also break up a family?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Smoky Red Taboo (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Smoky Red Taboo (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 30,315
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



Hiroshi wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to the bed. He put his face against her stomach and kissed it gently.

A thrill ran through her body all the way down to her toes. Then she felt his fingers opening the garter and removing it from around her waist without fumbling. Damn, he knows his way around lingerie. She stepped back a little so he could unfasten the stays and slip the hose down her legs. The only things remaining were her lacy white panties.

“I think I can handle these, too,” Hiroshi told her. He latched onto the waistband and slid the silky fabric down her waist and hips.

Malia lifted her feet one at a time, and Hiroshi slipped the panties over them and brought them up to his nose and sniffed. “A real woman.”

What did he think?

Hiroshi tossed the panties aside and reached for her, running his hands up and down her body until he reached the V between her legs. He slowly worked a finger toward her vagina and then let it slip inside.

Malia’s back arched, and she spread her legs apart and gave him free rein.

“You’re already wet,” he replied.

“Doesn’t take much once I’m interested,” she told him.

Hiroshi inserted another finger and moved both of them in and out of her in a slow motion.

Malia wiggled her hips a little as the fingers stroked her inner walls. “Oh,” she moaned. She ran her tongue around her lips. Hiroshi had thick fingers and a great technique.

He removed his fingers a little while later, much to her dismay. He took off his jacket. “On the bed,” he told her.

Ooh, she liked a man with a domineering voice, but only when it came to sex. Malia got on the bed and faced him. Hiroshi had tossed his coat aside and was busy slipping out of his shirt. He kept his eyes glued to her the entire while. To be more exact, his eyes were glued between her legs. He dropped down to his knees and crawled over to her.

“May I?” he asked, gently parting her thighs.

Malia nodded quickly. She liked a man with manners.

Hiroshi kissed the insides of both of her thighs before running his tongue against her clitoris.

Malia jumped a little, and then her body trembled as the warm tongue traced a pattern around her labia.

Hiroshi spread her legs further apart and buried his tongue inside of her.

Malia continued to tremble. The man’s tongue is lethal. She gasped. “Oh, that hit the spot.”

Hiroshi pulled her body closer to the edge of the bed and continued to make love to her with his mouth. Moments later she felt the first throes of passion as it moved over her. Both legs shook, but Hiroshi held them firmly in place. Her back arched again, and her butt lifted from the mattress. “Oh, oh, oh,” she continued to moan as the orgasm torpedoed through her body. Hiroshi did not stop tonguing her until her body stopped shuddering and her butt safely landed back down on the mattress. He lifted his head and rose over her.

Malia sat up and pulled him to her and kissed the prince of Japan. She used her tongue to cleanse her moisture from his lips. Hiroshi pushed his tongue into her mouth. The action sent her back down on the mattress. She pulled him down with her.

Hiroshi broke the passionate kiss and lifted himself from her body again so he could finish undressing.

Malia watched him shuck his pants and briefs and pose for her. Hiroshi sported what could only be described as the most majestic penis she’d ever seen. It was longer and thicker than she could ever imagine, and she felt a bit stupid thinking that he wouldn’t be so heavily endowed because he was Asian. Fie on rumors and stereotypical data.

Hiroshi sauntered back over to the bed. He had a magnificent body, pearly white, muscular, and hairless. He also didn’t have one ounce of fat.

Malia parted her legs, and Hiroshi eyed her trimmed bush hungrily.

“I will try to make this very pleasant for you,” he said to her in English.

“Thank you,” she responded in Japanese. “You may enter.”


* * * *


Her warmth surrounded his swollen member as he guided it inside of Malia. He was a little disappointed that she wasn’t a virgin, but he supposed that was only for those wishing to be empress. Malia, from the beginning, had shown no such signs. She didn’t seem impressed by his title, or his money, and she took sheer delight in hearing him play the piano for her earlier. His father was wrong. There was more to life than money and power.

Malia wrapped her long legs around his waist, and he sank in deeper. Her arms wove their way around his neck as he began the trek to claim her. He lifted his weight slightly and began moving in and out of her rhythmically. Malia in turn rolled her hips, offering to help and refusing to lay there like a dead fish. He sighed. Finally he had found a woman who knew her way around a man’s body. She wasn’t ashamed to take the lead either as he rolled over on his back. Malia mounted him and sank down on his cock.

“Oh, my beautiful one,” Hiroshi said as Malia surrounded his erection with her warmth. Their bodies met below as she rode him uninhibitedly. 

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