Internal Affairs

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,500
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Five erotic stories with a 'Crimes of Passion' theme.

Internal Affairs by Megan Hussey

Pamela is a police detective hot on the trail of Killian Kay, a gorgeous male escort. Yet as she closes in for the big sting, he also ‘closes in’ – treating her to a heated seduction that leaves her breathless. A renowned and skilful lover, he shows her exactly why women all over the city are paying for his attentions – and when she pulls out the handcuffs, he begs for hers in return. Their passions explode in the confines of an elegant hotel room on a dark and steamy night; leading Pamela to learn a whole new meaning for the term ‘internal affairs’.

Out of Body by Giselle Renarde

The moment Shirley the psychic detective gets her hands on a picture of the missing young man, she knows precisely where he is: strung up naked against the door of a dank motel room. The Master approaches, riding crop in hand … Was young Luca brought to the scene by force or was he a willing participant in his own disappearance?

What’s All This, Then? by Lucy Felthouse

Police officer Madison is experiencing the most boring shift of her life. So boring, in fact, that she thinks it's never going to end. In an attempt to find something to keep her occupied, she heads out of town to a quiet area, popular with troublemakers. She's hoping to bust some spotty teenagers for possession or indecent exposure. However, the wrongdoers she does come across are far from teenaged. And what they're doing has an effect on her she's definitely not expecting. One that could get her into a great deal of trouble.

Blackmailer Transformed by Serles

Lessie thinks she’s got away with her devious scheme to seduce and blackmail rich senator Owen, but she hasn’t reckoned with his father, Lester, getting personally involved in paying the money needed to keep Lessie quiet – or his ability to give her all the sexual satisfaction his son couldn’t…

The Puzzle of Natalie X by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata

Who is the stunning Natalie X, and what does she have to do with the biggest vice ring in the North-west of England. On her trail among low-lifes and petty criminals, a world-weary detective finds himself caught up in a web of blackmail, intrigue and all-consuming lust.

These stories have also been published in Crimes of Passion ISBN 9781907761812

Internal Affairs
0 Ratings (0.0)

Internal Affairs

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Detective Pam McGee sat in a dingy office at the Clearview, Florida, police department; a law enforcement hub that governed the residents and activities of her small suburban hometown.

On a daily basis Pam faced a full array of garden variety wrongdoers; from pesky purse snatchers to bothersome muggers. And while most of these criminals came complete with shady, unwashed appearances (‘Not to be shallow,’ she sometimes shrugged, ‘but I have yet to see a bodacious burglar’), her latest case focused on the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Blast him.

As portrayed in a photo at the centre of her desk, one presented by her boss, Sergeant Bill Ramsey, Killian Kay boasted long golden hair and chiselled, flawless features. A set of penetrating aqua blue eyes completed this ethereal picture.

‘Yeah, like his eyes are my favourite feature,’ she mumbled, her own gaze scanning downward to behold Killian’s tall, muscular body and pure bronzed skin.

‘OK McGee, stop drooling all over the evidence.’ Standing before her desk, Sgt Ramsey planted his hands on his hips and fixed her with an icy stare. ‘Killian Kay is a wanted man.’

‘And I can see why!’ Pam nodded, adding in a dry tone, ‘Seriously, Bill, is it a slow day at the old precinct? Is the drunk tank empty? Why are we wasting our time chasing after “manwhores”, as you call them?’

Bill sighed.

‘Pam, you know we’ve been trying to crack down on prostitution in this area, of both the male and female variety. We can’t conduct a sex-biased investigation.’ He shook his head, pointing to Killian’s picture. ‘This guy Kay is a male escort who has been offering sex services to local women. That, to put it simply, is against the law.’

‘Well, thank you very much, Gloria Steinem in chaps.’ The detective rolled her eyes. ‘I’ve been pushing for equal pay and membership in the police fraternal society for years. Suddenly a manwhore comes on the scene, and you’re pushing for equal treatment?’

Ignoring her sarcasm, Bill removed a file folder from a nearby briefcase and tossed it across her desk.

‘Your assignment is to sting Killian Kay,’ he announced.

‘Do what to him?’ Pam arched her eyebrows.

‘You heard me.’ Bill rolled his eyes. ‘My secretary, posing as a friend of yours, made an appointment for you to meet Kay at the Royale Hotel downtown. All you have to do is talk to him a few minutes, then offer him money for sex. The minute he accepts, you arrest him.’

Pam nodded.

‘And I take it that I don’t actually get to have the sex?’ She pursed her lips.

Bill shook his head, turning for the door.

‘Get to work, McGee,’ he barked over his shoulder.

The next evening found Pam in a low-lit hallway at the Royale Hotel, a Victorian-style getaway on the south side of Clearview.

She swept a tentative gaze down the length of her tall, athletic form; one usually adorned in steel blue uniforms and proper business dresses. Tonight, by contrast, she wore a ruby red cocktail dress and black high heels. Her long, brown hair hung free down her back, and her plunging neckline was accentuated by a diamond necklace that shone in the light of a crystal chandelier.

‘Geesh, my mom would be thrilled to see me dressing like some fancy lady tonight.’ She grinned, but only briefly. ‘Until, of course, she realised that I’m spiffing up for a date with a male prostitute.’

As if on cue the door before her opened, revealing a stunning blond gentleman dressed in a black silk dinner suit.

‘You must be Pamela.’ He graced her with a devastating, white-toothed smile.

‘At this point I’m sure of nothing.’ She bit her lip, adding silently, He puts his picture to shame. Blast him.

Killian Kay released a sultry chuckle that sent chills down her spine.

‘Come on, my lady.’ He crooked his finger in her direction. ‘Let me make you feel welcome.’

Soon Pam sat on a floral settee, basking in an atmosphere that could best be described as a Victorian paradise. Above her hung a chandelier lined with glowing candles, and a domed ceiling adorned with a painting of cherubs in flight. Before her was a cushioned feather bed with a silken comforter and lacy pillows, overseen in grand fashion by a sheer lace canopy.

Beside her sat the man of her dreams. Killian’s long, blond hair flowed in ringlets across his sturdy shoulders, framing a face that featured chiselled cheekbones and full, moist lips.

And there are those pesky eyes again. Pam smiled as he pinned her with his warm aquiline gaze; and she didn’t resist moments later, when he took her hand in his.

‘You don’t have to be nervous, miss.’ He kissed her hand in a gentle fashion. ‘I’m here only to bring you pleasure.’

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