From an early age, erotic romance author, Jan Bowles, loved to be creative. You would often find her painting vivid landscapes, or putting the finishing touches to a graphic design.

Nowadays, Jan channels all that enthusiasm into penning erotic romances with a delicious, sexy BDSM theme. She loves writing about strong heroes and heroines who aren't perfect. While their flaws may be many, their emotions are strong and all-consuming, and whatever troubles lie ahead, readers can be assured of a happily every after.

You can keep up to date with Jan and her books, on her website

Jan loves to hear from readers, and you can contact her by sending an email to jan(at)janbowles(dot)com

Q. Are your characters pure fantasy, or are they based on people you have met?

A. A combination of both really. Sometimes I will see a drop dead gorgeous guy in the street and think to myself, "You are going to be in my next book." And sometimes I create a hero purely out of my own imagination.

Q. Do you always like your hero to be tall, dark and handsome?

A. Tall certainly, but not always with dark hair--more importantly, they need to be assertive, confident and very sexy. They also have a more gentle side that only the heroine gets to experience.

Q. Why did you choose to submit your work to Siren-Bookstrand?

A. This is my first book published with Siren-Bookstrand. I researched the market thoroughly and then sent the manuscript to Siren-Bookstrand. Luckily, they liked it.

Q. How long does it take you to write a 50,000-60,000 word manuscript?

A. Depends really from book to book. I know from personal experience that I can't force my writing. When I am warm, relaxed and happy, it just flows out of me.

Q. Do your family and friends offer any support or inspiration for your books?

A. I think nearly all writers need help and encouragement. I am lucky--I have friends and a lovely husband who is always on hand to advise when the words just won't flow.

Q. Do you enjoy writing books, or is it a chore?

A. I absolutely love writing books and have been writing for many years. If it became a chore, it would be time to give it up.

Q. Do you have a favourite location or setting for your books?

A. I have used many locations over the years, from Antigua to Australia, England to Egypt. My latest book is set in Texas and Canada. I am well travelled and it's sometimes an advantage to use locations I'm familiar with.

Q. How do you get emotion into your writing?

A. Life experience is a big help. The more you have experienced the ups and downs that life has to offer, the more equipped you are to write about emotional issues.

Q. Have you ever seen a 'Siren Hero' in real life, or anyone that comes close?

A. Of course, but they are often a fleeting illusion. My husband gets my vote.

Q. Are you willing to tackle 'dark subjects' in order to get emotional depth?

A. I actually relish the 'dark subjects'. They're much more interesting and something I can really get my teeth into.




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