[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi, M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, HEA]
Lennox Ursa has a problem.  When he turns one hundred years old, he’ll undergo his species' Maturity Cycle. Since he’s single and practically celibate, the chances of him finding a mate in the next few hours to stop an agonizing transition into adulthood is nil. In a desperate attempt to save his life and soul, the Lycan King sends Lennox to the remote planet Ooroon.
Neophyte of the Bengardi order, Theolle has his own problems to deal with than taking care of a Newcomer. Bad things happen to him when he heals and he knows this warrior will hurt him the most. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice since the head of the order issues an orderfor Theolle to save the warrior. Reluctant, Theolle obeys, but discovers something terrifying about the Newcomer.
There is something about Lennox that will alter their fates. Only if Theolle is brave enough to sacrifice his sanity for the warrior.
A Siren Erotic Romance
His Forever (MM)
7 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




He blew out a hefty breath, arubbed his face, and hissed sputtering a string of curses when the sweet-smelling oil on his hands smeared over his lips and stung his eyes. That shit hurt!

“Dammit,” he cursed, squeezing his eyes tighter and frantically slapping the wooden table searching for the Dimsham cloth.

His hands clawed at the soft material. He continued to whimper from the sting in his eyes and the gradual numbing of his lips. Carefully, Theolle rubbed the slick oil from his eyes, taking his time to keep as much of the oil from them as possible. Gingerly opening one eye and rapidly blinking before he opened the other, he noticed that everything was hazy.

“Now that’s just great,” he said, looking around the room sheepishly.

Yeah, still empty, no other being to witness his foolhardy actions. Funny thing, as much as he didn’t want to be alone, even though he liked being alone, he was glad he was alone. Ah, crap did that even make sense, he thought ruefully.

Well, it was only three days of him chanting, three days of drawing healing symbols with funky-smelling oils on a body that was just plain too sinful to be normal, three days of talking to himself to alleviate the boredom and sadly answering back. It was three days of self-imposed hell.

Theolle’s blue eyes strayed to Lennox.

“Come on, you big, luscious male, wake up so I can have someone to talk to besides me and the circus inside my brain,” Theolle half-hardily pleaded.

He leaned away and waited, chewing his bottom lip, eyes expectant, bright with hope. The minutes dragged on and his eyes dulled. Nope, not even a twitch.

“Damn,” he mumbled.

His shoulders slumped before he shuffled to a separate table and snatched a drawstring pouch. Whoop-di-do, more chanting and drawing to do, he reluctantly thought.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about helping you, big guy, but then again, you try being alone for three days. It’s boring and lonely. You should be up by now, Lennox,” Theolle lightly admonished the sleeping giant.

Theolle studied Lennox’s still form before he opened the pouch. Inside the leather sack was iridescent powder that was silky soft to the touch. He reached inside and carefully grabbed a handful and pulled it out. He took the fine powder and sprinkled it over the glistening oils that covered Lennox’s chest and belly.

He paid special attention, liberally covering the incantation symbols that cover Lennox’s torso, making sure to set the strange drawings.

The powder glowed in the Fire rock light, casting each symbol into a warm glow of sparkle and glitter. His eyes roamed the chiselled landscape that haunted his dreams until his eyes bulged at the sight.

“What the hell is this?” he gasped.

Gritting his teeth, Theolle softly cursed.

Neatly drawn on Lennox’s massive muscular chest was an equally massive Happy Face.

“Oh crap what did I do now?”

He scrunched his face up, cringing, and he reached to wipe away the glitter and oil, but paused. An impish gleam sparkled in his eyes. He looked around, even though he was alone with only Lennox in the chamber, and nibbled his lip with indecision.

Unable to help the sudden urge, he dipped his forefinger in the pouch and carefully drew beside the Happy Face. His eyes narrowed with concentration and the tip of his tongue peeked out from his lips.

See, I knew you had that artistic bug in you, cutie.

“Shut up,” Theolle grumbled at the disembodied voice. He leaned back with lopsided grin on his unique features and released a giggle.

Yeah, he was a lousy artist. Stick figures were his claim to fame. Warmth filled his blue eyes before he dipped his finger in the pouch again. Iridescent powder coated the tip of his finger. He lightly traced his drawing on Lennox’s chest, filling in the two stick figures holding hands with the powder.

“There.” He grinned. “This’ll be between you and me, Lennox.”

As he pulled away, Theolle froze when he stared into the open eyes of deep chocolate brown framed in thick, sooty lashes. His breath caught in his chest and gave his heart a gentle squeeze before his breath blew out in a gasp.

“Lennox?” was all Theolle managed to say before a callused hand grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to the waiting mouth.

Theolle’s eyes widened before they fluttered closed when his lips pressed firmly to the soft mouth. He shivered and let loose a soft moan, surrendering to his first kiss.

The weight of the hand at his neck eased. The buttery-soft firmness of the mouth made his lips tingle and ache before the unyielding surface slackened. Theolle pulled away, softly panting. He swallowed a shaky breath and he opened his eyes to find the warrior beneath him unconscious again.

Stumped, he shook his head, leaned back and distanced himself from Lennox. He gingerly touched his lips, still feeling the gentle pressure of his first kiss. Shivering from the incredible sensation, he licked his lips, moaned from the residual taste of crushed cloves and spicy cinnamon unique to Lennox Ursa, and smiled. His smile wavered and faded when he reminded himself that Lennox was lost to him.

Upset, Theolle brokenly asked, “Why did you do it, Lennox? Why did you give me my first kiss? Now I will forever know your taste,”

Crushed, Theolle shook his head and turned away. He thought the emotions he felt earlier were gone. He was so wrong that it physically cramped his belly, knowing that his first kiss with his fated mate was his last.




Clearly, Theolle’s inexperience barely registered to Lennox, his senses focused on the silky heat of Theolle’s skin that had him groaning. His blunt, callused fingers glided slowly over the wet skin of Theolle’s back. Taking their time to feel the unique indents and surprisingly soft texture, Lennox’s fingers caressed the pale back until his fingers rested just above the curved flare of Theolle’s pert, smooth ass.

He slid his hand down and squeezed the taut globes. A guttural moan escaped from his lips when his little monk gasped and pressed his tight ass back into Lennox’s possessive grip.

His mouth found Theolle’s swollen, red-tinged lips and showed just how much of a potent lover he could be. Growling deep in his chest, Lennox led a passionate assault on Theolle’s mouth, adding wicked, intimate touches to Theolle’s sensitive crease that shielded his quivering, puckered hole. He whimpered from his teasing and broke away, panting for breath.

“Goddess,” he gasped. “Are you sure you want this, Theolle? Tell me now, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop later from fucking you.”

Lennox’s dark, hungry eyes pierced into Theolle’s lust-ridden gaze, his blue eyes unfocused with yearning and passion when the smaller man nodded. Theolle’s slippery pink tongue glided over his bottom lip, which had Lennox digging his fingers into the muscled bounty of Theolle’s ass cheeks.

“This is going to be mine, Theolle,” Lennox purred in Theolle’s shell-like ear, gently spreading the taunt globes.

The rush of hot water to Theolle’s exposed, wrinkled entrance had the younger man moaning louder and clinging to Lennox’s broad back.

“Yes, oh, yes Lennox, please, I need to feel you inside of me. Take me, fuck me,” Theolle huskily pleaded, shivering with uncoiling lust that surged through his every cell.

Without another word, Lennox gracefully stood to his feet and easily carried Theolle from the hot spring. His Herculean strength never faltered as his long legs sauntered to a patch of thick, cushioned moss surrounded by the glowing, delicate Moonlight flowers.

Dropping to his knees with a nimbleness that belayed his hulking mass, Lennox gently placed Theolle among the natural bed. He leaned back on his knees and openly stared at the exquisite temptation that was his little monk.

Lennox panted, unable to keep away.

He hovered on his hands and knees, grinning salaciously when the tip of his hard cock, moist with pre-cum, trailed across Theolle’s flushed skin. His ten-inch length duelled against Theolle’s jutting cock and had both men panting from the sensation. Lennox leisurely pressed his lower body and carefully wedged his hips between Theolle’s legs, stretching the slender, muscled thighs to cradle the sides of his hips.

“Goddess!” rasped Theolle, gripping Lennox’s biceps placed at either side of his shoulders.

“It’s Lennox, sweetness, only Lennox,” the warrior purred, leaning down and nipping Theolle’s chin, then lightly licking the slight sting away.

From the way Theolle’s cock swelled further, and the rapid tempo in Theolle’s neck pounded, Lennox realised his little monk liked a bit of pain. Filing that tidbit of information in the back of his brain, Lennox pressed hot, moist kisses along Theolle’s neck and shoulder. He nipped every few inches before moving to more exposed skin.

Sliding his torso in an achingly slow grind, maximizing the sensual contact of hard, male flesh, Lennox’s full lips hovered over Theolle’s coral-tipped nipples. A slippery tongue lightly flickered at one rose tip before a cool breath puckered the responsive nub.

Lennox grinned when Theolle arched his back and loudly groaned. His little monk’s slender fingers clawed into his upper arms before Theolle’s breath exploded.

Chuckling evilly, Lennox took another slower swipe against the oversensitive nub and gently bit into the tip. Theolle squealed, panting as he undulate his slender body, grinding his throbbing cock against Lennox’s washboard abs.

“More,” he panted. “I need more.”

Lennox nipped and sucked the other tender nipple before biting and licking a trail down Theolle’s quivering belly until his whiskered chin bumped the wet tip of Theolle’s cock. The flared head was wide, a deep red and slathered with a pearly coating of pre-cum that dripped down the length of the nine-inch shaft.

Lennox’s eyes fluttered close from the fragrant aroma of Theolle’s pre-cum, his mouth watered to taste the overflow of seed that would spill from his lips once he sucked Theolle’s cock.

His skin felt too tight and burned with uncontrollable lust.

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