JQ lives in Dallas, Texas with large bits of time spent traveling. An obsessive reader, JQ writes to release the voices so they will stop demanding so much attention. Contact JQ at [email protected] or on Twitter at Jones_JQ.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I started writing fiction when I was twelve years old. I wrote a series of mysteries for my classmates. I learned a lot about rejection from that series but I also learned that I liked it when I can make people talk about my thoughts. Since then I’ve received a degree in journalism, worked as a technical writer and always wrote fiction.

Q: Where do you get your characters and settings?

A: The setting for the Davis Hollow, Davis Ranch comes from my background. I was born and raised in the back of the backwoods of West Virginia and I seldom see fiction placed there. I’ve always been interested in ranches and large open spaces because I have lived all my life either in the mountains or in major cities. My characters are more often people I see while I’m just out and about. People are so diverse and different that just a glimpse of a tall green-eyed man with a small dread locked woman begs for a story. Then the main characters drive the storyline.

Q: What’s your writing process?

A: I begin with a clear outline of what the story is. The outline is heavily influenced by the music that I happen to be listening to. A phrase from a song gives me a feeling for a chapter that will color the whole outcome. Since I have eclectic taste, the chapters go their own way. Characters become alive and sometimes do things I don’t expect.

 During the day, I work out the technical points of the story, who does what where; then at night I write dialogue. I’m an insomniac so I work well into the early morning hours when the rest of the world is asleep.

Q: Why this genre and why Interracial?

A: I’ve been a fan of romance novels since I was eight but as I got older I thought that something was missing. When I began reading erotic romances I realized what had been missing was the real passion. I love telling a story with real erotic descriptions because it tells so much more about the character. It speaks to their inner selves in a way that gets to the core of who they are.

 I write interracial romance because I like to write about cultural differences. Culturally disparate couples make me think about how they came together, what they faced and how it affects their relationships. In my books, I almost never speak about the reaction other people have to their relationship because in the end it’s only two, or more, people.

Q: What else is coming out for this series?

A: I want to explore different aspects of relationships. What does being in a triad entail? What issues do older women and younger men face? Can culture stand in the way of true love? Does passion get sacrificed when you have children? Those are some of the questions I want to explore in this series.

Q: Will you revisit other characters?

A: This is a series about families, so sometimes the characters will appear in other stories. Hopefully they have grown and I can show their progress within the frame of the story.

Q: What do you read?

A: I’ve been saying for years that I’m addicted to reading; if I don’t read something every day then I go through withdrawal. I read everything from technical journals to steam punk. I especially like romance and mysteries but I also read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, horror and police procedurals. If it’s written I will read it.

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