Nick of Time (MF)

Davis Hollow, Davis Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,235
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Comedy, HEA]
Manuela Mendez, the reclusive cook at Davis Ranch, is ready to restart her career as a chef. Manny goes to Houston to have a much-needed weekend alone to think. She meets and is instantly attracted to David Smythe Davis. David is in town from London as he ends an engagement to a woman he does not love. This business trip's an opportunity to put distance between his would be fiancée and pushing parents. He is unprepared for the mystery woman he meets at the hotel. 
They spend a weekend of passionate, non-safe sex. Manny goes home determined to open a restaurant and David returns to London to end his bogus engagement. Manny’s plans have to adjust when she finds out she’s pregnant. As she begins to plan her life as a single mom, David arrives at the ranch to visit. Manny and David face the responsibility being parents with a stranger and the opportunity to make it so much more.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Nick of Time (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Nick of Time (MF)

Davis Hollow, Davis Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,235
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The DD Hotel was tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood in River Oaks. The bright yellow stucco and the red tiled roof promised a different experience than the sweeping mansions situated behind tall gates that flanked the hotel. Manuela hadn’t been here for several years so the new open leather-trimmed lobby came as a pleasant surprise. The young man at the desk was new too.

She laid her bag at her feet and smiled at the slight look of surprise on the young man’s face. She wasn’t dressed like she could afford the DD, it was exclusive and never advertised.

“I’m Manuela Menendez. I have the Timbuktu for the next few days,” she said. She didn’t offer ID or credit card because it was Okey’s hotel and Okey’s personal suite.

“Let me just check that for you, ma’am.” The young man, Chris Martin by his nametag, punched a few digits on the computer, looked up at her shyly and punched some more. “Excuse me just a minute, ma’am, I need to call my manager.”

Manny knew that he was calling either Saul or Sylvester so she waited until one of the men appeared. Before either arrived a blast of hot air wafted to her as the front doors soundlessly slide open to admit a man talking to the bellhop. Manny felt a pang of interest. It was the man from the airport. He smiled when he saw her standing at the tall leather-covered desk.

“What a coincidence. Are you staying here too?” he said.

“I thought I was but there seems to be a problem with my reservation,” she said.

Chris was speaking urgently on the phone with his back turned to them.

“I hope that it’s cleared up. But no matter. I’d love to have dinner with you. That is, if you’re not meeting anyone.”

“Just came for a little R&R but doesn’t look like that’s going be happening as smoothly as I expected.”

“Have you stayed here before?” David said.

“I come at least once every few years but I usually don’t have this kind of a problem. Chris? Chris?” Manny said. She smiled as the young man finally turned around. “Tell either Saul or Sylvester that I’ll be in the salon if they need to talk to me. Can you put this behind the desk until I get back?” She handed over her tiny bag.

“I’ll see you later, if I’m still here,” she said. She walked down the corridor and out of sight. David found himself looking at her butt again as she disappeared.

“Do you know that lady’s name?” David said. Chris shook his head slightly.

“I’m afraid I’m unable to give out the names of our guest, sir. May I have your name?” Chris said.

David checked and was handed a key card to what they called the Zen suite. He rode the elevator up to the seventh floor. The bellboy ushered him into a suite decorated to resemble someone’s idea of a Japanese garden. A large rock garden with a huge boulder strategically placed dominated the sitting room. Rakes for grooming the pebbles that surrounded it leaned against the subtle light blue walls. A huge platform bed was hidden behind a bamboo and rice paper screen while four black leather chairs faced one another across a glass coffee table that doubled as a tank for five koi fish. The bathroom had a huge walk-in shower and a Jacuzzi tub big enough for four people.

He took a quick shower and fell into his bed waiting for sleep while he thought of the woman in the lobby.




“You interested in spending the night with me? I can understand if you’ve changed your mind. I mean I’m practically married, I’m a stranger, I can’t say I’m the best lover in the world and I…”

“Talk way too much,” Manny said. She rose up on her knees to inch forward and straddle his lap. “I want to have sex with you. I think we should take it as slow as we need to go but I think we should go all the way.” She leaned in and captured this bottom lip between her teeth. He pulled his lip back slowly then grabbed the back of her head and surged into her mouth.

She liked the taste of him, sweet with a taste of the wine. They kissed for a long while. Just kissing to find out what they liked, if they liked what the other had to offer. Manny wasn’t aware that he had his hands under her shirt until she felt him tweak her nipples softly at first then with more force. She hissed and rode on his now-erect dick.

He was so hard and so wanting but he tried to slow it down waiting for her to signal that he was doing the right thing the way that she wanted him to. She quickly pulled off her shirt, her bra was already askew so she tugged it off as well. Her breast surged out and into the palms of his hands.

He dipped his head to capture her nipple, brown and peaked and delicious to his tongue. He suckled, bit and licked both of them as he fell in love with the taste. It was salty and sweet and just so much like her.

They fell onto the couch still kissing and tugging off the rest of their clothes. She didn’t realize they were both naked until they lay in a heap on the floor. His legs were covered in hair and tangled with her own. And his dick, his dick was a hot piece of hard softness lying across the top of her thighs.

“You okay with this?” she asked.

“Oh, yes,” he said.

“I can stop if you need me too.” She smiled. She ran her leg up to his hardness.

“This is not something that you can stop right now. I may have to slow down from time to time to let you catch up but I’m sure that I can accommodate your needs tonight,” David said. His hands hadn’t stopped feeling her, all of her. His fingers dipped into her pussy, finding it wet, hot and wanting. As she squeezed down on his invading finger he moved another one over to tangle within her shaved curls to tease her clit until she sucked in her breath and moaned.

“Ohh, God. I mean I can stop now if you want,” she said.


“Well, it sounded good at the time.”

“I think I’ll fuck you now. I don’t want to wait. You’re wet and I’m hard. I want to see if you will clutch my dick the same way you clutch my finger. I want you to scream. You’re a screamer aren’t you, Magdalena?” He moved over her body.

He spoke into her mouth, so close that she could feel the moisture of his words against her lips. They looked into each other eyes. And both sighed as he slowly entered into her wetness.

She gasped as his thickness stretched her to almost pain then she just accommodated him. He seemed right there, poised at her entrance then inside claiming what he wanted.

Heavy sigh from both of them as he went all the way in. His dick burrowing into her until he was fully inside, they sighed and smiled.

“This is so fucking good. I should have done this years ago,” she said. She gasped as he bit her lip.

“Don’t say that. You are for me and me alone. Years ago I wouldn’t be here and you are mine,” he said.

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