Probably Me (MF)

Davis Hollow, Davis Ranch 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,579
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Romance, HEA]
After Nora and her much younger brother drag home an unconscious man to their tiny cabin in West Virginia, she learns that he’s the lawyer sent to help her out of a very delicate situation.
Clint Menendez Davis wakes up to find an enticing woman, a dark fairy, unapologetically helping him after she hit him with a rock from a slingshot. Clint has been sent to help a young botanist who seems to be a major problem with some shady people.
On a cross-county trip to meet these nefarious men, Clint learns that he would do anything to keep his dark fairy safe and happy. Nora discovers that it’s easier than she thought to open her heart to include another person. Both experience a deep passion and, maybe, depending on whose definition you use, love. Although one of them needs lessons in how to accept love when it comes up to hit you on the head.
Note: This book contains drug use.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Probably Me (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Probably Me (MF)

Davis Hollow, Davis Ranch 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,579
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Maybe he’s dead. I should poke him with the stick again.”

“Remember what happened when you poked the possum with that stick last summer? You almost peed your pants because it wasn’t dead.”

“I didn’t, but he sure made me run fast.”

Clint Davis lay inside a dusty shed or barn in West Virginia trying to remember how he ended up there. The sun streamed through three clear walls. It could have been a greenhouse but there were drying racks hanging from the rafters.

Clint had agreed to make the trip as a favor for his cousin CJ. All he had to do was to look in on Iona’s friend who lived further up on the mountain than Clint had ever been. Iona, CJ’s partner, had been adamant that Nora and her brother were in need of help. As he lay with his head throbbing, Clint remembered driving up the dirt road, stopping to get some water from a stream that ran clear and cold, looking off into the high hills but he can't remember anything after that.

Now, two young boys were peering down on him and casually discussing his death. One boy was about four or so with long curly hair, and the other looked about fourteen and had close-cropped hair. “I don’t think he’s dead, I didn’t hit him that hard. It was really a little tap.”

“Yeah, but that’s the same slingshot you used to take down the buck last winter.”

“People have harder heads than deer, don’t you think?”

“I think he’s dead anyway. He didn’t wake up when you pulled him up the hill on the four-wheeler. But he don’t got any blood.”

“Doesn’t have blood or he’s not bleeding.”

“He’s not bleeding then. He’s sleeping a long time and it’s still daytime. Must be dead.”

“I promise you, Spot, I didn’t hit him that hard. Besides every closed eye ain’t sleep, baby.” Clint was beginning to be very, very annoyed with the smugness of the older boy. It was time to show these two juvenile delinquents what a big bad man could do.

“He’s got the prettiest lashes, Spot, they look like yours. And I’m loving the whole long shaggy hair deal. I wonder what his eyes look like?” The older boy was interesting to listen to.

“I could pry his eyes open so we can see,” the younger boy said. Clint felt the side of whatever he was laying on sink down as a light weight jostled him to the left.

“No, I can wait until he opens his eyes. I’m a patient person.”

Clint opened his eyes and found himself staring into the face of a very young boy with dark brown skin. His curly brown hair fell to his shoulders. Bright brown eyes sparkled as he broke into a wide grin. His companion, not a boy of fourteen, but a woman with the same brown eyes and smile combined with a wary, suspicious look, squinted slightly in the dim light. She had an inch of hair covering her head, delicate cheekbones and chin, and tiny ears that were more than slightly pointed. Clint blinked to clear his head and she was still there, sitting like a small dark fairy on a stool beside a rough cot.

He stretched wide, ready to get up. He was jerked to a stop by the zip cuffs that tethered him to the bed. Then the fairy broke into a wicked laugh.


* * * *


Nora and Sebastian sat across the room in her empty drying shed while the very large man continued to rant from the bed. He was one of the most stunning men she had ever encountered. He curses imaginatively, in English and Spanish. He was a few inches over six feet tall, and had black hair that he wore to his broad shoulders. From lugging him up the mountain, she figured he was at least two hundred pounds, and he had wonderful, broad hands that had calluses and cuts to show that he worked hard and long. She liked that in a man. She snapped back from her daydream as he came to an abrupt halt.

“Are you Nora and Sebastian?” He had a deep voice tinged with a drawl that suggested cows and horses.

“Yes we are, dude,” The little boy said. “We don’t know you.”

“No you don’t, Sebastian. Your friend Iona asked me to come by and make sure that you were ok. She especially wants, little guy, to come visit her on the ranch for a few weeks. She said she’d already talked to your mom about it,” Clint said. He turned to look directly at Nora. “Didn’t she tell you I was coming?”

“She did but she just said that CJ’s cousin was coming. I was expecting somebody who looks like CJ. CJ has blonde hair and looks like Thor. You don’t look like CJ.”

“I was expecting Iona’s friend to have hair and manners but we both were wrong.”




Sliding her hands up his thighs, she unsnapped his jeans and tugged them open and down to the top of his legs. His dick proudly stood up, throbbing in time to his breathing. His shorts were already trapped by her hands, so he was wonderfully naked. His balls, surrounded by straught dark hair, were already swollen with the need to come.

The jeans hung over his ankles until she tugged them all the way off and flung them across to the couch. Now she was able to kiss him from ankle to inner thigh. He laid his head back against the chair, sinking lower, opening his legs wider and accepting of the oral stimulation that had him on the brink of coming in a mind-shattering blast.

But she wasn’t ready to let that happen. She reseated herself on his raging hard-on, lifting her dress just enough to allow the contact, still wearing the tangerine panties.

“Can you feel the wetness now?”

“Oh yeah.” His voice was thicker and richer.

She kissed him with deep, open-mouthed, pleasure. He was passive through the entire erotic trip, his hands clenching the arms of the chair as he tried to get back into control.

Nora planted a trail of wet kisses from his mouth to his neck. There she licked him from his collar bone to his ear, attacking his lobes and ear with teeth and tongue. “You have a wonderful taste. Savory and sweet at the same time, and you leak pre-cum like a sieve. Last night I thought I’d drown in the taste of you. That same pre-cum you’re smearing all over my brand new panties. I think I’ll take the time to appreciate the taste of you slower tonight. I’ll do it right now,” she whispered in his ear.

She dropped between his outstretched legs, keeping her big brown eyes locked on his until she had licked her way to the tip of his throbbing dick. They finally closed their eyes when she swallowed his tip, licking the gathering moisture on her tongue before she took more of him into her mouth, trying to go to the root but finding that he was too big and too wide for her mouth to stretch that far.

Clint pressed his eyes tightly shut, trying without success to stop the groans and hitches from escaping. He could only drop his head back, pressing deeper and deeper into the chair, wanting to grab her head to force her deeper onto him.

“I can’t hold on much longer. You need to stop, or I’ll either explode or fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” he said.

She swallowed him as deep as she could then came back up to the tip which she nursed like it was a precious sucker before she locked her eyes back to his. “Do both.”

There was no way he could deny the challenge. Now it was her turn to gasp at the sound of her dress and bra being ripped away. He stifled any protest when he did the same to her panties, tossing the remnants to the floor before he grabbed her up into his arms and over to the huge plate-glass windows overlooking the well-lit fountains. His hands pillowed her breasts before he pressed her tight against the glass, probing her dripping wetness with his pulsing dick.

“You are so going to regret this,” he said.

“Doubt it,” she said.

His right hand clamped onto her shoulder. “Don’t fucking move,” he said before he slammed all the way into her.

Nora answered the entry with a groan as she wiggled her ass back to get more of him. “Is that all you got?”

“You are a fucking madwoman. Can’t help this,” he said. He slammed back into her. Nora grunted her acceptance and wiggled again. They established their rhythm as she met each slam with a wiggle.

“I’m not deep enough,” he said. He pulled away from Nora as they both moaned their disappointment, and he carried her to the huge bed. He arranged her on the knees with pillows under her stomach.

“Oh my,” she said.

Clint pushed her further on the bed and used the time to lave her clit until she squirmed and tried to crawl away from the sensations. He only allowed her to go so far before he growled and moved her back to the pillows. Clint looked down on her flawless dark skin, slowly rubbing her it while she continued to squirm and sigh. He leaned over her pinning her into place with his arm around her back forcing her onto her forearms while he dove directly onto her clit, biting, tonguing and munching on her erect clit until she came with a scream that was only slightly muffled by the pillows.

She lay in a twitching mess. Nora felt him nudge her legs open wider.

“You asked for this,” he said. He lay over her back to whisper into her ear.

“I kind of like it,” she said, barely able to raise her head up from the bed.

Clint muttered to himself as he tried to gently enter her. She was wet and hot and every so often she shivered, as small pulses of her coming caused her to jump each time he touched her anywhere. He tried to go as slow as possible, but she bucked up, making him plunge all the way into her. The sound of his thighs and full, pendulous, balls hitting the back of her legs filled the room. They both moaned.

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