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Kalissa Alexander loves to write stories about love. She is a woman of diversified interests, from singing karaoke, to knitting, to creating her own crafts at the holidays. However, nothing brings her more pleasure than to write about desirable, loving women that regardless of life’s obstacles always find true love with the men that can make their dreams come true. She believes that happy endings are what women not only want but need to believe in. On any given day or into the night, she can be found bringing her characters to life with an anxious smile as she finds the words to express their feelings in a story that makes them perfect for each other in an imperfect world. Life is full of possibilities; she enjoys bringing all of them to her readers.

Q: Why did you choose to write about relationships outside the one man, one woman convention? 

A: I find that there is a beauty in all relationships where love is at its center—whether it is with one man and one woman or in a ménage a trois. A woman who finds love with more than one man is my favorite love story because of the erotic nature of the coupling and the complexity of the relationship. Those who have found love with the same sex also interest me because they bring yet another layer of sensuality to be enjoyed in a story of happily ever after love.


Q: Why do you think romance appeals to so many readers?

A: Love really does make the world go round. There’s nothing I like more than reading about people who find each other and fall in love. The world can be difficult at times, however, a love story can spirit you away into a world where what should happen, does happen. 


Q: Do you like to explore the darker side of love?

A: By the darker side of love, I think you may be referring to acts of control. I don’t see that as a darker side of love, only a different way to express love. As long as the love given and received is consensual, respectful, and loving, it can be an erotic experience of the highest magnitude. I do not write about sexual acts that would ever bring harm to my characters.


Q: Has writing erotic love stories with graphic detail come easily for you?

A: Being able to write a graphic love scene has made the entire process of writing easier. I don’t have to stop and think, “How should I say that?” Being able to write more freely is a blessing.


Q: Where does your inspiration for stories come from? 

A: Like most writers, they come from everywhere and anywhere. However, I've always been a day dreamer. That said, I always carry around a pad of paper in my purse so I can write down my thoughts and ideas. When I find a really good one, it won't let me go until it becomes a story.

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