Serving the Wolf's Den (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,207
11 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, HEA]

Maura Dow knew she had been played for a fool by the man who had left her with nothing but a mountain of debt and doubting her own judgment. Finding a way out of her financial woes begins to seem possible when her friend, Rhonda, tells her about the Wolf’s Den, an after-hours club that’s known for its phenomenal tips. She swallows her pride and does whatever it takes to convince the owner, Max Andrews, to give her a chance to be one of his “Bitches.”

Max and his brother, Toby, both want to train her. However, their training takes her from the bar into their bed. Too late, she realizes the brothers have a secret that can only reject the love of a woman like her. When she foolishly puts herself in danger, they come for her, but should she run from them or embrace what she’s been told could destroy her?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Kalissa Alexander is a Siren-exclusive author.

Serving the Wolf's Den (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.0)

Serving the Wolf's Den (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,207
11 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Arghhh... this book was great until the last couple of chapters! What is it with authors and the characters going... "ooh, you were bastards to me but that is ok & I'll forgive you in a heartbeat & love you" .. Arghh.....



“Take off your shirt, Maura.”

She was stunned by his demand, but instinctively she knew if she didn’t do as he said, she could kiss any chance of getting the job good-bye. However, if she did, he would accuse her of being the kind of woman that would do the same for his customers, and that would be reason enough not to hire her. He had once again deliberately put her in a no-win situation. She wasn’t going to run out the door, so that only left her one option.

She looked down at her breasts. Her nipples were pushing painfully against the lightweight material of her T-shirt. She looked back up to see his eyes glued to her nipples. She weighed her words carefully.

“Okay. If baring my breasts is the only way to prove to you that I can be one of your Bitches, then I’ll do it. But I’ll never strip for you again, Mr. Andrews, so enjoy the show.”

“You must need the money pretty bad,” he said, and for the first time, she heard a softness creep into his voice that was practically her undoing. She bit her lip, this time almost drawing blood. With hands that shook, she started to pull the material away from her body.


Unwanted tears began to well up behind her eyelids. She felt her breasts lift upward and then fall as she pulled the material above her head. She knew her nipples, surrounded by her large, dark areolas, were rock hard for his viewing pleasure. The last thing she wanted was for him to think she was enjoying this. She thought she heard him curse. I won’t cry. I won’t give him the satisfaction.

“Goddamn it. Didn’t you hear me? I said that’s enough.”

Confused, she quickly pulled the T-shirt down to cover herself before she collapsed back into the chair. She forced herself to look at him. It took all her willpower not to burst into tears. She thought for a moment she saw sympathy in his eyes, but it was probably just the lighting.

“I didn’t expect you to do that, Maura.”

“Didn’t you? You wanted to know how much I wanted the job, and now you know.”

She watched him run his hands through his hair before he let out a sigh. “My gut tells me not to hire you. The women that work here are tough and know their way around drunks who want more from them than a drink.” He stopped, closing his eyes. “But Rhonda said you were very smart and quick and that it wouldn’t take long to train you.”

“She’s right. I’ve always been able to pick things up quickly.”

He opened his eyes, looking toward the ceiling, talking to himself as if she weren’t there. “She wouldn’t send me someone she didn’t think could handle the customers, or at least learn to.”

“Please, Mr. Andrews, you won’t be sorry. I promise.” She hated begging, but at this point, begging was nothing compared to what she had just done. Her frayed nerves were making it difficult for her to sit still. It seemed forever before he finally looked at her.

“You’re hired. When can you start?”

Before she could answer him, the door to his office swung open and the young man from the bar walked in. He stopped short when he saw her.

“Sorry. I forgot you were interviewing.”

“Toby, this is Maura Dow, our new Bitch.”

“Seriously? You hired her?”

“I just said that.”

“Well, I’d say this place is moving up in class.” Toby laughed and stuck out his hand toward Maura. “Welcome to the Wolf’s Den, Maura. I’m Toby.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too. I’m sure we’ll being seeing lots of each other since I’m one of the bartenders.”

He looked over at Max. “I’d be happy to help train her. She’s going to need to learn about all the special drinks we serve, and I know how hectic it can be on the floor. It’ll take some of the pressure off the girls.”

“I’m sure you would, brother. But between Katie and Rhonda and the other girls, I’m sure she’ll get whatever training she needs, and from what she tells me she’s a quick learner. Besides, you haven’t worked here that long yourself. I consider you still in training.”

“Ouch! You sure know how to make a guy look bad.”

“What do you want, Toby?”

“I was just going to tell you to add a few more bottles of rum to your liquor order. Seems that some of our women customers have been drowning in those sweet drinks lately.”

“Thanks, I’ll make note of it.”

Toby smiled at Maura. “You like strawberry daiquiris? That seems to be one of the favorites with the ladies.”

Max shook his head. “What Maura drinks is nothing for you to concern yourself with. Now, is there anything else, Toby?”

Ignoring Max’s dismissal, Toby said to Maura, “When do you start?”

“We were just about to discuss that when you came barging in here unannounced,” Max snapped.

“Well, then I guess I better leave you two to work things out.” Toby turned to leave but turned back to Maura with a grin on his face. “And Maura—such a pretty name—when you’re done working things out with Max, stop by the bar. I’d love to hear how you convinced him to hire someone under the age of thirty.”

Max just glared as Toby gave Maura an exaggerated bow before he walked out the door.

“That,” Max said, “is a good indication of what to expect when you meet the rest of the staff. He’s right, there isn’t one person working here who’s under the age of thirty except him, and the only reason he’s here is because he’s my brother.”

She should have known from their eyes. There was a definite physical resemblance, but from the few moments she had just spent in Toby’s company, the two men had totally different personalities, and that, she thought thankfully, was a good thing. Max would be hard enough to work with on a regular basis. Two like him would have been a nightmare.

“However”—Max’s voice took on that silky quality that made her heart skip a beat—“you’re not my sister. So you better keep your promise to be the best Bitch I’ve got working for me, or you’ll be gone so fast it will make you wonder if you ever worked here at all.”




“Tell me what you want, baby,” Max said, spreading her shirt open to expose her lacy white bra that he easily unclasped. Toby’s arms snaked around her to twist her hard nipples between his fingers, causing her to moan. It felt so good, so right.

“I want you both,” she choked out, feeling as if she were about to float off the ground.

Max smiled. His eyes devoured her breasts. “My God, you’re beautiful. Your body was made for us.”

Toby’s fingers released her nipples. He moved around her to stand beside Max. Max lifted her breasts upward, offering them to his brother. Toby bent his head to take each nub that he suckled and nipped at with his teeth. Max followed and did the same. The pleasurable sensations made her knees weak. “Suck them harder,” she begged.

“I know you want more, baby, so do we. First, take off your clothes. We need to see that wet pussy of yours.”

She didn’t hesitate. First she slipped off her shirt and then her bra before she kicked her jeans out of the way to remove her socks and shoes. Standing before them, she hooked her thumbs on either side of the white lace and began to wiggle her panties down her hips until they, too, were kicked into a pile with the rest of her clothes. She spread her legs slightly and looked down at what she knew they wanted. She moaned softly. “I need you in my pussy.”

Max picked her up in his arms. Toby grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair that had come free of her ponytail. It now hung over Max’s arm. His other hand pulled on her nipples again, manipulating them roughly, making her gush with her need.

“But before we do,” Toby said as he used her hair to force her to look at him, “I want to drink from those lips.” She strained upward, wanting to taste his lips against hers. She moaned, still held firmly in Max’s arms. How could she have thought she could live without this, without them?

Toby lifted his head and reached down to part her legs. “She’s so wet, Max. So wet and needy. Look at her pussy. It’s perfect. Shaved just the way we like it.”

“Yes, she’s more than we could have hoped for. But then, I knew she would be.”

Maura listened to the two brothers in a daze of wanton need. “You’re not disappointed, then?”

Toby lowered his head to her pussy. He pushed his tongue inside her. She strained against Max.

“You like that, Maura?” Max asked, taking her mouth with his before she could answer.

Toby’s tongue continued to probe her pussy and swollen clit. He looked up at Max. “She tastes so fucking good. You’re going to love sucking her cunt, Max. She’s got the perfect puffy little clit that needs to be pulled between my teeth until she screams for both our cocks.”

Max ended the kiss before answering Toby but continued to gaze into Maura’s lust-glazed eyes. “I’m going to enjoy sucking every inch of her, especially her cunt. And when I’m done, I’m going to start all over again until she begs us to fill her full of cum.”

They were talking about her like she was a much-desired toy that they had just purchased for a darkly erotic night of wild sex. Being referred to in the third person only intensified her desire. She squirmed in Max’s arms. They were driving her crazy. She needed their cocks.

“I’d say it’s time that our sweet little slut gets more than our hands and our lips, wouldn’t you, Toby?”

Toby followed them up the stairs and into Max’s room where Max stood her up next to the bed. “You want our cocks, baby?”

“Yes,” she said, licking her lips. “Make me your slut,” she whispered. Normally she would have thought the word slut debasing, but with them, it made her feel powerful in the most seductive way imaginable. Even with Tim, she had never voiced her wants or needs. But then he had never asked. He had just taken from her in whatever way he desired. As much as she hated him, she was grateful he had introduced her to anal sex. She was more than ready for whatever Max and Toby had in store for her pussy and her ass.

She watched them take off their shirts and pants, exposing their muscled bodies and finally their cocks that were long, thick, and so hard they were already dripping pre-cum. She licked her lips. She had never seen two more beautiful cocks or two men who were so gorgeous they could make her forget everything except her need to have them inside of her at the same time.

“On your knees, Maura,” Max ordered softly.

She fell to her knees in front of them. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted to suck their large cocks into her mouth. Who am I? I don’t care. I don’t care about anything except this moment and how good it feels.

She drew Max’s cock into her mouth first while she fondled Toby’s balls. She heard them both moan her name. She was their slut, and she was loving every minute of it as she alternated her mouth between the two men over and over, never tiring of their cocks. The ache inside her grew and with it the desire to swallow their cum.

“Maura.” Max breathed her name. “It’s time. You’ve never been with two men, have you?”

Maura reluctantly let Toby’s cock slowly slip from between her lips. “No.”

“Has a man ever used your ass for his pleasure?”


“And did you like it, Maura?” Toby asked.

Looking between the two brothers, she smiled. “I’ve only been with two men before and not together. Only one ever took me that way, but once I got used to it, I found it to be extremely pleasurable.”

This time Toby picked her up in his arms. He walked to the bed and turned her so she was lying down on top of Max, who was now lying across the bed. His hard cock pushed against her stomach.

“I want you to fuck me, Maura,” Max told her.


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