Kayla Knight

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Kayla Knight enjoys writing erotic romantic fiction and hopes to bring believable characters, with emotional depth, to the pages of her books. And of course some very hot love scenes, too.

Married to her own Mr. Right for many years, Kayla believes that there’s the perfect soul mate for everyone. That special someone who will see you through the bad times as well as the good.

Her love of animals, especially horses, can be seen in many of her books. With their own unique names, they add that extra layer to enhance a story.

The name Kayla means "keeper of the keys." Kayla hopes she can unlock your deepest fantasies and transport you to a warm, romantic place with her writing.

Q. What is a typical day in the life of Kayla Knight?

A. After breakfast I edit the previous day's writing. Then I answer all my emails. Once that is done, I then begin writing the next scene to whatever I’m working on.

Q. Who are Kayla Knight’s favorite romantic authors?

A. I have so many! It just wouldn’t be fair to single anyone out. Suffice to say, I love all the authors at Siren.

Q. What is Kayla Knight’s favorite color?

A. My favorite color has to be a deep, dark, purple. It is such a heady, romantic color, and it conjures up erotic love in my mind.

Q. Which are Kayla Knight’s favorite films?

A. I guess I’m a sucker for a romance film. I loved The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock. I also love Pretty Woman, and two tear-jerkers, Love Story and A Walk to Remember. Of course it’s all subjective. Everyone has their own opinion on what is romantic.

Q. What is next for Kayla Knight?

A. Writing more erotic romance books. I have a thousand ideas just waiting for their own story.




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