Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men (MFM)

Raw Texas Heat 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,747
101 Ratings (4.3)

[#383 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys]

Rugged Texas billionaire oilmen Jake McKenna and Brody Quinn head off into the mountains of Montana for a well-deserved month-long vacation. There’s plenty of good hunting and fishing around the isolated ranch house to keep them occupied.

Things heat up when they decide it’s far more exciting to hunt their beautiful personal assistant, Taylor Matthews, instead. Brody and Jake are Alpha males and very demanding.

Still hurting from a recent break up with a long-term boyfriend, Taylor has no intention of making it easy for the temptingly rich and very attractive oil barons. But what’s a girl to do? Just fantasize about the two gorgeous guys she works for? Or enjoy all they have to offer?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men (MFM)
101 Ratings (4.3)

Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men (MFM)

Raw Texas Heat 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,747
101 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great story. Another hit for these two talented writers.
A wonderful read. I was hooked from beginning to end. Looking forward to the next one. Please.
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men is the first in the Raw Texas Heat series, featuring a menage. Brody's character makes you fall in love with him quickly because you want to ease his pain. Jake comes across as an egotistical domineering male…but I loved him despite that. I was concerned about Taylor fitting in with Brody and Jake, feeling that she would not be enough woman to handle both of them. I was so happy to be proven wrong as the story continued. The sexual chemistry between Taylor and her men is off the charts and she fits between them literally, like she was made just for Jake and Brody. There is plenty of sex, all M/F with no hint of M/M. The sex with Taylor and Brody is very sensual and feels as though major healing is taking place. Taylor and Jake sexual actions are raw and raunchy and so very good. When the three get together and form the menage, the heat explodes off the pages. There are elements of M/F/M, anal, and oral play. There is a section of suspense in the story that I felt took away from Taylor and her men, but it was quickly over. Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men is a great start to the Raw Texas Heat series and I can't wait for the others." -- L.T. Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men is the first book in the Raw Texas Heat series. Brody’s despondency over his wife’s death is so true to life in a lot of situations. I liked that Jake was worried about his friend enough that he tried to force Brody to actively start living, instead of existing. Taylor is that catalyst, once the men look beneath the surface to the woman she really is. Taylor’s ex was so controlling to the point of possessiveness and I liked that Taylor realized it. Once Taylor, Brody and Jake get together, the chemistry between them is hot. There are two situations that are pivotal to the resolution of some problems that crop up between the three of them. Both situations are very true to life and will get your heart pounding. I am looking forward to reading the books in this series." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4.5 STARS: "I thought this was a ton of fun. Had some hilarious moments in the story and each character had interesting back stories that added to the book. I really liked Brody, he was almost hauntingly sad in the beginning and to see him blossom as he gets to know Taylor was amazing. Great read." -- Emily, Sensual Reads

4 STARS: "This Raw Texas Heat series starter is a novella of healing and love. While the plot may seem familiar, the sizzling hot sex and interesting characters make the reader continue turning the pages." -- Kayla Knight, RT Book Reviews

4 ROSES: "I absolutely loved this book. It was one that I could not put down. Let me say that Kayla Knight definitely put some raw heat into this book of hers. The characters are truly lovable and each dealing with issues of their own. Jake and Brody are best friends. Friends who have shared a lot since meeting twenty years ago. That list would include having shared women. Now Jake is the playboy who will never see himself in love or wanting just one women ever. While Brody has been in love and lost his wife to cancer a year prior. This where the fun starts. Jake wants Brody to snap out of the funk he is in and proposes they take a month vacation. In order for that vacation to happen, they have to find someone who can come with them for that month as their assistant. Enter Taylor Matthews. At first glance she seems like an unlikely choice for what Jake has in mind to happen while out on the trip. She has just gotten out of a terrible relationship and dresses mousy. Not someone with whom you would think would be with two billionaires like Jake and Brody. But actually that is the beauty of it. She appeals to them, even under all the mousy clothing and hideous glasses. I like that the men see her potential even through the facade that she cloaks herself in because of her past pain. Jake, Taylor and Brody all find each other at the right time and are what each other needs to get through the issues that they have. The friendship between the two men are believable and support the fact that they can share a woman together and both love her and still be the best of friends. I liked that. I liked that Taylor brought out the best in both men and in turn her uniqueness was shown. I came to care for each character and was able to fall in love with them and their story. It is erotic, sensual, spicy, fun, intense, believable story one that pulls you in with each page. I could not put it down, I had things I needed to get done, but every time I turned around I was reaching for this story. Loved it and I recommend it for other lovers of erotic romance with the taste of two cowboys and a sassy female heroine. Also might I add that the suspense though I sort of suspected what might come about still was pleasantly done and the plot very satisfying with a satisfying ending. I will be looking for more from this author. Favorite Quote: "These guys had been together for so long they'd become intuitive to one another. Now that seemed sexy as hell, and just a little bit dangerous. "Double the trouble" came to mind." -- Romancing the Book

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4 CHERRIES: "'A sex toy secretly hidden in her luggage by a friend as a joke does not make a woman a rampant nymphomaniac' or does it? I fell in love with this book from the start and had to laugh at myself when Ms. Knight started describing Jake and Brody I kept stopping and going back to check out the cover just to get a visual picture of the two men in all their hot sexy glory. Jack McKenna has an air of confidence and self-assurance that was a potent aphrodisiac to Taylor, and had me stopping to fan my face a few times, too. Personally I would label that man “too hot to handle” in my little black book. Being a love 'em and leave 'em type of guy, it made me wonder if the storyline would have a fairy tale ending or whether it be one of those happy for now types. Brody, Jack’s long time friend and partner, is the silent type and still mourning the death of his wife. He's not looking for a threesome or so he thinks until he finds himself enchanted by Taylor. The more he gets to know her the more he finds that it is time to return to the land of the living. Ms. Knight does such a great job of creating real, three-dimensional characters. There are some books that are so well written and the plot laid out in such away that it is as if you are right there, a part of the story and characters. This is one of those. You get the feeling that you actually know Jack, Brody, and Taylor and have a personal stake as a friend or family member in how things turn out for the three in the end. There are a few well-laid twists within the story and the road to Happy Ever After does not come easy. This book will definitely set your computer on fire and leave you with some hot graphic details to fuel your dreams." -- Myrtle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Jake whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck your lovely cunt over this pool table right now. You’re going to yield to me because I know that’s exactly what turns you on.”

His words ignited a flame deep inside her. Her stomach tensed as a delicious wanton feeling seared into her pussy. In all her life, she had never felt so sexy. The fact that Jake was making a pass right in front of his business partner turned her on even more. Just how this would all play out, she had no idea, but it excited the hell out of her.

She stood, transfixed, unable to move an inch. Like an animal caught in a trap, she awaited her fate, helpless to resist.

Jake pushed her against the pool table. His hard cock pressed against the back of her dress. She tried to convince herself that everything would be just fine. Breathe, Taylor, breathe.

She braced her hands on the table, flexing her fingers as his heat enveloped her.

“Go with the flow,” he whispered again in her ear. His one hand moved to circle her waist, his other hand caressed the nape of her neck with soft strokes of his fingers.

His cool lips trailed over her neck. She closed her eyes. At that precise moment, he owned her. She was his to do with as he pleased. Every last vestige of fight had been drained from her. His hands smoothed down her curves to the hem of her dress, and he roughly lifted it, exposing her ass and the tiny G-string that barely covered it, until it was rucked up around her waist. He threaded his fingers inside the lacy strip of material. The intimate touch of flesh on flesh sent a bolt of electricity surging through her veins.

“Mmm, Taylor, this is so sexy.” Without a second thought, he yanked the flimsy lace from her body, ripping it in two. The G-string tore noisily in the quiet of the cabin.

“Jake.” She gasped as her underwear fell to the floor ruined.

“Darlin’, I’ll buy you some new ones.”

Pinned in place, she felt the zipper of her dress being drawn down. The type of dress meant she didn’t wear a bra. Any moment now and she would be completely exposed in front of two men, but she didn’t care. Jake’s persuasive nature meant she couldn’t resist.

The decadent aroma of the finest Havana tobacco drifted to her nostrils. In her mind, it conjured up their power and potent masculinity. It perfectly described the kind of men Jake and Brody were.

Her dress was peeled from her shoulders and pulled down around her waist, trapping her forearms in the garment. Her full breasts bounced free. She stared into Brody’s eyes. His pupils were wide and dilated with desire.

“Isn’t she perfect?” Jake murmured to Brody as he pressed her hard against the table.

Brody sat on the opposite side of the pool table, looking relaxed. He puffed on his cigar. His eyes were narrowed and concentrated on her. “Great breasts and definitely childbearing hips.” A clear reference to their conversation at dinner.

“Mmm, that reminds me. Hold this, Taylor.” A wrapped condom was thrust into her hand.

With her heart beating ever faster, she stared into Brody’s eyes. A sexy smile slanted his lips as he drew once more on his cigar. He blew the smoke upward, still focused on her. Their connection felt tenfold. She wanted Brody as much as she wanted Jake. She knew they were working in tandem when Brody raised his gaze. He must have looked at Jake because almost immediately, Jake’s strong hands covered her breasts. His fingers and thumbs squeezed together, trapping her nipples exquisitely between them until she arched back against Jake’s chest. He’d removed his shirt, and the contact with his skin burning into hers, hard and masculine, assaulted her senses.

With one hand, Jake smoothed a path to her waist and down to her butt. His fingers molded over her ass and into the cleft.

“As ripe and smooth as a peach, Brody.” He pushed her legs wider, spreading them with his own. Barely able to move, Taylor braced her hands against the side of the pool table. When Jake pushed his hand between her legs, she moaned out loud as two fingers penetrated her pussy. This felt so forbidden and erotic. Two men intent on her pleasure and their own. “Goddamn. As juicy as a peach, too. Now I know you’re turned on by this, little darlin’, big time.”

Brody stared at her body. How she wanted him to touch her, too. His gaze adored her breasts, which heaved with her increased breathing. Jake’s one hand caressed her breasts, massaging them, teasing her nipples. His other hand finger-fucked her pussy. A tight coil of desire began to pulsate low in her stomach. Building, building, ready to explode.

When Brody’s gaze moved down her body, she held her breath and gasped as Jake circled her clit with his fingers. It was clear they were working as a team. They could read each other’s thoughts and desires perfectly. The combination of Jake’s teasing fingers filling her cunt and their gentle, soft strokes against her clitoris sent her into ecstasy. Her stomach muscles contracted, and she moaned, almost whimpering, as the most raw and potent orgasm spasmed through her body.

When it had finally subsided, she could barely stand. Jake took the foil-wrapped condom from her hand. As she fought for breath, he spoke behind her. “I sure enjoyed your purrs, little darlin’. They’re a real turn-on.”

She heard the unmistakable noise of a zipper and then the sound of a foil packet being ripped open. All the time, Brody watched. His one hand holding the cigar. His eyes connected with hers, holding her captive with his gaze.

“Brace yourself,” said the voice from behind her.

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