I am now retired and free to realize my dream of writing. I have always enjoyed everything paranormal and characters that are just a bit out of the norm, people who aren’t quite perfect, but make everyone’s lives around them more interesting.

 Living in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona, I tend to do things very early in the morning outside, taking my pug Caesar for a walk then spending the rest of my day writing. I can always be found leaning over my laptop and enjoying the process of creating characters who are fun, colorful, and a little eccentric.

 I love to let my imagination run away with me, envisioning other worlds and the beings on them. Sometimes, though, it’s more challenging to keep my mind focused on earth and wonder about the world around us and what really is out there, among us, hiding in plain sight.

 I hope you enjoy my books and thank you for your interest in them. I’m always happy to hear feedback, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Q: What do you like to write about?

A: Almost always paranormal creatures. I like to make them people just like everyone else only with a little something extra. Folks with the same issues we all have and a few we don’t.

Q: Do you have a schedule for your day?

A: No. I write whenever the mood strikes me. I try to do my editing in the morning when I’m fresh in the mind. Being a consummate night owl I usually am up all night writing away.

Q: Do you have a pug dog?

A: Guilty. Yes I do. His name is Caesar and he has me well trained.

Q: Have you always wanted to write and why didn’t you?

A: Wanting and being able to are two different things. As I was my sole support I had to take care of business and go to work like everyone else. But yes, I have most assuredly always wanted to write and knew I would someday.

Q: What fields have you worked in?

A: Let’s see. Long distance operator, field hand, survey technician, secretary, truck driver, customer service representative and a lot more I can’t even remember. My goal is to be remembered for one thing. My writing.

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