The Guardian Pug (MM)

Guardian 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,283
14 Ratings (3.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Ty Alexander's eighteen, gay, and a Chinese Pug shifter who has his own guardian angel!

Saber Dragonovic is a dragon crown prince who is looking for his mate. His father, the king, gives him one year to search. Either way he has to return home.

When Saber meets his mate, Ty, he takes him "home" to a run-down ranch needing lots of TLC, hoping his mate will love him for the man he is and not for the crown he wears. While Saber and Ty struggle to restore the ranch, can they fall in love along the way? The clock is ticking and Saber's time is running out…

Will Ty want Saber when he discovers his mate hasn't been honest about who he really is? Will he leave when he finds out about Saber needing to produce heirs?

Saber's wife-to-be doesn't want competition. She has plans of her own.

Can their love stand the pressure of a monarchy?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Guardian Pug (MM)
14 Ratings (3.7)

The Guardian Pug (MM)

Guardian 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,283
14 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Great idea. Poorly written.
Sex was hot but the story was very anti cliimate. I wouldn't put it on my must read again list nor would I encourage you to buy this book.
Softcover C



A few days later Ty was busy at work, and in walked a “suit.” The man was wearing what looked like Armani, probably costing more than Ty’s annual salary, so he knew he had to be an attorney. Sure enough, he was right.

As he shook Ty’s hand he introduced himself. “My name is Thomas P. Sinclair, attorney-at-law, and I have come a long way to see you. I represent your great uncle, Mr. Gregory P. Alexander, who lived in Boston, as do I. Your great uncle departed this world at the age of ninety-three from natural causes, and he left the bulk of his estate to you, his last living heir,” Mr. Sinclair stated. “Unfortunately, Mr. Alexander wasn’t notified of your parents’ demise, or he would have contacted you long ago. I am sorry for that mishap.”

“It’s okay—things happen,” Ty said sadly. He still missed his parents.

When Mr. Sinclair told him what his great uncle left him, Ty choked on his bottled water, spraying it everywhere, including the attorney’s Armani suit. The man never even flinched.

After spending the better part of an hour trying to calm Ty down from his hysterical peals of laughter and assuring Ty this was legitimate, he advised Ty to call a local attorney for verification.

They called, and after speaking briefly with Mr. Sinclair, the secretary advised them that the man would see them right away.

The attorney reviewed the paperwork, pronounced it legal, and told Ty where to sign. Then he was taken to his bank, where Mr. Sinclair gave the nice lady a bunch of numbers and transferred $850,000 to his account. Ty kept asking the lady at the bank if this was real money he could spend now or play money or monopoly money or what? She gave him a few strange glances but smiled and said yes, this was real money. Even with all their assurances, Ty kept waiting for someone to ask him for his credit card number.

After they completed their business, Mr. Sinclair gave Ty all the information he would require to have more money placed into his account when he was ready. Then he said farewell as he walked to his very nice Beemer parked down the street.

Ty stood there on the sidewalk totally puzzled, looking around. To say he was in shock was putting it much too mildly. He didn’t think they had a word for what he was. Someone should invent one. He walked down the street, walked into his job, and quit. Ty’s boss had never been nice to him, so screw him.

He went home, ate a bite, and after taking a shower, called a cab and went to the local city. After hitting a couple of places, he was still on the meter, so the cab driver helped Ty pick out a nice last-year’s-model Lexus SUV. Yes, he got the big one with all the bells and whistles. Hey, it may not be a red-and-white vintage corvette, but he planned on travelling. He’d start with the US of A. Might as well drive in style and comfort. A person could get used to this. Ty figured he would spend as much of that money as he could before someone discovered their mistake.

When Ty arrived home, Pug was sitting on his front doorstep eyeing him over. “Looks very stylish, young master. Are you taking a trip? May I aid in finding you some good luggage? Maps?” he asked.

Ty just laughed at him. He said, “Pug, you won’t believe it, someone made a really big mistake, huge! They gave me money! Me. Can you imagine that? I figured I’d buy a nice SUV and get out of Dodge and go see some country. What do you think?”

“Oh, no mistake, sir. It is your money. There was a mistake, yes, but it was due to the fact you got lost in the foster care system.”

“What are you talking about, Pug?”

“Well, sir, when you became a ward of the court, no one notified your Uncle Gregory, so he never came round to collect you. I am sorry about that,” Pug said sadly.

“That’s not your fault. Don’t sweat it. Wait…are you saying that money is real?”

A half hour later found Ty sitting on his old couch where Pug had deposited him, with a paper bag in his hand still blowing into it. “Well,” he said. “Now that we have that under control, we can talk about the rest,” Pug stated.

Ty sat looking at Pug with what he knew to be a leery expression on his face. The rest? The rest of what? And did he want to know?




Saber suckled on Ty’s earlobe, getting a full-body shudder in response. Good to know, he thought to himself. He had just found a hot spot. He’d be sure to commit that to memory. Tonight, Saber wanted to learn what made Ty respond. Saber wanted to please his mate in every way possible, and he intended to mentally catalog every single moan and squirm.

He kissed Ty’s neck, moving up to his jaw, skimming across his cheek, and ending at his mouth. Tasting Ty again was imperative. Needing more, he slid his tongue across the plump lower lip, roughly demanding entrance. His mate opened for him willingly. Saber dived right in, circling Ty’s tongue, sucking on the appendage, and causing a whimper. Going deeply into his mate’s mouth and exploring, he knew he would never get enough of those kisses.

Needing Ty more than anything in his long life, he kissed long and hard, first plunging in fast with his tongue, taking no prisoners. The big man was consuming Ty then backing off, becoming gentle to the point of barely touching lips. Ty loudly protested and then grabbed Saber in his disapproval and held on for dear life. Back and forth it went on until he saw the passion rising in the face of his man. The kiss went on and on until they were both overwhelmed with desire. Just as he reached for Ty’s silky cock, Ty screamed and erupted all over Saber’s hand, chest, and stomach. Ty turned beet red, seeming enormously humiliated. “Why are you embarrassed, my love?” Saber asked, confused.

Ty turned his head away, only to have it pulled back so he had to face Saber. “I lost control. I came from kissing just like a kid.” Ty rolled his eyes.

“Do you know how that makes me feel? What it does for my ego? I have news for you, sweetheart. I was just about to shoot my load right along with you,” Saber said as he kissed Ty softly. “Don’t ever be embarrassed by what we do together. If you want to come, come! Personally? Making you come from kissing makes me feel like a God! Really, I don’t mind at all my love. Now, let me see if I can do that to you again.”

Ty giggled as Saber slid down Ty’s gorgeous body, placing featherlight kisses on his way to his right nipple. The light-brown disc stuck right up for Saber, so he licked and sucked the puckered flesh until Ty was wiggling under him, moaning and begging. “Please Saber, please, I need…” Saber liked the way Ty responded to his touches. He worked his way to the left nipple and repeated the process, always running one of his hands under Ty. He kneaded those beautiful ass cheeks, massaging and rubbing. He ran his hands up and down the backs of his legs, then up to his back, always keeping his hand busy over the back of Ty’s body while working his mouth over the front.

Ty was so gorgeous in his passion, arching his back up with his mouth open and his eyes half-open and unfocused. Ty was noisy and babbled on constantly.

“Oh my gods. Oh my gods. Oh my gods!” Over and over, Ty yelled over and over, spiking Saber’s own passion to the point he didn’t know if he would be able to hold back until he could get sink into that fine ass.

Saber decided he wasn’t done giving Ty pleasure by a long shot. He followed the sparse chest hair downward, licking as he went. He stuck his tongue in Ty’s belly button, circling, biting, making Ty jerk. He gasped continually, talking, moaning, totally absorbed with what his mate was doing with him.

Saber followed the light treasure trail downward so lightly it felt like a feather on Ty’s skin. He didn’t touch Ty’s beautiful cock, but instead sucked and nipped sharply, raising red marks on his path, going from to one hip bone to the other, never quite touching the prize. He licked first one crease between thigh and groin and then the other, always keeping the hand busy on Ty’s back. By now Ty was frantic with want. He didn’t know what to do. He was so lost in passion. He babbled on loudly with nonsense, unable to create a word, his mind having melted into a puddle.

Finally going back to the throbbing cock bouncing around as Ty bucked and jumped, Saber stuck his face in Ty’s pubic hair and breathed in deeply. Gods his man smelled good! His hand was working its way down Ty’s back to his crease, pushing it open. Just as he touched the pink star between Ty’s globes with his thumb, Saber turned his head a bit and licked the base of his mate’s cock. Just once. Ty screamed and came so forcefully his cum shot straight up in ropes so high Saber saw it hit the top of the tent. Ty’s cum finally came back to earth landing all over Saber’s face as he looked up. Then the mates looked at each other in absolute surprise, breaking into huge smiles and laughing! What a joy his mate was. It suddenly occurred to Saber he had never laughed during sex before. Why not? What was it about his little man that made him so happy as to bring fun into sex?

Saber wiped his face and licked his fingers. Ty’s cream was so sweet and yet salty at the same time. Delicious! As Ty watched, he began to get really turned-on again. Saber reached down and swooped in to take the head of Ty’s cock, sucking so hard he hollowed out his cheeks. He swirled his tongue around, at the same time going for the nerves at the base of his helmet.

Ty was now officially coming completely apart at the seams. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Ty wailed over and over. Babbling nonsense words, Ty shrieked, “Damn it, Saber, fuck me!” Why wouldn’t the man fuck him? No one had ever taken the time to touch him in such ways. But now, Ty needed to be fucked, and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.


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