[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Shy skunk shifter Reggie Vargas wants his mate, but can he handle a huge, mean spirited, cursing loudmouth like werewolf alpha Corbin James?
Reggie is small and tends to see the world in black-and-white.  His biggest worry in life is controlling his sprays, until he meets his mate.
Corbin has a reputation for hurting his lovers, and he wonders if he can be gentle enough for the small man, as he’s lost his humanity years ago.
The alpha also has other problems, like a wife who won’t go away and is determined to kill his newly discovered true mate, being just a few. Most importantly, how does Corbin protect his toddler triplets and mate from the uncaring, psycho mother. And will Reggie even accept his cubs?
When Reggie is repeatedly attacked, Corbin learns what he treasures most. Resolute, can Corbin become the mate, father, and good man Reggie knows he can be?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Reggie's Meadow (MM)
13 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this book. The contrast between the MC's were the best part of the story. Very alpha and very sweet and the sex was scorching. Can't wait for the rest of the series
Very cbarming read. Loved Reggie and his alpha. Very good plot.




“Come out, mate. I know you’re in there somewhere, and it’s only a matter of time before I find you. Are you in this den?” Corbin asked, as he walked to one of the holes, looking in.

Reggie stuck his head out of his den again, a tiny bit, seeing a big man looking down into one of his dens. Spotting Reggie, the man stood up, making the tiny animal dart back down into the dark. The big wolf walked over, kneeled down and in a deep voice that went straight to Reggie’s cock, he whispered, “I see you. Come on out sweetheart, I won’t hurt you.”

The small skunk gathered up all of his courage, then poked his head back up out of the den. Looking at a pair of big feet, attached to long muscled legs, the small creature looked up, as he suddenly wanted to see more of the gorgeous man. What Reggie spied was a big redheaded man. No wait, a very naked, big redheaded man. A very well endowed, big redheaded man. Even though he was extremely frightened, he thought the man was beautiful, filling him with desire, as he stared at the man. As the mountain kneeled down, Reggie looked up into the man’s smiling green eyes.

The skunk jolted, reacting to something inside him snapping into place. By the gods, Reggie had just mated and he suddenly felt peace and happiness surge through him like never before. The huge man’s thoughts reached out to him. The small skunk’s empathic abilities kicked in and he felt his mate’s emotions. Attraction, longing, desire and lust, but also fear. Perhaps his mate was as anxious as he was?

He decided to take a chance, and let his mate see him. He climbed out of his den, fluffing his fur, making himself pretty for his mate.

“My, aren’t you a gorgeous little thing?” the big man said as he chuckled, his erection slapping at his pelvis.

“I hope you have black eyes like that in human form, baby. I love black eyes, they’re so sexy. Will you show yourself to me? Please?” Corbin asked, even as he surprised himself. He couldn’t remember the last time he said the word “please” to anyone.

Reggie stood, looking up at the man, and blinked. Could he really do this? What if his big wolf mate didn’t like him? Well, there was only one way to find out. His brothers always said, no problem, simple, simple, so Reggie went for it. He shifted into human form, backing up, embarrassed at his own erection. He held his hands over his man parts as he waited for his mate to say something.

“Oh—you’re a man. Okay,” Corbin chuckled. “By the gods and fate, you are still the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen. I always thought my mate would be female, but I have to say, I’m not disappointed in any way, little one. Don’t cover yourself in front of me. I want to see all of you, get to know all of you. Will you hold my hand? I promise not to hurt you. I just need to touch you.”

“Okay,” Reggie squeaked out. He dropped his hands slowly, as he walked over to his mate. The big man went down on his knees, taking Reggie’s hand, kissing the palm, holding it and closing his eyes as he scented and tasted his mate. Corbin tried his best to ignore the perfect little cock bouncing in front of him as his body shuddered. Gods how he wanted to take this gorgeous young man down like a deer and devour him.

“I never thought I’d find you. You were well worth the wait, little one. May I kiss you? Please?” Corbin asked, as he puzzled over that strange “please” word again.

Reggie had a visceral reaction to his mate, making him whimper with need. His eyes hooded and his body yearned for the man to take him and do whatever he wanted. He may be frightened, but there was no denying the man was his mate. No one else could make him tremble with need. He wanted this man with a desire he had never felt and didn’t know what to do about. At least his mate looked old enough to be experienced, so he’d surely know.

Corbin took the small brunet into his arms, holding him close. “Yes, that’s it, baby. Let me hear your noises, it tells me you want and need me as I do you.”

Reggie came to his senses long enough to remember what he was about to say, when his body had taken over. “I–I don’t think you should kiss me yet. I really want you to, but I want to know you better before I do that. I–I mean, what’s your name?”

 “I am Corbin James, and you? May I also ask how skunks mate?” Corbin asked, trying to change the subject, so he’d stop wanting to taste that beautiful little cock.

“Reggie Vargas. We know by scent and then when we see our mate’s eyes we know for sure,” Reggie answered, but conversely didn’t tell the man that by looking into those gorgeous green eyes, he had already mated Corbin.

“Okay, well wolves…Wait, maybe I shouldn’t go into that yet. May I ask how old you are, sweetheart?” Corbin was concerned as his mate looked awfully young.

“I’m fifty-eight, and you?”

“Three hundred fifty-six, is that acceptable to you?” the alpha answered, as he looked into those frightened black eyes.

Any other time, Corbin would have thrown a cub that young back, telling him to come see the alpha when he put on a hundred years, but this was his mate. He was legally an adult, if just barely, thank the gods. It would have been sheer torture to wait for him to come of age.

“Yeah sure, that’s great. Umm, what do we do now?” Reggie asked, shrugging and looking at his toes.

Corbin didn’t know how to react to his shy, very young, newly found mate, so he made a horrible mistake and reverted to his entrenched personality.

“Now I take you home. You’ll live with me now, where you belong, you’re mine. We’ll get to know each other a little better if that’s what you want, and then we’ll mate and be happy,” Corbin said firmly.

“I can’t move in with you, Corbin. Not yet. My family has to meet you first and they’ll want me to get to know you, to make sure we’re a good fit.”




As the alpha rose, he lifted Reggie like he weighed nothing, still kissing him, and traveled down the hall, slamming into the walls as he went. Reggie broke the kiss as his wolf growled and he laughed.

Corbin loved that about his man. He breathed life into the alpha and made him happy. He hadn’t laughed or even smiled in so long. He couldn’t remember the last time, before he met Reggie.

They finally made it to the bedroom. Corbin sat his mate down on the edge of the bed, kneeling and removing his worn sneakers and socks, making a mental note to get his man a new wardrobe. Then he unbuttoned the shirt and pulled the material from his man’s torso.

“Please stand, love,” Corbin said while looking at his mate, who was embarrassed. When Reggie stood up, Corbin popped the top button of his jeans, and then slowly slid the zipper down. When the jeans and briefs hit the floor, Corbin gasped.

“You’re perfect, baby. I thank the gods you’re mine,” he said as he pulled the small man closer, hugging him. When he released him, Reggie was so embarrassed his ears were glowing.

“Why be embarrassed with me, sweetheart? I intend to see you like this for centuries, so we might as well get used to each other, don’t you think?” the big man said as he winked. His clothes had fallen to the floor as he was speaking.

Reggie only nodded, looking at his feet.

“Get up on the bed, baby.”

Reggie did as told, but stopped when he heard Corbin choke out a gasp.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just that you’re so—you’re so beautiful,” the alpha whispered as he lay out on the bed with his mate.

Covering Reggie with his much larger frame, Corbin began to gently and not so gently bite his way down his lover.

“Oh. Oh. Ohh,” the skunk said softly as he prayed out the words.

When his lover got to his thighs and bit the inside, Reggie came unglued, beginning to chatter. Who knew he liked to be bitten? He sure didn’t. But this was indescribable pleasure-torture and when Corbin lightly bit his balls while tugging on them, he screamed and shot long ropes of pearls into the air, with it landing all over his alpha. Reggie’s eyes got huge and then he went into peals of laughter, giggling so hard he almost fell off the bed.

“What’s so damn funny?” Corbin growled at him.

“You. Your eyes got really big and you looked totally shocked. Umm, I’m sorry I did that. Isn’t it right?” Reggie asked as it finally hit him that perhaps what he did was bad.

Corbin looked at him, shook his head and started to rumble. The rusty sound turned into a laugh, sort of. At last it worked into a full blown belly laugh, the sound having a depth only much larger animals had, like maybe a rhino.

Reggie watched his mate until he came to his senses, narrowing his eyes into slits. Opening his mouth to tell his mate off, he was cut off.

“I like being with you. No one else makes me laugh or even smile. No one else argues with me either. As long as we do the arguing in private, I think I’ll like that, too. You make me happy, Reggie. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten how to be happy. Thank you, my love.”

It made Reggie’s heart hurt that Corbin had gone so long without laughing or smiling, much less being happy. What happened to make him that way?

Corbin leaned down, taking his small mate into his mouth, sucking Reggie’s cock down, taking it down to the root. His lover’s cock wasn’t that big, but it was a perfect, six inch cock nevertheless, and for a man his size he was well endowed.

As the alpha worked the shaft, his lover bucked and babbled. On and on he went, chattering, trilling and babbling, making Corbin experience pure ecstasy as it raced through his body. He had never had a noisy lover, the noises combined with the responsiveness of his baby’s body made him harder than granite. When Reggie arched his back and stilled, coming for the second time, the smell, the sight, the noise coming from the brunet was too much for him and it pulled his release from him. Corbin relaxed after a bit and licked his lover clean, then let the flaccid shaft slide from his mouth. What a pity, he tasted so good.

Reggie came back to earth slowly. Oh gods, no wonder everyone talked about sex and tried to molest their mates constantly. This was like nirvana and his meadow all in one. It was great! He lay there grinning as his man got up to do something. When he came back with a warm cloth and towel to clean his mate, Reggie knew this was better than anything he had ever heard of. This was sex? Cool, he could do this.

Corbin laid the towels down and pulled open his nightstand drawer, bringing out some lube. Reggie knew that was for relieving himself, as his brothers had taught him, but what was Corbin doing?

The big wolf lay down, drawing Reggie over the top of his body, spreading his legs with his own much larger ones. When he slid his fingers down between Reggie’s perfect globes and touched the little pink star, the skunk shuddered, chattered and his eyes got big.

“It’s okay, I’ll take it slow,” Corbin purred.

Reggie began to worry his bottom lip. Maybe what they had done wasn’t sex? What was this man doing to him?

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