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Lea Kinkade lives and writes in the Midwest where she lives with her husband of twelve years, their three young children and their two Yorkie-Poos, Cubbie and Pixie. Yep, that's Cubbie for the Chicago Cubs. What can ya do? It's too late to change it now. He actually answers to it. Pixie just because she's so small. She weighs four and one-half pounds.

Lea became hooked on romance books in her early teens and fantasized about being an author when she was younger. Real life crept in and Lea went to college and graduate school still fantasizing about the what if's of becoming an author.

Over the past several years, Lea discovered the joys of reading erotic romance when her husband gave her a Kindle for Christmas. Best present ever, by the way. After hundreds of downloads, and some encouragement from her wonderful husband, her dream of becoming an author took on new life. She put pen to paper and literally wrote her first novel on legal pads. After typing it into her computer and tweaking it a little, Lea decided to take a chance and sent it into her favorite publisher (favorite because a lot of the books she had read were published here), Siren Publishing. 

With the continued support of her husband and children, Lea has now written a second book in The Chisholms of Texas series and started on the third and fourth. Her children were so excited when they heard mommy was going to be a published author that they haven't stopped talking about it. She doesn't even think they realize what it means yet. They certainly aren't going to be allowed to read it for quite a while. 

When not writing or doing research, Lea loves to volunteer at her children's school and read other people's writing. Scrapbooking is also a long-time hobby and Lea has a whole room in her house dedicated to this obsession. 

Q: What's the hardest thing about writing? 

A: Keeping my office stocked with legal pads. I write a lot of scenes in a legal pad in longhand before I type it into the story and I go through a lot of them. 


Q: How often do you write? 

A: Every day. I try to write or edit for several hours every day. 


Q: Where do you get your ideas? 

A: Everywhere. Lyrics to a song, my fantasies, snippets of ideas from something I read or saw. 


Q: Do you work on more than one book at a time? 

A: With this series I have found myself working on more than one book at a time. All the books are connected in a way since I'm dealing with a family in the same town. I've needed to know some of what was going to happen in a subsequent story while I was working on another one. I wrote parts of the next story to get that information. 


Q: Why do you write? 

A: Because I have to. It just needs to come out in some form or another. I chose writing. 


Q: What do you consider necessary to the writing process? 

A: Legal pads and pens, music playing in the background and the kids being in school. 


Q: What are you working on now? 

A: I am finishing edits to the second novel in The Chisholms of Texas, I Got A Feelin’, and have started the third novel, Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right


Q: Why cowboys?

A: You're kidding, right? 


Q: What do you consider to be the most important element of a successful novel? 

A: Storyline. 


Q: What do you like to read? 

A: Erotic romance and suspense or mystery erotica. Lately I've been reading some paranormal erotic romances. 


Q: What did you do when you found out Siren wanted to publish your first book? 

A: I screamed then printed a copy of the e-mail and took it to my husband in the shower. Let me tell you, when I whipped open that shower curtain, he was nearly surprised as I had been. 


Q: What is the easiest/hardest part of writing?

A: The easiest part of writing is when I have a clear idea of how the story line should go and I am putting it down to paper. The hardest part of writing is when a character does not want to be written yet. I have had that happen in this series. Jessie and Rio's story was originally slated to be the second book in the series but they weren't ready to be written so I moved on to another couple. 


Q: What is your favorite part about being an author? 

A: Writing my synopsis, where I write in my legal pads all of the ideas I have for the story line and flesh out the characters. 


Q: When did you know you first wanted to write? 

A: I fantasized about it when I first started reading romances when I was a young teen. I seriously thought about it after college, but was starting my career and didn't think I had enough time. After I got sick and went into remission, I decided to do some of those things I had only dreamed of and so I wrote a book that had been in my head for some time. It ended up being the basis for Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? 


Q: Do you have any hobbies or interests besides writing? 

A: I volunteer a lot at my kids' school. Their school is big on using parental volunteers. I love to read and I scrapbook/craft a lot when I am not writing.

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