Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right (MF)

The Chisholms of Texas 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,077
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]

Dillon Chisholm is not an easy man, but he is overworked. He is a dominant male who likes to be in charge at all times. Needing to hire another veterinarian to help him at the ranch, Dillon interviews Abigail Barnes. Dillon knows immediately she is the woman for him. However, as his student, she is off-limits for the next year. Will he be able to keep his hands off her? If his feelings aren't reciprocated, will Abby cry sexual harassment when Dillon makes his feelings for her known?

Abby is not looking for another dominant male in her life. Her father had been dominant in a bad way and had ruled her life until his death nearly five years ago. Now Abby is finally able to do what she wants. Will she be willing to give away control to a man, even if it is only in the bedroom?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right (MF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right (MF)

The Chisholms of Texas 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,077
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Hot and Steamy! This series is so very good.
Barefoot Okie

Story Excerpt


“Do you realize this is the first time we’ve danced together since you moved to the Ranch? Why do you suppose that is?”

“You…you’re my boss. It’s not really appropriate for us to be dancing together, especially to the slow songs.” 

“Who says, Abby? Besides, technically I’m not your boss again until Monday.” He had lowered his head so that he could talk into her ear and it caused a shiver to run up and down the length of her spine. He chuckled as if he knew the effect he was having on her.

“Well, I guess, I say. I’m not comfortable dancing with my boss.”

“Good thing we can ease into that over the weekend, because I plan on dancing with you a lot in the future,” he said with an enigmatic smile. He moved smoothly into a fast-moving two-step as the music changed yet again.

“Shit. What are you talking about, Dillon?” She had goose bumps on her arms from when he talked into her ear like that. Shit. He’d never talked to her like that. What was he doing? If she didn’t know any better, she would say he was putting the moves on her. 

But that couldn’t be. He hadn’t shown a lick of interest in her for two years. What had suddenly changed his mind? He seemed very intent this evening and she didn’t want to think about what he was so intent about.

“I’ve waited two years for you, Abby. Two damn long years. I’m not waiting anymore. I’m coming after you, baby.” There went those goose bumps again as she faltered a bit in the dance from the words and the intense way he was talking to her. She had to get away from him fast before she did something she’d regret like fall on her back in the middle of the dance floor and beg him to take her right there.

“I think I’m done.” When she saw the triumphant smile begin to light up his face, she added, “Dancing, that is. I need to cool off and get a drink.” Abby tried to pull away from him as she walked off the floor and back to an empty chair at the table, but he maintained possession of her hand as they went, talking to a couple of people in passing before they made it back to the table.

“Sure, baby. I think I could stand to cool off, too. Looks like we’re just in time to put our drink order in.” 

“I think you should cool off, too.” Abby muttered her favorite swear word to herself as he escorted her back to the table and proceeded to sit in an empty chair right next to her.

“What was that, baby?” he asked with a smile.

“Nothing. Just wondering what was going on with you. Why you’re acting so weird.” 

“I’m not acting weird, Abby. I’m just acting different than I used to around you. Better get used to it. Did you get moved into your new apartment all right?” he asked as he leaned into her so that his lips were next to her ear. The loud music prevented them from being able to speak quietly and privately. The moist heat of his breath on her neck caused a shiver to skitter down her spine.

“Yes,” she replied with a nod of her head. “All moved in.” She had learned to hold her own with this man on the job, but her voice still trembled and stumbled when they talked outside of work. Not that they did that very much. Dillon was very careful to keep his distance since that disastrous night she had jumped into his arms after they had birthed the colt with the Ranch’s prize mare, Razzle Dazzle, pulling the colt out of the mare and saving both horses’ lives. At least, he had been until tonight.

“Good. I need to talk to you a bit more privately, Abby. Let’s go to your apartment where it’s more quiet.” He spoke in her ear again, causing another shiver to shudder down her spine and lodge into the base of her spine.

His words sounded to her like an order and she bristled. “Can’t this wait until Monday, Dillon? I’m not on the clock now.”

“No, Abby, this isn’t about work. This is something personal. I need to talk to you alone. Let’s go to your apartment so we can discuss this privately,” he reiterated as he stood up and held his hand out to her to help her up, obviously expecting her to go along with whatever he wanted. She was in deep shit.

Although put-off by his presumptive tone, Abby was also curious. She nodded her head and put her hand in his. When skin met skin, it was like a jolt of electricity crawled up her arm, slammed through her body, and went straight to her clit. What could he possibly want to talk to her about that wasn’t work related? Did she want to talk to him about anything that wasn’t work related? She didn’t really know.

She’d had the hots for Dillon since the interview for the clinical internship at the Ranch more than two years ago. He had never done anything to indicate he felt the same way. In fact, he seemed to go out of his way to make sure her infatuation with him was short-lived. Too bad it hadn’t worked. Oh, she did her best to hide it, but she wasn’t sure she’d done a good enough job.


Adult Excerpt


Dillon brought his hands up to fondle her generous breasts. They were the perfect size. They filled his hands to overflowing. Her nipples were pert and a dusky rose in color. Using his thumbs, he rubbed over her nipples, making them even harder. He moved one hand down over her stomach and swept his fingers through the lips of her pussy. She was hot and slick. Finding her entrance, he slipped one finger into her and she moaned softly. He pulled the finger out and let it trail over her clit before sliding it into her again. She swayed into his touch as he continued fingering her pussy.

He could see she was watching his hands on her body through heavy lids as he brought the hand that had been massaging her breasts up under her hair to the nape of her neck. Gently, he pulled her head back so that her lips were where he wanted them. While he took her mouth in another devastating kiss, he delved into her pussy with two fingers, sliding them in and out, roving over her clit whenever he withdrew his fingers from her hot folds.

Nipping hungrily at her lips, he panted, trying to regain control over both his emotions and his body. His cock was rigid against his stomach and he felt like he was going to explode any second. He definitely wanted to come, but he wanted to taste her sweet honey first. She smelled like peaches. Would she taste like that sweet fruit as well?

“Get on the bed, lay on your back, and spread your legs. I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours,” he rasped urgently.

Abby obeyed his instructions at once and climbed onto the bed. It was clear she was too far gone in her passion to question his directions now. He snared her eyes with his and she quickly spread her legs when he lifted one eyebrow sardonically. Dillon crawled onto the bed and knelt between her thighs. Leaning over her body, he slanted his mouth across hers as his tongue swept possessively through her mouth.

Moving his hands down her body, he spread her thighs wider as he moved through the drenched lips of her pussy with his fingers. He wanted to taste her sweet honey but he could tell she wouldn’t last that long and that would have to wait until the next time he fucked her. He needed to be inside her now. As his fingers danced through the folds of her silken heat, he flicked her clit with his thumb, bringing her to a quick orgasm. Once she settled, he brought his fingers back to her drenched pussy. Knowing she was ready to take him, he took her hips in his calloused hands and moved into position. Entering her slowly, his hands lifted her onto his hardened shaft. As his girth rimmed her tight opening, he stroked into her, going a little deeper with each thrust. When she groaned in frustration, he chuckled softly.

“What’s the matter, baby?” he asked gently. “Don’t you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Shit, Dillon. Fuck me already,” she moaned.

“Don’t worry, baby. I fully intend to. I’m going to do it my way, though, so you’ll just have to be patient.”

He continued his slow, sure strokes until he worked his cock all the way into her tight cunt, balls deep in her wet heat. God, she was tight! Once he was fully seated inside her, he began to thrust and retreat. His thrusting became more intense with each stroke. He was moving deep within her and he could feel the tip of his cock bump against her cervix. 

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