Sometimes in life, history repeats itself. Sara knows this, but when someone in the Council has something to prove, her life will be ripped apart again. Loren has made an enemy in the establishment, and now all of them would suffer for it. The Council orders him to Europe for an exclusive hunt, and has no choice but to bring Adoniia along with him.

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Cover Art by Kayden McLeod

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I felt Carl’s eyes on my back while I walked toward the edge of Loren’s property. There was something that needed to be done, and there was no way for me to rest until it was completed.

Yes, I was breaking more rules than not by this one action. But, I didn’t give a damn anymore.

My heart screamed out for this. It was then I knew beyond doubt. I had finally come to a decision. One Loren had needed the definite knowledge that I loved him for so long.

I knew the moment I’d crossed the line of power. My skin prickled, alive with old energy. Adoniia had a major hand in weaving these spells. It made me smile, and miss him even more.

I walked toward a large boulder on the shore that consisted of thousands of smaller rocks. The clouds had grown darker still, and it was going to rain very soon. Not that I cared.

The massive cabin-style mansion stood behind me, encased in woods. Everything about it reminded me of Loren. I thought about him hard, praying that he would hear me. I needed him, his guidance.

Why are you going outside of the perimeter, my love?

I missed you.

I’ve been gone for a few hours, he said, but I knew he missed me too.

When you spent all of your time with someone, one person, it grew to be that way.

I needed to tell you something.

He filled my mind, and I realized he was still at Council headquarters in Vancouver being briefed. They hadn’t even left for Europe yet.

His flash of anger flared seconds later. And then, tears filled my eyes. I didn’t bother to corral them, letting them zigzag down my face. So much confusion…but there was so much everything.

That son of a bitch…

I know you’re angry, but that wasn’t what I wanted to tell you.

Then what was it?

“I love you,” I whispered across the ocean, hoping the wind carried it down the coast to his ears.
And there was silence. I hadn’t expected that. He waited to hear those three words and know I meant them. And then…

I’m processing.

Processing what?

You wouldn’t have said it, if you didn’t mean them, he reiterated my thoughts. But there was much pain in his voice I didn’t understand. Like hearing them was tearing him apart inside.

You know that, baby.

I love you, more than you could ever possibly know. As soon as I get home, I will make sure you know that beyond doubt. And take care of Keoni. He feels lost without Adoniia. I will do the same in reverse, my greatest treasure.

I will baby. Stay alive for me, will you? I wanted to say “stay safe”, but in our life and business, the point was moot.

Loren chuckled. Yes, I know. I have to go my love. It’s time to leave. Be safe for me.

Always, baby. I ached as his presence left me, but there wasn’t anything to do about that. I would see him soon enough. Thoughts, worries and fear filled me. Why did that feel like the last time we would talk?

My head turned. It wasn’t a sound per-say, but something was off. Well, more than usual. My senses flared, but I felt nothing to constitute the sick feeling overtaking my stomach.

A shadow flew by in the trees to my right, and I scented the air. Another to my left darted in and out in a zigzag pattern. Someone was here with me. There wasn’t another property for many miles in any direction, and no human would come near here.

And whoever it was; they weren’t Keoni or Carl.

“Sara,” A feminine voice whispered from the trees, one I didn’t recognize.

I pfft’ed in the general direction the movement had come from. “Bodiless voice,” I called back taunting. I stood, wiping at my clothes to get the dirt off, not because I cared, but to show them I would not cower. “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

“We’ve come for you.”

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