Mad About Her (FF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,150
0 Ratings (0.0)

After breaking up with her girlfriend, reporter Chloe Driver goes through the motions of living, but never really getting on with her life. Then, fate intervenes and Chloe is brought face-to-face with her ex, Darice.

Chloe is sure she can do the story without allowing her feelings to the surface, but she realizes she wants her girlfriend back. However, Chloe has competition for Darice. The woman is willing to do anything to win including destroying Chloe and Darice’s lives.

But Darice has a dark side of her own, and it hungers for Chloe. Darice is willing to cross every boundary to protect Chloe and keep her in her life.

Be Warned: f/f sex, BDSM, spanking, whipping, sex toys

Mad About Her (FF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Mad About Her (FF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,150
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

Pain prickled through her like a thousand needle pricks at once. Her hand went to her stomach even as her heart still rebelled. Her head told her she had to trust what she’d seen, the lipstick and the perfume, but her heart—it just didn’t want to believe.

“I don’t want to hear the rest,” she said softly as tears formed behind her eyes and stung their way free.

“Darice is still negotiating a contract with her. Be U, the clothing company,” Simone told her. “The woman had been coming on strong and dangling the contract in front of Darice but refusing to follow through, leaving Darice frustrated.”

“So, she just gave in,” Chloe said in an anguished tone.

“It’s a big contract, and it could really rake in the dough for Darice, but no.”

Chloe’s head snapped around, confusion filled her. “What?”

“Zyra said she heard Darice tell the other woman that she wasn’t interested. She had a girlfriend,” Simone told her. “Nothing happened, Chloe. Zyra said Darice threw her out.”

“And I just pushed her right into that woman’s arms,” she said on a sob. “I can’t believe it. Why didn’t she try to make me listen?”

“Probably because you didn’t want to hear,” Simone said gently. “And I understand. Your last girlfriend was a real slut, but Darice isn’t. She’s a little emotionally reserved, but Zyra said she’s been like that since she’s known her. I can tell she had feelings for you by the way she looked at you when she thought no one was watching.”

She’d always felt Darice watching her but when she looked her way, Darice’s eyes would be someplace else. “I threw away a perfectly good relationship,” she said, pain making her voice shrill. “No wonder she was so distant today. I feel like an idiot. She’s probably seeing the woman now. Getting the contract should be a breeze.”

“She’s not seeing anyone. In fact, Darice is crashing in our guestroom.”

She blinked. “You should have left me a message.”

“I wanted to tell you face-to-face,” Simone said with a laugh. “She’s looking for a place though.”

Chloe wiped away a hot tear as regret burned through her. “I was scared. I didn’t want to get played again, Simone.”

“You know what?” Simone asked capturing her friend’s hand.


“If I‘d kicked my woman out, but I still loved her,” Simone said softly. “I’d call her up and tell her to bring her ass home.”

Chloe laughed despite the pain clenching her heart. “Are you kidding?”

“No.” Simone laughed too. “I would. I swear. After all, she is your woman. You have every right to her.”

“That’s crazy,” Chloe protested. “Any way, she’ll just tell me to go to hell.”

“The question is, do you want her back?” Simone asked. “Ask yourself that and if you do, go get her.”

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