Training an Unruly Submissive (FF)

Sensation, Louisiana 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,753
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, F/F, with ménage elements, shape-shifters, spanking, cropping, paddling, food play, sex toys, HEA]
Spider shifter Sienna Haze is a dominant and sensual woman who believes all subs should be treated with a firm hand. However, when her mate catches her with another woman and walks out on her, she lets her leave. Eight months later, Kallie Checkwing returns to Sensation after her mother’s death and finds herself as drawn to Sienna as ever. Wary, she tries to keep as much distance between them as possible, but an attempt to kidnap her throws Kallie into Sienna’s arms and training as a submissive.
Undisciplined, Kallie resists the discipline Sienna imposes on her. In spite of that, she finds herself irrevocably drawn into the sensual world of pain and pleasure. With each moment, Kallie falls deeper in love, and danger closes in on them with another strike. So, to protect her, Sienna goes hunting with a deadly vengeance determined to stop the merciless evil before it can make its last strike against Kallie.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training an Unruly Submissive (FF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Training an Unruly Submissive (FF)

Sensation, Louisiana 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,753
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"In the town called Sensation there are spider shifters, butterfly shifters, ladybug shifters, scorpion shifters, and possibly more in this interesting community. Fascinatingly, there are no mortals, just witch-shifters. I am fairly new to shifter literature and legends, but I was astounded at the extraordinary speed and variation as these entities moved from one form to another. In practically a blink of an eye, they could move from human form, to insect micro-form, or human-size insect form. Amazing! Additionally, I genuinely enjoyed this book and the sex was very hot complementing the intriguing mystery surrounding a disturbing murder. Marvelous! Kallie Checkwing left Sensation in a huff eight months ago. Returning now after the murder of her mother, she has regrets for her actions. She also realizes she may be in danger. That is when the girlfriend of her dreams reappears on the scene. Kallie experiences some of the most amazing multi-level intense reconnections with the woman who stole her heart many years earlier. There are also an extraordinary amount of mysteries yet to be revealed about Kallie. She simply blossoms and evolves right before our eyes while being the "Unruly Submissive". Astounding! Sienna Haze is a distinctive and dominant predatory spider. She prefers, wants, and perhaps needs to have her lovers obedient and submissive. Not too much to ask! She is an imposing and quite impressive presence who has definitely disappointed her parents by her embracing her lesbian nature. Sienna had been comfortable with her need and preference for multiple partners, but following the threat to her community that Kallie's mother's murder generated everything is in flux. Sienna is an impressive and mesmerizing woman! Sienna and Kallie are simply magnificent and a super hot couple. There is a curious ménage when Sienna adds another dominant to the equation causing some expected resistance yet some unexpected responses and results. However, the fight to save Sensation and Kallie is the main focus and distinctly entertaining in a definite tense and taut way. This book was a complete eye-opener for me and I truly enjoyed it. I certainly recommend it and encourage everyone, including newbies like myself, to not be put off by the BDSM elements and curious witch-shifter action. They really make the story very enjoyable!" -- jj, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“If your butterfly ecognizes me as its mate, then he knows how dangerous I can be to him for having his hands on you before we’ve fully mated.”

Her gaze flared and the fear trickled through her. It wasn’t a question now of if Sienna would pursue her. It was a question of how hard. She wasn’t ready. She needed more time. She didn’t want to be just another toy.

She knew spiders were no different than some butterflies and ladybugs in their polyandry even after mating. It was common to see families with three parents here. She needed to be the only one, the sole object of her mate’s affections. “It’s not—we aren’t—I mean, what did you discuss with Charlie?”

Sienna laughed, a sound rife with knowledge that made Kallie wince. “Are you jealous already, little pet?” she asked softly as her fingers trailed down Kallie’s throat to rest between the valley of her breasts. “Don’t be. I have no interest in men or another woman.”

Her breath stalled. That was a subtle statement of intent, and her butterfly cooed inside her and her stomach clenched. Once a snowy copper butterfly accepted its mate, it never resisted its claim and unfortunately the separation rate was less than one percent. They never left their mates even when he or she took another. They merely suffered the heartbreak in silence.

“We’re almost done with the windows,” a masculine voice announced, interrupting their moment.

Sienna turned to look at him and there was that hiss again. It was almost too low to be heard. “Is my mother here?”

“Is my mother here?”

“Yeah, she’s talking to your dad about something. You, no doubt. He sounded a little pissed.”

She sighed. He wasn’t pissed, he was worried. Her father knew good and well that she would be dangerous to any threat to Kallie and that would put a target on her back. Anyone pursuing Kallie would want a little payback for the death she’d wrought. “He’ll get past it. Excuse me for a minute, Kallie.”

Kallie didn’t recognize the handsome, dark-skinned man, but she watched him as Sienna turned from her to cross the room to talk to him.

“Hello, Kallie.”

She turned her gaze on the woman walking into the room. Jasmine Haze skirted the couple and headed straight to her. Sienna’s mother was shorter than Sienna at only five foot six, but it was clear Sienna had inherited her beauty from her mother. The flawless skin and perfect features were similar to her daughter’s, only she had darker eyes and longer hair. Jasmine was slim with delicately defined muscle while Sienna’s arms were clearly more muscled.

Swinging a hammer would do that to a girl she supposed.

“Hello, Miss Jasmine.”

“How are you, dear?” Jasmine asked and took Kallie’s hand. “It’s so good to see you… If there is anything you need—anything. Call me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“We will be looking forward to seeing you at circle soon as you are settled.”

She nodded. Warmth flooded her, making her feel like she was home. This was another thing she’d missed and hadn’t even known she’d been missing it until this moment. People cared about each other here in Sensation. Even your enemies sent flowers when your family passed away.

Moving back home was the right decision.

“Yes, ma’am.” Not to go at least once sometime in the next three weeks would be disrespectful.

“Sienna will be staying with you tonight?”

“I’ll be staying indefinitely, Mother.” Sienna joined them with that quiet declaration. She stood next to Kallie, gripping the back of her neck. A single stroke of her fingers and Kallie purred again.

Kallie watched Jasmine’s serene expression change momentarily to one of confusion. The butterfly’s wings spread in further acceptance of its spider. Sienna’s touch in front of her mother was a sign of introduction and declaration of intention.

“Thank you for bringing me a change of clothes, Mother,” Sienna said as the silence stretched.

“Well, I guess it’s wise that as a reserve enforcer you stay here and protect Kallie, but there really is no need. She can come and stay with us,” Jasmine said. She gave Kallie an encouraging smile. “We would be more than happy to shelter you, Kallie.”

It was a good idea, but she’d really rather not impose. She’d be more comfortable in her own home. “I—”

Sienna squeezed the back of her neck as if in warning as she cut in with, “It really won’t be necessary, Mother. I know what I’m doing. Kallie will be perfectly safe here.”

“Sienna, I don’t know where your head is,” Jasmine said, her gaze full of concern. “You of all people know better.”

“Know better than what?” Kallie asked. Again some secret message had been uttered that she wasn’t privy to.

“Nothing, Kallie darling,” Sienna said coolly. “She’s worried about you. The scorpions are bottom-feeding scavengers and they won’t stop until they get what they want.”

“Exactly, and scorpions and spiders are natural enemies. Sienna, your being here will only inflame the situation, and put Kallie in more danger.”

Her butterfly’s head dropped in mortification. Sienna’s mother was rejecting her. Her head lowered before the elder staring at her with an implacable stare. Sienna’s fingers stroked the side of her neck and her butterfly cooed. Her mother’s rejection meant nothing.

“I’m capable of protecting us.” Her tone was so icy Kallie felt the lash of her anger to her soul. Still, Sienna touched her mother’s arm. “Now, you should go. You know that Dad will be hungry when he gets home. It’s been an extra-long day.”

Jasmine huffed. “Sienna, I don’t know what to say about you sometimes. You’re supposed to be a girl.”

Sienna gave her mother a patient look, an amused smile tugging at her lips. “I am all woman, Mother.”




Sienna dragged the zipper of Kallie’s pants down before pushing one hand past the waistband of her panties. Her fingers skimmed over her warm bare flesh and Sienna’s lips pulled into an approving smile. “I love a bared pussy. Butterfly pussy is always the smoothest, and softest.” She stroked her fingers over the swollen bud of Kallie’s clit on her way down her damp slit. The lips of her pussy were narrower than a mortal’s and contracted when aroused, exposing the genitals. “Are you wet for me?”

She nodded vigorously and Sienna slapped her mound. The contact was an explosion of delicious pleasure through her clit, and she gasped. “Yes, Sia.”

“Yes, Mistress, sub.”

“Mistress, I need to touch you. Please?” She liked the way the word sounded and how powerful it made her feel even though it was clear Sienna was the one with all the power.

“Why?” She pushed the tip of her finger inside the moist depths of Kallie’s body.

“Mistress!” Her eyes widened. Sienna’s finger was warm. The tip felt broader and textured against her slickness.

Sienna drew her finger out and pushed two back into her tight pussy and the bumpy texture of them stoked the fires inside Kallie higher. Her juices flowed like lava from a volcano.

“Oh, so good!” She breathed roughly as Sienna’s thumb pressed against her clit. The pad pressed and the texture made her scream as pleasure tore through her. This was already so much better than the first time.

Sienna began to fuck her with easy strokes, the texture of her fingers adding a level of pleasure like Kallie had never known. “Pussy’s so tight, baby. Have you ever had a dildo up your little cat?”

That last single word sounded so dirty, it made her shiver. “Yes, Mistress.”

“The toys that mortals used to pleasure you won’t compare to what I can do to you, Kal.”

She’d never had sex with a dominant female, but she’d paid enough attention in sex education to know dominant females’ bodies didn’t work the same during sex. She knew only the basics, as no species of insect allowed all of its secrets to be made common knowledge.

“You are going to allow me to make your body mine, Kallie,” she crooned. “No one will make you feel as good as I will.”

“Please, let me touch you.”

“You can touch me, but don’t fuck my fingers. I’ll spank you for disobeying me and that will piss me off. I’m not ready to spank that little ass yet. I just want to stroke your soft little pussy, introduce you to the pleasure of being mine.”

Kallie shuddered. Her pussy convulsed. Heat rushed her, making her sweat. “Okay.” She breathed harshly. Her fingernails dug into the back of Sienna’s skin. The nails became claws as Sienna fucked her harder and deeper while working her clit with a sure, deft thumb pad. “Oh, my Goddess,” she whispered. Those rough pads on her fingers were sinful magick that made her body blaze and her head spin.

Sienna kissed her as she fucked her harder, pressed her clit with firm circles touching the sensitive head. Heat suffused her body, her mind went blank. The only thing she was aware of was the pleasure wreaking havoc on her body. She clawed at Sienna’s hand, scratching.

“I’m gonna come!”

“Don’t.” Sienna slammed her fingers in deep and Kallie let out a hard scream, but she didn’t come. Sienna chuckled and lowered her head to lick one nipple.

“Mistress, please!”

“Not yet,” she murmured and drew her thumb around the hard bud of Kallie’s clit. Then, she tapped her fingers sharply over the little pleasure button.

The vibration alone almost made her come. “Damn!” She dug her nails into the back of Sienna’s hand. Her body shuttered in pure bliss while her pussy clenched, protesting the emptiness.

“You liked that, didn’t you, baby?” Sienna teased. She slapped her pussy lips and Kallie whimpered.


Sienna pushed one fingertip back inside the snug depths of Kallie’s pussy. She stroked her lightly and then withdrew her finger and licked the juices from it. “Mmm.” She lifted her onto the counter with little effort and Kallie gasped. “Lie back.”

Sienna watched Kallie lean back onto the light granite top. Her own pussy was gushing with cream, but her bug was eager for a taste of the sweet nectar flowing from between its mate’s thighs. The lips of her pussy were fully contracted, bearing her slit and the engorged bud of her clit. “Such a pretty little pussy. It’s glistening and wet.” She reached for a berry. She carefully dipped the soft fruit into the tight moist cavern and brought it out again. She popped it into her mouth. An explosion of flower sweetness filled her mouth making it water.

“What sweet, sweet cream you have.” She bent and ran her tongue down Kallie’s slit before dipping the tip into the opening of her cunt. Fuck! She hadn’t expected her to taste so much like the honeysuckle she was so fond of eating during the spring and summer.

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