Lighting a Flame (MFF)

Playing with Fire 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,648
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Interracial Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/F, with F/F, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HFN]
Vinessa Singer has always been a player. She’s always taken what she wanted even if that heart belonged to someone else. But everything changes when Lucas asks her to play with him and his girlfriend Marika. Everything about Marika appeals to her, Marika is a sub with a desire for Vinessa that builds to fever pitch until one night she crosses the line. Her moment of scorching forces Marika to accept that she wants both Lucas and Vinessa. However, Vinessa hates that she caused the couple to break-up, but she goes after Marika with erotic intent. Marika welcomes her advances but can’t forget Lucas who still wants her back. Vinessa sees that and gives Lucas a chance to change his mind, but fate has a death warrant with Marika’s name on it.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lighting a Flame (MFF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Lighting a Flame (MFF)

Playing with Fire 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,648
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“He is a terrific lover,” Marika murmured as Vinessa washed her hands. Lucas looked sated and confused as he watched Vinessa. Marika reached out to touch him, hope dancing in her stomach that her lovers had responded so well to each other. This might be the beginning of what she wanted for them. The three of them living together, loving together forever.

Lucas pulled Marika from the counter, wrapping her tight in his arms and carrying her to the sofa. He dropped her on it and his lips closed over hers. Vinessa curled onto the cushion next to them and kissed Marika’s shoulder.

“This is too crazy,” Lucas murmured, looking at Vinessa and then Marika. “We can’t do this.”

Marika started to speak, but Vinessa gave her a warning look that had her lips clamping together in silence.

“We can’t do what, Lucas?” Vinessa asked, reaching out to stroke his arm.

Marika saw hunger flare in his eyes. She knew the look well. He wanted Vinessa again. It aroused her.

“The three of us aren’t going to have a ménage relationship,” he said with something in his eyes and voice she didn’t recognize.

“Marika said you didn’t want that,” Vinessa said as Marika reached out to stroke Vinessa’s thigh. “But it could work.”

He shook his head. “It’s insane. How will we ever manage it without someone getting hurt? And we don’t even really know you, Vinessa. Are you Catholic? Do you have a job? Are you a serial home-wrecker? I mean, we were fine until you decided to fuck things up! Marika didn’t want to fuck women until you put that idea into her head.”

Vinessa studied him, her gaze hooded. “But you had fantasies of fucking us both, didn’t you?” Vinessa said, and Marika looked at him.

“Did you?” she asked curiously.

“No! I mean, yes, but I didn’t have fantasies of you fucking each other.” He stood and dumped Marika on the couch next to Vinessa.

“You’ve been so wrapped up in your career that you’ve put our real lives on hold for the last nine months, but you had time to contemplate cheating on me?” Marika demanded accusingly.

“Is that what this is all about?” he snapped. “I don’t take you out enough?” He turned blazing eyes on Vinessa, who got to her feet and stared him down as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I have a real job, so I don’t have time to call you every five minutes or hang out every night lying between your legs with a fake dick.”

“You bastard!” Marika shouted. She leaped to her feet.

“I’m a real man,” he said and sneered at Vinessa.

“A real man—”

“Marika,” Vinessa said coolly, but her eyes never left Lucas. “Lucas, it’s time you left.”

“I agree.” He gave her a cold stare before turning his golden eyes back on Marika. “You’re nothing to her. That’s the reason I asked her to top you. She’s a heartless bitch who plays every sub that dares trust her. Once she’s wrecked their lives, she moves on to the next needy, lonely woman.”

Marika slapped him so hard his head jerked to one side. “I wouldn’t be so needy if you were doing your job.” She stalked from the living room, tears glistening in her eyes.

“Bitch,” he muttered.

Vinessa drew back and punched him in the stomach, and he grunted as he doubled over. “I know you’re hurt and you’re pissed,” she said quietly. “I would be, too. And it’s true, I’ve done a lot of fucked up things in the past, but you came to me. I wanted her, yet I didn’t dare poach. I could see that you loved each other, and for once, I gave a damn.”

“Then, why don’t you get out and let us work this out?” he demanded. “We can be happy again.”

She shook her head. She knew what love was and what love wasn’t. She also realized some people had two soul mates and the world often made them choose. She didn’t think anyone should have to, and she wouldn’t force Marika to if this jackass came to his senses.

“I don’t want to take her from you, but if you want her back, you have to take me, too,” she said. She liked Lucas. He made her pulse do something funny, and he seemed like a steady man who had the ability to give his heart with true and abiding affection. She would love to have his undying loyalty and his affection. “However, you’re obviously not man enough to step up to the plate and get your woman back, and win my heart at the same time.”


* * * *


Marika was in the shower when Vinessa stepped into her bedroom seven minutes later. She stood outside the bathroom door listening to Marika crying as she tried to decide if joining her would be a good idea. Marika was obviously wounded, and she had somehow inadvertently caused it by falling for Vinessa during their play sessions.

She should have refused when Lucas asked her to top Marika. However, part of her had been too blind to see the danger ahead, even with the caution signs of experience flashing in her mind after that first session. And now, she regretted not holding back at Jewel.




Vinessa grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and tossed it to the carpeted floor.

Marika knelt on it and leaned over the coffee table. Vinessa gave Lucas a slow smile. “Take off your shirt and shoes, Lucas,” she said, and then dropped to her knees behind Marika. She rolled the dress up and peeled the lacy panties down, baring Marika’s ass. She dropped her hand on the taut, golden flesh and Marika gasped.

Lucas watched her face flush even more and her eyes fill with lust. The second slap brought groan from Marika, and he unbuttoned his shirt as he watched the third tap turn Marika’s gaze slumberous. She was slipping into sub-space beneath the sensual assault Vinessa was delivering, and he was getting hotter just watching, knowing Marika was being so well-pleasured.

“Ahh! Mistress!”

He kicked off his shoes and tossed his shirt onto the couch before his fingers finger to the buckle of his belt. He quickly released it as Vinessa reached for the small egg.

“I think you’re enjoying your punishment, too, Marika,” Vinessa said softly. She pushed the egg between the folds of Marika’s pussy and turned it on low.


“Come here, Lucas,” Vinessa ordered. “I think Marika wants to show you something.” She reached for a bottle and removed the cap. When he stopped on Marika’s other side, she put a drop of the liquid onto her finger and smoothed it over the swollen tip. “Marika, taste.”

Marika turned her head and swirled her tongue around the head. She drew him into her mouth and Vinessa pushed a finger into her wet pussy. She moaned around the thick shaft as her head bobbed up and down. She used her hand and mouth to work Lucas’s shaft.

“Oh, fuck,” Lucas groaned. “It feels so damn good.” He slowly fucked her mouth. “Vinessa, I think I like that oil.” God loved it. Each swipe of her tongue sent fire shooting through his blood.

Marika’s hips worked as she tried to impale herself deeper on Vinessa’s finger. Vinessa was behind her, knees bracketing her as two fingers fucked slowly into Marika while her other hand plucked at her taut nipple.

The sight was so damned hot he thought he was going to shoot his load down Marika’s throat.

“Oh God,” Marika whispered. She threw her head back as she moved in time to Vinessa’s thrusts into her slick cunt. “Oh fuck, Vinessa.”

“Don’t you dare come,” Lucas snapped, and Marika whined.

“I can’t stop it,” she said weakly.

“You better.” He thrust his fingers into her hair and dragged her head back to his cock. “Focus.”

Vinessa withdrew her fingers and got to her feet, to Lucas’s surprise. He didn’t pay much attention to her as she moved out of his line of vision. Marika’s warm mouth stole his full attention. She glided her tongue around the throbbing head where the tip flickered before she closed her lips over the head again.

Behind him, Vinessa’s hand glided down his back and landed on his ass. He tensed, but Marika fingers cupping his sac and rolling his balls distracted him. The second slap was a sting in time to Marika sucking one of his tight orbs into her mouth.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned tightly.

Marika licked up his shaft and a drizzle of something cool trailed down the crease of his ass, and then Vinessa delivered another stinging slap to one buttock. He grunted as pain mingled with the pleasure of Marika’s mouth. Another slap to his ass had fire ripping through his blood as Marika sucked him deeper. She drew her head back and licked down the shaft as her fingers teased his balls. At the same time, the tip of Vinessa’s finger traced around the rosette of his anus.

Marika took him down her throat as the penetration of Vinessa’s finger followed. He drew in a rough breath. Her finger slipped past the tight ring of muscle, stroked him and retreated as Marika’s throat contracted to massage his cock.

“Oh shit!” he gasped, and Vinessa drew it out and added more lube. She penetrated him again and Marika’s wicked little mouth pulled his features into a tight grimace as another wave of delectation caught him in its grip.

Fingers shuttled in and out of him. He curled his fingers in Marika’s as he fucked her mouth with even strokes. “Yes.” His head swam, and his body was a burning flame as he raced down a one-way street. He was going to crash and burn too soon. “No.” He pulled out of Marika’s mouth and Vinessa withdrew her fingers. He urged Marika back onto her back and grabbed a condom. “Vinessa?”

“Go ahead,” she said, grabbing a condom and tearing it open as well.

He rolled his into place, vaguely aware that she was flipping something open behind him. He went to his knees, eager to slide into Marika’s tight grip.

“God, I need you,” he murmured and claimed her lips as he slipped inside her in two thrusts.

He drew out and Vinessa’s hand gripped his hip. “Lucas, you’re so hot, you know that?” she whispered. “I want you as bad as I want Marika.” Before he could reply, the tip of her dildo breached his ass.

“Uh? Vinessa?”

“Push against it, sweetheart,” Vinessa ordered softly and he grimaced.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” He panted, feeling almost ashamed because he wanted her to fuck him.

“You can take that dick,” Marika crooned and lifted to kiss his jaw.

“Just relax your tight ass muscles and let me take you,” Vinessa urged. “It’s going to feel so good once I’m inside you.”

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