Marla Monroe lives in the southern part of the United States. She writes sexy romance from the heart and often puts a twist of suspense in her books. She is a nurse and works in a busy hospital, but finds plenty of time to follow her two passions, reading and writing. You can find her in a book store or a library at any given time when she’s not at work or writing. Marla would love for you to visit her at her blog at and leave a comment.

Q: How did you get started writing professionally?

A: I’ve loved to read since I was very young and as I grew older, I read everything in the local library that I found interesting. It seemed that I was reading books faster than they were being published, so I decided to write for myself. It wasn’t long before I decided to try my hand at getting published. I’ve been writing ever since.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your characters/stories?

A: My characters come to me. I don’t create them. They start talking to me and I start writing.

Q: What do you do to re-energize, restore, and recover?

A: I read. Simple as that may sound, it always clears my head to start something new.

Q: What is your process when you write?

A: I start off reading over what I wrote the last time I sat down to write. I edit it as I go and then by the time I’ve gotten to where I left off, I’m ready to write again.

Q: Why do you write romance?

A: I love a happy ending and I love to create them. I enjoy creating heroes I would fall in love with. You know, the perfect man.

Q: What is your writing schedule?

A: I write after work from around 6pm until about 9:30 at night and all afternoon on weekends.










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