I grew up in Boston but travel my path in life wherever life takes me. I trust the universe will keep leading me in the right direction. It's already led me to some amazing places. I believe that everyone on my path was put there for a reason. At times my path has been quite rocky, and I was unsure what possible good could come of it. Good always did, though.

I've explored most of the United States, parts of Canada, and the Canadian Maritimes alone, camping in remote locations whenever possible and satisfying my need to travel and my love to be one with nature and wildlife.

I recently decided to explore my love of literature by trying my hand at writing. I dove in headfirst and pumped out 5 erotic romances in 2011 for Siren Publishing. No matter what happens in my life I want to keep writing. All of my tales touch upon issues which are important to me: women's empowerment, healthy relationships, overcoming sexuality issues, soul mates, and the quest for love. My love of nature and the ocean are prevalent in my tales, coastlines being my favorite places. I fully admit to wanting to come back as a whale next lifetime. 

I have had many titles and held many roles in my life: daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, wildlife surveyor, counselor...yet my most cherished title is writer. I am happiest when I write. That is my passion.

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