Salt Water Taffy (FFMM)

Seaside Surrender 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,826
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Ménage a Quatre Romance, F/F/M/M with M/M and F/F, spanking, sex toys, HEA for F/F]

Something sinfully savory is brewing inside prim and proper Molly. Oh, look at that slight grin on her face and glint in her eye. Delectable Molly craves sensual sweets. Her best friend Michael aims to help her satisfy her sweet tooth. She opens a candy box of sexual treats and bites into girl on girl and her new favorite flavor, deliciously decadent Jess. Yet will an explosive Fourth of July weekend in Provincetown be enough to satisfy her cravings?

Molly’s early-1900s Boston life will never be the same after that weekend. Michael, his lover Evan, and Jess add to her pleasure with a cruise to Italy, hand-feeding her a rich and creamy helping of man love, ménage a quatre, and spanking. Molly’s taste buds explode as the bisexual foursome indulges in pleasures beyond her imagination. Her new addiction to sex skyrockets, which leaves her craving more.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Salt Water Taffy (FFMM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Salt Water Taffy (FFMM)

Seaside Surrender 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,826
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "This book totally took me by surprise. It was a fun, light read with a whole lot of M/m and F/f with some menage thrown in. Since it was set back in the early 1900's, I was a surprised to find Molly's and Michael's mothers so open to the homosexual and bi-sexual needs of both of the main character's in the book. I honestly thought that when the parents got involved, the book would become heavy and I would have to be upset with them not being open-minded. But, it didn't. They actually encouraged the relationships and accepted the loves that their children had chosen. The book opens with Michael trying desperately to bring Molly to orgasm and she can't find the “magic orgasm key”. When he brings her to his new home in Provincetown to relax and meet his lover, Evan she finds a whole new life and love, Jess. The book continues in both Provincetown and Boston then on to Italy over the high seas. Through it all, her and Jess have a wonderful time together, learning each others likes and wants and finally ending in the Menage on the ship and Molly finally finding the key to her orgasms. I found Ms. Water's writing to be very easy to read. She was true to the time-period and her descriptions of Boston, Provincetown and Italy were very descriptive. She brought you into the book and the character's. I was able to laugh with and at them very easily and totally enjoyed the playfulness between Molly and Michael. I look forward to the 2nd book in the Seaside Surrender Series. Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing where the relationships go and how the Menage affects the 4 of them." -- Kitty Angel, Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews

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“Maybe if you boost me up I can climb on the back porch roof. Then I can crawl through the window,” Molly whispered to Michael. He bit his lower lip as he gazed up at the back second-story bathroom window of the abandoned house. It was, for some reason, opened a crack. He looked at her with an arched eyebrow.

“Boost you up? So you can climb and crawl? You’re not exactly a graceful ballerina,” he whispered. Molly smacked him as she laughed out loud. Then she covered her mouth quickly when she remembered they were trying to be quiet.

“Shh,” she whispered loudly, even though she was the one making all the noise. She held her hand over her mouth until her giggles subsided. Michael simply shook his head as he continued to scan the house.

“How else are we going to get inside? You can climb up there, but the window is too small. Your big head won’t fit,” she whispered, stifling another giggle. Michael glanced sideways at her.

“Give me a minute. Jesus, you’re so impatient.” He hissed. He was right. She was impatient. She was also so excited she thought she would wet herself. Their decision to check out the inside of the house brought back memories of when they were kids. They used to prowl around the docks and sneak into areas clearly marked No Trespassing.

Just as Molly leaned against the house to give him time to think, a loud screeching noise above her made her jump. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as she whirled around. Evan poked his head out of the first-floor window.

“Can I help you?” Evan asked in a silly voice. Michael exhaled as he gazed up at him.

“How the hell did you get inside?” he asked, exasperated. Evan grinned as he held up a key.

“Um, a key.” He chuckled. “Jess found it under a flowerpot out back. The front door’s unlocked.” With that, he ducked his head back inside, leaving Molly and Michael staring at each other.

“Well, I guess you’ll never see how graceful I really am,” she commented as she hurried around the house.

“Yes, thank god,” he mumbled as he followed her.

When they entered the house, Molly made a beeline for the stairway, her final destination being the widow’s walk in the tower. She had wanted to check it out since the first time she had seen the house with Jess.

She slid her hand up the warm mahogany banister as she ascended the wide stairway, wondering how many people had done the same thing over the years. She guessed the house was well over a hundred years old, if not older.

She absently listened to everyone’s whispered voices downstairs before she opened the door to the tower room. Jess’s soft giggles echoed up the stairway and made her smile. It was as if her tinkling voice belonged here. When Molly grasped the filigreed doorknob and opened the door, she had an intake of breath. The view was absolutely stunning.

She walked slowly toward one of the rocking chairs which faced the sea. As soon as she sat upon the creaky rocker, she felt she was home. She knew very little of past lives or reincarnation, but she knew one thing. The feeling which washed through her was one of serenity. Her quiet moment was broken by the sound of the others ascending the stairs.

“My god, it’s stunning,” Jess whispered breathlessly as she approached the window. Molly simply nodded, not taking her eyes off the sea for even an instant. It was as if the ocean were calling her name.

“Wow,” was all Michael could muster as he stepped next to Jess, admiring the view. Then he fiddled with the old telescope like a child, resting his eye against the eyepiece. Evan’s warm hand on her shoulder caused her to glance up. He squeezed her shoulder and smiled softly.

“Why is this place empty?” Jess asked Evan. “I mean, there’s furniture here, but what happened to the people?” She took the rocker next to Molly and reached out to lace fingers with her. Evan stepped over to the window and crossed his arms over his chest.

“The woman who originally lived here was a writer. She died twenty years ago, right before I moved here. Someone said she was over a hundred when she died. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren used to use the house as a getaway. Though I don’t think anyone’s been here for a good two years,” he responded.

“I can’t imagine not wanting to live here,” Molly said softly as she rocked. “It’s like heaven.” Jess squeezed her hand tight.

“I can totally see you here, Molly. Writing, walking on the beach, and maybe even opening up your shop right in town so you could walk to it,” Jess stated.

Michael swiveled the telescope toward her. “Yes, and you could have hot sex right on the secluded beach. No one but Peeping Toms like me would see you,” he said with a grin.

Molly chuckled as she rocked, pulling her hand out of Jess’s gently. “Hey, you weren’t spying on me and Jess the other day, were you?” she asked with a grin. Michael raised his head with jaw dropped.

“You didn’t!” he barked with a laugh. Jess giggled as she rose, swatting Michael on the bottom playfully.

“I guess you’ll never know,” she said mysteriously. Molly simply stuck her tongue at him and kept rocking.




“I do believe it’s our turn, my lady.” He grinned as he pulled her close. He immediately began inching her dress up until it was past her hips. His strong hands grasped her buttocks and squeezed. Suddenly she felt very shy. He must have seen the look on her face.

“Oh no, you’re not backing out.” He chuckled. “I know you want me to fuck you.” She felt her cheeks get hot. Yes, she did want him to fuck her, very badly in fact. She hated when this shyness took control of her. It was debilitating at times. A hard smack on her bare ass shocked her out of her shyness. The next smack pissed her off.

“What the…” she sputtered as she glared at Michael. He pulled her hand, and she landed hard on the edge of the bed.

“That’s what she needs, Evan, a good spanking. But right now she needs to wait,” Michael said. He got on his knees and began unbuttoning Evan’s trousers. When he wiggled them down, Evan’s cock sprang to life. Molly gasped. His cock was huge. Michael’s mouth was immediately on it. He suckled and slurped zealously as Evan grasped his head and moaned. Jess sat up next to Molly and kissed her neck.

“So hot, isn’t it? I love to watch them,” she whispered. Molly’s jaw dropped, and then she snapped it shut. She had no idea that Jess had seen them together so intimately. As she watched Michael suck him off, she got even hornier. Yes, it was very hot indeed.

“Now get naked,” Jess said as she began to unlace the ties on her dress. The entire time Molly’s eyes were glued to the men. Michael was sucking Evan in a manner she envied. The few times she had sucked a cock, she gagged so much it was embarrassing. When she was totally nude, Evan turned to her.

“Get on your knees, too. Now,” he ordered. She was going to protest, but Jess pushed her off the bed roughly. She landed in a most unladylike position. Molly looked up at her in shock.

“Do it, Molly,” she said firmly. Molly was confused, but she scrambled over to Evan and got on her knees. Michael was sitting on his heels and watching. Evan immediately grasped her by the hair and guided her onto his dick. She licked the length of it and moaned. She liked the contrast of soft skin covering the hard organ. Michael sidled up behind her and planted little kisses down her spine. It sent shivers through her. She suckled Evan’s thick cock intently, shoving it deeper in her throat the longer she worked on it. Each time the gag reflex was less severe. Then she felt someone tugging her hips, so she repositioned herself until she was on all fours. When she felt a mouth on her cunt, she almost jumped out of her skin because it was so unexpected.

“Your girlfriend is sucking your cunt. Feels good, huh?” Michael whispered as he caressed her back. She moaned and nodded her head, Evan’s cock fully lodged in her throat. Jess began sucking her clit, and she wanted to scream. It felt deliciously good. After a few moments, Jess stopped abruptly. Molly heard the sliding drawer of the nightstand where they kept their toys.

“Good girl, Molly. With practice, you might get as good as Michael. Now get up,” Evan said. The authority in his voice was both unsettling and exciting. He helped her rise, and then he pulled her close. “Now I want you to fuck your girlfriend. She told me that you’re the best fuck she’s ever had. Show Michael exactly how she likes it.” Molly held her breath and stared at him.

“I’m not doing that with an audience. Fuck you,” she scoffed. He grabbed her by the arm firmly and spun her around. Again she felt a hard whack on her ass. This time it was Evan. He chuckled as he turned her around and peered into her eyes.

“I think Michael’s right. You do need a good spanking.” With that, he shoved her face down on the bed. It happened too fast for her to react. The first stinging slap on her ass made her jump. Another one followed immediately. Tears formed in her eyes at the pain and humiliation. She tried to struggle, but it was no use. He was much stronger than her. Besides, Jess was helping him hold her down, digging her fingernails into her shoulder as she pinned her down.

“Spank her good, Evan. She needs it,” Jess commented. His blows came repeatedly, one right on the heel of the other. Soon her buttocks felt on fire. Through it all Jess pinned her down and whispered in her ear, telling her how good she’d feel when she finally lost control. It was maddening, but she refused to cry out or even speak. She figured he would stop eventually.

“He’ll stop if you say you’ll fuck me. Just say it,” Jess panted. Molly felt a tear leak down her face when he administered another slap. Her buttocks were stinging, and she squirmed on the bed. Much to her surprise, it also excited her. She felt her clit pulsate after the next slap. She was panting very heavily, and she raised her buttocks even higher, exposing her wet cunt in the process. Yes, it was exciting her very much.

“Okay, I’ll fuck her!” she cried out. Evan chuckled before delivering one last smack. Then she felt a mouth on her cunt, and she moaned. She knew immediately it was Jess. She ground her cunt into Jess’s mouth, wanting her to keep going until she came. But after a few minutes, Jess stopped, leaving her in a state of frustration. Molly felt someone help her up. It was Michael.

“Feels good to be spanked, doesn’t it? Don’t be embarrassed. I was surprised at how much I liked it, too,” he whispered. He kissed her cheek and then shoved her toward Jess. She had the strap-on dildo dangling from one hand and a wicked grin on her face.

“Fuck me. Then I’ll let you come,” she said. Molly didn’t hesitate. She grabbed the dildo and lay back on the bed. She winced when her buttocks scraped against the bedspread, so she arched her back. Once she wiggled the strap-on past her hips, she adjusted the straps. Jess was on her knees next to Molly, rubbing her clit. When Molly glanced at the men, Michael was on his knees and sucking Evan’s cock again. Evan locked eyes with her and smiled softly. Suddenly, fucking Jess in front of him seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She got on her knees and pushed Jess onto the bed roughly.

“Lay down, you little bitch,” Molly growled. Immediately she plunged inside her wet hole and began fucking her very fast. She grasped her hair and yanked it hard. Jess wrapped her legs around her waist and clung to her. Molly had never fucked her so hard or fast before. She felt like a wild animal as her clit pulsated with each thrust. Molly pinned her arms back and began sucking on her neck very hard. She didn’t stop until she tasted blood. Very quickly, Jess was arching her back and crying out in orgasm. She simply held Jess as she came, slowed her strokes, and kissed her tear-streaked face. Molly collapsed on top of her until she caught her breath. Her heart was beating wildly. Then she lifted herself up and gazed down at her. Jess had a slight grin on her face.

“Little bitch?” Jess whispered. “And what about showing Michael how to make love to me slowly?” Molly threw her head back and laughed out loud.

“Well, you’re my little bitch, and only I can fuck you like that,” she whispered. She began kissing Jess deeply. She forgot the men were there until she felt something bumping gently into her behind. She turned around and grinned. Evan was sidled right up behind her, bumping his hard cock into the back of her thigh. Michael was hugging him from behind, his chin resting on his shoulder.

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