After a wild, twenty minute, in flight, liaison in the airplane lavatory, Greg and Krista decide to extend their interlude in a nearby airport hotel with the addition of Karen a friend of Krista's.

Mile High  2
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Cover Art by Dee Dawning

Twenty minutes later after the plane landed, taxied to a stop and passengers headed for the jetway, Greg nudged me. When he had my attention he hitched his head toward the exit. "Is that brunette standing by the exit, Karen?"

"No, I don't know her. Karen's a blonde." I glanced around, but didn't see her, then she edged up to the other flight attendant.

"There she is."

Greg whistled under his breath. "Oh yeah. She is a cutie. I'm open to a third if you and she are. Have you ever been in a ménage a trois?"

I shook my head. "Nope, but until today I hadn't ever had sex at thirty thousand feet in an airplane powder room."

Greg laughed. "Well here's your chance to have two firsts in the same day."

"You're right, on the same trip no less." I shifted my weight from my left leg to my right and felt something between my legs.

"Oh my. My panties are getting wet even thinking about it. Let me go ask her."

I edged over to Karen and dragged her into the galley. "What's your schedule?"

"I have a nine hour layover then I'm off to Seattle. Why?"

"Because you said you wished you could join Greg—my mile high lover—and me in the lavatory. Were you serious?"

"You bet. He's hot and so are you. Why?"

I frowned at the comment about me, but let it slide. "Because he has a suite booked at the Hyatt and I'm going join him for another round of 'naughty but nice' and…assuming you weren't kidding, he and I would like to do a three-way with you."

Karen glanced over my shoulder. "Ummm. Is he as yummy in bed as he looks?"

"He gave me the sweetest fifteen minutes of my life."

"All right. I'm in. But first I have some things I have to do in the plane, then at the office, before I can join you. What room are you in?"

I pursed my lips. "Damned if I know. I imagine he has to check in before we know what room."

"Okay, you and Greg check in and text me the room number. I'll be along as soon as I can."

I frowned. "Sweetie, how long will you be. I don't want to wait too long."

"Then don't. Get him warmed up for me. I'll be along in forty-five minutes at the most."

I grinned. "He'll be good and warmed up, I promise you." I took Karen's hand and kissed her on the cheek "I'll see you when you get there."

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