On her way to her grandma's house, Red meets the Wolfman and engages in a friendly competition. What she doesn't know, is that the Wolfman has evil plans for both her and grandma. Will the Hunter brothers arrive in time to save the day?

Red Ridding Wood
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Cover Art by Ana Star

Attentive to her surroundings, Red walked cautiously at first. As she got further into the forest, she fell upon a field of flowers and forgot all about the possible dangers she might encounter. With bright grey eyes and a wide grin, she ran into the field and let herself fall on her back. She inhaled the sweet fragrances of colorful tulips, dahlias, yellow daffodils and white daisies. There were other types of flowers she didn’t know the name but it was a rainbow of colors that she just couldn’t stop looking at. I should pick some for Grandma, she thought as she began to collect one of each color and sort.

Then she heard a faint sound of water, something splashing in the water. Intrigued, she got up and walked toward the noise. She crept behind the bushes and as she peered past them, what she saw made her blush instantly. Right there in the spring, two men were play fighting, naked. Oh my, that’s Anton and Ashen Hunter. What are they doing here? Red wondered, watching them wrestle each other. Their tanned skin glistened with water droplets and the sunlight shone on their wet, blond hair.

She blushed when she caught sight of their cocks. Large and long, they dangled around, limp. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breath deepened as she thought of having it inside her. To have their tight, muscled arms around her and to feel their warm, soft skin on top of hers made her lick her lips in delight. She had an urge to join them but remembered the wager she had agreed to. I better get going.

Just as she was about to leave, Anton wrapped his strong arms around her and said, “Well, well, well. Look what I caught, Ashen? Red, the peeping tom!” He lifted her up easily, like she was weightless, and carried her close to the spring.

“Put me down, Anton! Put me down!” she yelled, trying to wiggle out of his arms.

Anton’s restraint was too tight for her to escape. “Now that’s not very nice to spy on us, Red. How should we punish her, Ashen?”

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